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  • Ed Georgie

    These latest Trump attacks look a lot like Herman Cain all over again!

  • chevycake

    The reason Obama and Hillary want war is to reduce the population. They are globalists . That is what the elite believe – 7 billion to 500 million. That’s what I think

    • HusseinHatesAmerica

      It’s not the AMOUNT ….It’s the quality TYPE they want on earth that will over populate and then vote out those she hates like the deplorables.
      The more muslims she has in the u.s.a. then the more likely they will outvote deplorables that refuse to vote for her.
      The new world order will most likely in a SELECTIVE manner have george soros pay a fool from hell to deliver a nuke
      in a briefcase to an area that threatens the reelection of a democratic president …

  • Thank You

    Michael, Can you “please” post a “Radio Link” on your website, for your audience to listen from.
    I have tried, to listen too you, through the computer, but was unable.
    Advantages, would increase your audience.

  • Michael

    “Representation is the expedient that renders a meeting of the people unnecessary”; from the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

  • AZClaimjumper

    Please devote a segment of your show encouraging Arizonans to RECALL Juan McCain

  • mike maldonado

    vvl, did you ever get an answer, I too would like to email him about my purple garlic at Berkeley Bowl 2-23-17, I know how much he likes to cook

  • Carol Ambrose

    Thank you for having Mike Pence as a guest today.

  • Anonymous

    I was horrified to hear of your attack in San Francisco.
    Heal up and stand firm as I know you will. You are a TREASURE and we love you!

  • Caesar


  • Caesar


  • Paul Giovanni

    House Intel Cmte are truly a bunch of idiotic clowns wasting our valuable time. Trump won. Enough said. This shadow government needs to yield now finally.

  • ItaliansForTrump

    David Rockefeller dead at 101
    Rest In Hell ….And may all your democratic ,Trump hating , puppet politicians , elitist hollywood haters and all haters of Trump voters
    join you soon !……May you all ROAST forever and ever , without end ……And may Hillary and all her evil WITCHES join you soon !
    There’s no suicide pills in hell David to get you out and George Soros won’t be able to send his hit men to kill God in order to free you!
    —————————————— R.I.H. ———————————————–

    • SisterTherese

      The Lord will Not Forget His People…….God made the soul of every human Immortal , indestructible to either live in eternal PEACE or eternal HATRED ….And that is the EXACT reason why JUSTICE alone is God’s ….Rejoice in his Justice !
      What justice can man do to compare remotely with God’s JUSTICE of a soul eternally separated from the Love of God ?

      The multitude of elitist , liberal , progressive Globalists….Living in a dark pit forever and EVER without end ..tortured FOREVER !…..Forever without the love of God !

      Rejoice in the fact that God made the human soul immortal and indestructible !

      The smartest ,wisest , so-called revenge that Doctor Savage should apply is ELDER ABUSE AND ANIMAL ( teddy ) ABUSE

      against his attacker……This will TRIPLE the attackers SHAME before the God he hates !….While at the same time bringing

      attention to the national ELDER ABUSE problem withing the entire world !
      THEREFORE…….” GOOD ..Can come out of EVIL and the attacker will know that he actually helped to spread the concern
      of ELDER ABUSE and Animal abuse ! ( through his own abusive , hateful acts )

      JUST IMAGINE……The shame , shame , SHAME that the attacker will have before the glorious face of God !

      Romans 12:19
      not avenge yourselves, beloved, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it
      is written: “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”
      Deuteronomy 32:35
      is Mine, and retribution, In due time their foot will slip; For the day
      of their calamity is near, And the impending things are hastening upon
      2 Samuel 22:48
      The God who executes vengeance for me, And brings down peoples under me,
      Psalm 18:47
      The God who executes vengeance for me, And subdues peoples under me.

  • Subject in the colony of N.Y.

    I commented a little while ago @BB,”there’s nothing there,they just lying there *** off to keep it from getting out”

  • MrPanetela

    Hillary run in NY?…She only won 16 counties. So this is how she will step out from behind the curtain. All heavily Democrat. She’s a bleeding whale in killer whale and polar bear territory. Schumer, and others will see it as their best opportunity of a lifetime. Without the Foundation, she will be unable to buy off people. No access to classified information thus no way to bribe or blackmail or gain or sell favors.

    I guess we are all watching the latest farce on Capital Hill. The Dems have a lot to hide. And unless the Devil saves their necks, GOD will tighten the noose another notch.

  • Robert Exter

    The Problem with Conservatives

    I think if in Congress, as in our meetings, have the men and women stand that served in our military, you’d find that there would be a much smaller proportion of veterans.

    Trump was elected because we the people wanted a doer, a man of accomplishment to take control of the country and bring it back to health.

    But what I see in the House is a bunch of spoiled representatives wanting all the problems to be solved without looking at the obstacles. This is a war.

    We say we want a leader, but apparently we just wanted a mascot; because we won’t let our new President be President and show us a careful way to take down Obamacare in several steps; steps that will make it possible to get to the foundation of Obamacare and destroy it from within.

    Yes, we are insubordinate for not letting our leader lead us; lead us through the steps to actually achieve something that would take a 60% Senate majority to pull off.

    The constitutional representatives have to be clever, and clever we’re not. I believe that Trump would have put people in place to rip away the parts we do not want from within the health care management. I think we all forgot to take orders from the man we elected.

    So now you know why the Democrats actually hoodwinked us in 2010 and passed their health care bill. They followed their leader’s wishes. This is why we are in so much dung!

    • Neo Marcist

      Democrats stick together and ram through legislation whereas Conservatives search out ways to distinguish themselves from other self-described conservatives. Look at the Democrat primaries. You have two mainstream Democrats trying to get on the ticket, arguing over who can hand out the most free stuff and tax the rich the most. Then look at Republican primaries and you have almost 20 people on stage all ripping each other to shreds so that whoever does finally make it to the nomination is already shredded by their own party.

      Theoretically I like that the Conservatives are individualists and stick to their principles. But in practice you have to at least build a consensus within your own political party in a democratic republic. If they can’t get any new laws passed, at least try to repeal the bad ones. I think we have too many laws anyways.

  • Anita Pill

    Afghanistan Tries to Win Trump Support with Lithium according to

  • Chris Johansen

    Just a message to let you now that the Portland Stabber as a registered Democrat who said on his site he voted for Bernie Sander and said her didn’t know if he would vote for Trump.

  • Joe Smith

    Seattle seems to be in quite a predicament. The progressives advocated that we all should believe those who claim to have been raped.
    “No matter what Jackie said, we should generally believe rape claims.” – WaPo

    Now the mayor of Seattle is backing out of this advocacy, by denying the sexual abuse claims made against him(?).
    “Incredulity hurts victims more than it hurts wrongly-accused perps.” – Zerlina Maxwell (author of the above article)

  • herschel wince

    Add to the list: July 17, the Republican-led House decisively approved a defense policy bill on Friday that declares climate change a national security threat….increases military budget by over 30 billion….from Autospies

  • ThankGodHillaryIsNotPresident

    I just looked at the picture of O.J. Simpson on Drudge .
    His facial expression and merciless bully eyes have the same ” INNER ” mean , bully face of Hillary that she hides behind makeup !
    I know Trump is making incorrect choices BUT just look at O.J’s face on Drudge and tell me we are worse off with Trump then
    the horrible evil WITCH as president .
    Really and truly….America would have been a living hell if Hillary had been elected president !

    • Rrddbb

      Damned right.

  • Susan B

    President Trump never made a secret that he used H1B2 workers to run Mara Lago, I heard him two times on the trail talk about how he hires them almost exclusively. Unfortunately, he surely feels empathy with the poor unfortunate businesses who don’t want to pay a living wage and benefits because he is one of them. We need to contact the White House and lodge our displeasure.

    • slave trade alive and well

      Yeah, why not pay the migrants/immigrants the same wage as an American citizen would get? Then we’ll see how the govt and businesses feel about the migrants. Govt and businesses are committing SLAVERY – things are not much different than the 1800’s when slavery was going on.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage I just started to listen to your YouTube of today’s show. We have to stay watchdogs. Our government is bringing in cities and towns. TBN pushing for Refugees thinking if their Christians they will blend in. Catholics and Mornons are just as bad. Trump thinks selling beef to the Chinks is a trade deal. Knights Templar International wrote an article the NWI took over Trump. Look at who is in his administration. Hungarian, Jew, Irish, Greek, African, Egyptian and the NWO. Chamber of commerce want low skilled workers. Foreign born Korean winning woman cup. Angelo Saxons are done. Trump thinks he does some speech in Poland to stir the base. Most don’t understand what really the deal in Poland. Middle East. Now Trump, et al want to build base in Syria and Iraq. Israel beckoning at American tax payer expense. 10 commandments. Covenant what others have. Murder. Honor Mother and Father (ancestors) Spiritual sick. Cause resentments. Old folks home of Senate die off and foreign born get in. Trump is not much if a leader. He is a follower. Step on the toes of others they retaliate. Welcome Donald Trump to the swamp. Lou Dobbs sings his praises along with Hannity and Jones. Once people not getting jobs will figure it out. DACA. Dial one for English. Barely speak American English

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage we need to look at our history. Ted Roosevelt and prior to that has to force Germans into assimilate to our society. Americans police themselves to keep the country pure. 1920s when Americans join the Circle Clan who Christian organization to combat illegals and foreign born not to take their jobs. MLK militants with the KBJ bug laws and chain migration of importing everyone in to the benefit of the Dems. Clan was Dem. Force Republicans. When crash came. Hoover ones things out of control. Rep Congressman who wrote a Bill. 3 assassination attempts on the man’s life. 3rd time they go him. FDR used his bill for the depression. Welcome to the 3rd World. Both parties benefit.

  • elf

    Why weren’t these statues a problem when Obama was president?

    White nationalism is not white supremecy.
    White civilization is white culture and values, ancestory and history.
    To suggest that whites are not permitted to honor or even recognize history or values, icons or social mores is to genocide white civilization and its individuals.

    • Weary Traveler

      Very good point. The word “White National” as the left is using is actually a slur against all America patriots who happen to be Caucasian.

      Mexico, along with most of central and south American countries is very nationalistic. Does that make them brown nationals? And does that automatically make every Hispanic person a racist? What about China or Japan? Those are also very nationalistic countries.

      • Neo Marcist

        In contrast to white anti-nationals pretending they are black or native indian – The Democrat Rachel Dolezal’s and Elizabeth Warren’s. Mentally ill.

  • Zomin8tor

    The Democrat party, with it’s horrific pro-slavery, pro-KKK, pro-Jim Crow laws background should disband itself. Worse than any single general or president, they have done more damage to civil rights than ANY organization in US history. This is an irrefutable fact. Based on this, they have to be dismantled. Spread the word people! Put this message on every blog site and in every comment you can find.

    • TweetyBird

      Please include the democrats ” HORRIFIC ” support of late term abortion of a VIABLE fully , ready to be born

      baby that Hillary , Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein support .
      The democrats AND thier fake republican COWARDS are just that …..COWARDLY unearthly beasts…
      Trump is not a COWARDLY unearthly beast so he doesn’t ” FIT IN ”

      At the debates Trump challenged Beast Hillary on Partial Birth Abortion …
      If the unearthly , very wicked witch BEAST had been president then God would have taken both his hands from
      protecting America and America would have been destroyed ..
      At least with Trump AMERICA CAN SURVIVE .
      It is my own opinion that AMERICA would have been destroyed if the Witch was president today …..
      Trump isn’t perfect but at least he is not a merciless , ruthless , unearthly beast !
      Trump has a heart…Trump is after the heart of God !
      ” THAT’S ” …why they hate him …………………….BECAUSE THEY HATE GOD !

      • marte

        Democrats loudly booed and rejected God at their national convention not once but three times.
        Democrats made excuses for nearly a decade as Isis turned Christian kids into sex slaves, and tortured, beheaded, and burned Christians alive.
        Democrats promoted persecution of Christian businesses that refused service on moral grounds by encouraging lawsuits and destroying families that operated them.

        Democrats in Oregon forced all Oregonians to pay for mass murder of unborn even up to delivery.

        Time to recognize there is good and there is evil. The Democrats have chosen evil.

  • GaysForTrump

    “To the Jewish community, here in Davis and beyond, I say this:

    I am deeply sorry for the pain that I have caused.
    The last thing I would do
    is intentionally hurt anyone, Muslim, Jewish or otherwise.
    It is not in my heart, nor does my religion allow it,” Ammar Shahin said .

    Did the Muslim , Barcelona , thug , youth hater ” HEAR ” Ammar’s KILLING directives BEFORE Ammar

    said he was deeply sorry in the above apology statement ?

    THEREFORE ……This Barcelona massacre could have been PREVENTED if the so-called , same type ,

    Barcelona , Muslim ” heart ” HAD HEARD Ammar’s deeply felt sorry apology ….BEFORE they decided to massacre ?

    Ammar said it would be the ” LAST thing he would ever do ” in his so-called apology !
    WHAT ……Is the FIRST thing Ammar or his Muslim’s with ” HEARTS ” would do to a gay in a media hidden back alley ?

    WHAT ….Would Nancy Pelosi ( her thugs ) ” FIRST ” do to me if she saw me voting for Trump ?… the same hidden alley ?

    —————————————————— SAME THING ? ————————————————————

  • Michael of San Jose

    Dr. Savage,

    I would really appreciate you taking the time to discuss on one of your shows, your approach on how to discern actual history. While in college I had professors that taught history with an obvious slant to the left, and witnessed the manipulation of historical facts to conform to a specific dialog. My concern is how will I be able to educate my children and pass down the history of western civilization, when history itself is under attack. I really enjoy how you refer to history to draw precise comparisons to current events. Do you have select historians that you follow?

    Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,


  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage. I was grateful to hear the man who called in about our Civil War Veterans whose grandchildren and great grandchildren fought in our Foreign Wars. I just cried after he shared that. These Veterans are part of who we are. Pastor Burns been asked to step down now as one of Trump’s advisors. Bannon was removed because he wanted to end our fight in Middle East. McCain lobbied McMaster for 50k troops to be sent to Afghanistan. Israel News Live reported heavy military equipment being placed on Navy ships. Both coast. Pravda analysis shared Turkey and Iran met to make a deal for Iran pipeline to Europe. Turkey wants Iran not to make a separate country Kurdistan. McMaster is Clintonite. Trump is surrounding himself with liberal Jews. Sounds like to me Hillary won. War in Syria over a pipeline. Pastor Jeffries is for War. Left is monkey around honorable Civil War Veterans who served our nation. Establishment won. Trump Federal judge picks McConnell has held up. We are living under soft martial law. Asked a question why men don’t stand up. They do. Either label far right or jailed. Trump was our hope. The South was our hope to preserve this nation. Poem you read about standing up they come for me. McMaster has eliminated anyone who stands in the way of NWO.

  • Anonymous

    The Korean War preserved the Republic of South Korea

    If North Vietnam hadn’t been a communist nation, the US would have stayed out of it. It would have been none of Uncle Sam’s business.

    The history of communism encompasses a wide variety of ideologies and political movements, sharing the core theoretical values of
    collective ownership of wealth, economic enterprise, and property.

    Most modern forms of communism are grounded at least nominally in Marxism, an ideology conceived by noted sociologist Karl Marx during the mid nineteenth century.

    Marxism subsequently gained a widespread following across much of Europe, and throughout the late 1800s its militant supporters were instrumental in a number of failed revolutions on that continent.

    During the same era, there was also a proliferation of communist parties which rejected armed revolution, but embraced the Marxist
    ideal of collective property and a classless society.

    Although Marxist theory suggested that the places ripest for social revolution—either through peaceful transition or by force of
    arms—were industrial societies, communism was mostly successful in underdeveloped countries with endemic poverty such as the Russian Empire and the Republic of China.

    In 1917, the Bolshevik Party seized power during the Russian Revolution and created the Soviet Union, the world’s first Marxist
    state.The Bolsheviks thoroughly embraced the concept of proletarian internationalism and world revolution, seeing their struggle as an
    international rather than a purely regional cause. This was to have a phenomenal impact on the spread of communism during the twentieth century, as the Soviet Union installed new communist governments in Eastern Europe following World War II and indirectly backed the ascension of others in the Americas, Asia, and Africa

    The political left of both (Democrat and Republican) parties have embraced “socialism”.

    Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterized by social ownership and democratic control of the means of production, as well as the political theories, and movements associated with them. Social ownership may refer to forms of public, collective, or cooperative ownership, or to citizen ownership of equity. There are many varieties of socialism and there is no single definition encapsulating all of them. Social ownership is the common element shared by its various forms.

    Socialist economic systems can be divided into non-market and market forms. Non-market socialism involves the substitution of
    factor markets and money, with engineering and technical criteria, based on calculation performed in-kind, thereby producing an economic mechanism that functions according to different economic laws from those of capitalism. Non-market socialism aims to circumvent the inefficiencies and crises traditionally associated with capital
    accumulation and the profit system. By contrast, market socialism retains the use of monetary prices, factor markets, and, in some
    cases, the profit motive, with respect to the operation of socially owned enterprises and the allocation of capital goods between them.
    Profits generated by these firms would be controlled directly by the workforce of each firm, or accrue to society at large in the form of
    a social dividend. The socialist calculation debate discusses the feasibility and methods of resource allocation for a socialist

    The socialist political movement includes a set of political philosophies that originated in the
    revolutionary movements of the mid-to-late 1700s, and of concern for the social problems that were associated with capitalism. In
    addition to the debate over markets and planning, the varieties of socialism differ in their form of social ownership, how management is
    to be organized within productive institutions, and the role of the state in constructing socialism. Core dichotomies include reformism versus revolutionary socialism, and state socialism versus libertarian socialism. Socialist politics has been both centralist and decentralized; internationalist and nationalist in orientation;organized through political parties and opposed to party politics; at
    times overlapping with trade unions and at other times independent of, and critical of, unions; and present in both industrialized and
    developing countries. While all tendencies of socialism consider themselves democratic, the term “democratic socialism” is
    often used to highlight its advocates’ high value for democratic processes in the economy and democratic political systems,
    usually to draw contrast to tendencies they may perceive to be undemocratic in their approach. “Democratic socialism” is
    frequently used to draw contrast to the political system of the Soviet Union, which critics argue operated in an authoritarian

    By the late 19th century, after the work of Karl Marx and his collaborator Friedrich Engels, as technological development
    outstripped the economic dynamics of capitalism, “socialism” had come to signify opposition to capitalism, and advocacy for a
    post-capitalist system based on some form of social ownership of the means of production. By the 1920s, social democracy and communism had become the two dominant political tendencies within the international
    socialist movement. By this time, Socialism emerged as “the most influential secular movement of the twentieth century, worldwide. It
    is a political ideology (or world view), a wide and divided political movement” and while the emergence of the Soviet Union as the
    world’s first nominally socialist state led to socialism’s widespread association with the Soviet economic model, many economists and
    intellectuals argued that in practice the model functioned as a form of state capitalism, or a non-planned administrative or command
    economy. Socialist parties and ideas remain a political force with varying degrees of power and influence in all continents, heading
    national governments in many countries around the world. Today, some socialists have also adopted the causes of other social movements, such as environmentalism, feminism and liberalism.

    Bolshevik, ( Russian: “One of the Majority”) , plural Bolsheviks, or Bolsheviki, member of a wing of the Russian Social-Democratic
    Workers’ Party, which, led by Lenin, seized control of the government in Russia (October 1917) and became the dominant political
    power. The group originated at the party’s second congress (1903) when Lenin’s followers, insisting that party membership be
    restricted to professional revolutionaries, won a temporary majority on the party’s central committee and on the editorial board of its
    newspaper Iskra. They assumed the name Bolsheviks and dubbed their opponents the Mensheviks (“Those of the Minority”).

    Although both factions participated together in the Russian Revolution of 1905 and went through periods of apparent reconciliation (about 1906 and 1910), their differences increased. The Bolsheviks continued to insist upon a highly centralized, disciplined, professional party. They boycotted the elections to the First State Duma (Russian parliament) in 1906 and refused to cooperate with the government and other political parties in subsequent Dumas. Furthermore, their methods of obtaining revenue (including robbery) were disapproved of by the Mensheviks and non-Russian Social Democrats.

    The American Deocratic Party is likened to the Russian Social-Democratic Workers’ Party. They insist upon a highly centralized, disciplined, professional party. They boycott and refuse to cooperate with those who oppose them and want Americans to believe through the editorial board of the media that they are one of the majority (Bolsheviks = Democrats) rather than
    those of the minority (Menskeviks = Republicans)

    Communist Party Admits Infiltration & Takeover
    of Democratic Party!

    Posted on February 6, 2015 by Mike

    After hearing aka Obama’s recent speech in which he claimed that
    slavery and Jim Crow laws (supported by Democrats) were done in the
    name of Christ, it’s impossible for anyone with a brain in their
    head to still deny that this man is a Marxist.

    Here’s an excellent article by Alex Newman in which the
    Communist Party admits taking over the Democratic Party:

    Communist Party USA boss John Bachtell boasted in a recent column
    that his Marxist-Leninist organization, a tentacle of the Soviet
    regime in America for decades, “utilizes” the increasingly
    radical Democratic Party to advance its totalitarian objectives in
    the United States. Writing in the Communist Party propaganda
    mouthpiece People’s World, Bachtell suggested that, eventually, a
    “radical third party” would become a viable option to advance
    communism in America. However, for now, he argued, fending off what
    he calls the “ultra-right” — essentially anyone to the right of
    Obama, whom American communists openly backed in both elections —
    requires the CPUSA to continue utilizing the Democrat Party as a

    In his column, Bachtell, who was selected last year to serve as
    the national chair of the Communist Party USA, offers a wide array of
    arguments for why communists must continue to work through the
    Democrat Party. For instance, at least in the collectivist communist
    mind, the Democratic Party is “home” to “African Americans,
    Latinos, other communities of color, women, most union members, young
    people,” as well as various “social and democratic movements.”
    In reality, of course, there are plenty of blacks, Hispanics, women,
    and young people who boldly reject statism and the extremist
    Democrats promoting it.

    Still, as many Democrats do, Bachtell lumps unique individuals
    into “constituencies” based on arbitrary characteristics such as
    melanin content, and declares that the Democratic Party is their
    “home.” He contrasts that with the GOP and “extreme right-wing
    elements” such as pro-lifers, climate realists, “right-wing”
    Christians, the Tea Party, social conservatives, and others, broadly
    categorized as “ultra-right.” By working with and through the
    Democrat Party, Bachtell purports to be building the “broadest
    anti-ultra right alliance possible,” even openly welcoming a
    “section” of what he describes as “monopoly” capital on Wall
    Street into the Communist Party war on liberty.

    “This necessarily means working with the Democratic Party,”
    Bachtell explained, adding that some on the Left “underestimate the
    danger” from the Right and “overestimate” the willingness of
    “key class and social forces” to leave the Democratic Party right
    now. “Second, our objective is not to build the Democratic Party.
    At this stage we are about building the broad people’s movement led
    by labor that utilizes the vehicle of the Democratic Party to advance
    its agenda. We are about building the movements around the issues
    roiling wide sections of people that can help shape election contours
    and debates.”

    Finally, the Communist Party USA participates in what Bachtell
    referred to as “coalition campaigns” that challenge the “Wall
    Street wing” of the Democrat Party and “galvanize forces around a
    progressive agenda, mainly in Democratic primary elections.” Among
    other examples, he cited “labor activists, progressives, socialists
    and communists who emerge from movements and run as candidates,
    backed by broad coalitions.” Having self-declared socialist Senator
    Bernie Sanders of Vermont run within the Democrat presidential
    primary, for instance, “would help do just this,” he added. Sen.
    Sanders has said publicly he would decide by March whether to run for
    the White House in 2016 as a Democrat.

    “If the CPUSA is to be a mass political party it must be a mass
    electoral party, immersed in every aspect of electoral politics and
    the process toward political independence,” Bachtell continued,
    explaining to communist lackeys why they must continue to support and
    infiltrate the Democrat Party to advance more draconian tyranny later
    on. “Municipal elections are a key arena of battle in 2015….
    Clearly, there is an immense amount of electoral activism and
    movement building that is laying the foundation for the eventual
    emergence of a mass radical third party.” For now, though, the
    Democrat Party will be “utilized” as the “vehicle” to advance
    Communist Party totalitarianism — at least until the “Right” is
    totally crushed.

    Commenting on the explosive but hardly surprising admissions,
    anti-communist analyst Trevor Loudon, author of The Enemies Within
    exposing subversion at the highest levels of power in the United
    States, noted that much could be learned from communist strategy.
    “The Communist Party often upsets less mature Marxist groups
    because of their refusal to abandon the Democratic Party, despite not
    always getting every item on their agenda immediately,” Loudon
    explained. “As an experienced Communist, John Bachtell understands
    that in spite of difficulties and disappointments, the Communist
    Party agenda is far better served by infiltrating the Democrats than
    by marching in the streets yelling revolutionary slogans.”

    As Loudon points out, “the Communist Party and their only
    marginally less radical Democratic Socialists of America allies can
    point to real achievements under their ‘friend’ Barack Obama.”
    From ObamaCare and amnesty for illegal immigrants to the ongoing
    attacks on the military and restored relations with the
    mass-murdering communist dictatorship in Havana, numerous CPUSA goals
    have been advanced through the Democrat Party just in recent years.
    Of course, the glaring similarities between the positions and
    policies of the Communist Party USA, the Democrat Party, and the
    Obama administration have now become fully obvious, at least to
    anyone who cares to look.

    In 2004, for example, the CPUSA platform included, among other
    elements, demands for “free” healthcare, unrestricted abortion,
    government-funded education from pre-kindergarten to college, more
    federal “job” programs for “minorities,” more farm subsidies,
    a higher minimum wage, a ban on “discrimination” against
    homosexuals, international treaties to stop “global warming,” and
    much more. When compared with the Obama agenda that was unleashed
    upon America beginning in 2008 and that continues to be foisted on an
    outraged America today via lawless executive decrees — and funding
    from the GOP Congress — the parallels are impossible to deny.

    In fact, comparing U.S. policy today to the Ten Planks of the
    Communist Manifesto — government education, progressive income
    taxes, central bank with monopoly on credit, and much more — key
    points of the communist agenda have been on the march in the United
    States for generations. And unsurprisingly, the Communist Party’s
    affinity for advancing its nightmarish vision of total state control
    via the Democrat Party goes back decades, too, as summarized and
    extensively documented in KeyWiki. In 1972, for instance, then CPUSA
    boss Gus Hall outlined the party’s policy to do precisely that.

    “Our electoral policy has for 25 years been expressed in the
    phrase, ‘the three legs of a stool.’… The stool was constructed
    at a time when the Party was under sharp attack … a reflection of
    the Party’s response to the difficulties,” he wrote. “The
    flexibility was contained in the idea that no one leg of the stool
    was the main leg. Depending on the political pressures, one could
    choose a particular leg or legs. In fact the concept was built on the
    idea that when the other two legs, namely, the Communist Party and
    the forces of political independence, got strong enough, then and
    only then would the stool sit on three legs. But until that day comes
    the one operating leg would be the liberal wing of the Democratic

    More recently, a 2010 report for the Communist Party’s National
    Convention was prepared by members of the Young Communist League USA.
    “Currently, the conditions rarely if ever allow us to run open
    Communists for office,” the report stated. “When members do run
    for office, it is within the auspices of the Democratic Party.
    Otherwise, we find ourselves supporting progressive (and in some
    instances not-so-progressive) Democratic candidates. Despite how much
    many of us would love to run comrades for office as Communists, we
    all agree that this is how we currently have to function in this
    political climate.”

    In late 2012, meanwhile, a report delivered at the 14th
    International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties in Beirut,
    Lebanon, praised Obama and the advances he had made for the cause.
    “The Communist Party USA not only welcomes the reelection of
    President Barack Obama, but actively engaged in the electoral
    campaign for his reelection and for the election of many Democratic
    Party congressional candidates,” explained the report, prepared by
    CPUSA International Department operative Erwin Marquit. “We
    regarded the 2012 election as the most important in the United States
    since 1932, an election held in the midst of the Great Depression.”

    The CPUSA’s “present strategy,” the report continued, was to
    “build alliances both inside and outside the Democratic Party.”
    After Obama’s re-election in 2012, the so-called “progressive
    caucus” in Congress — masterfully exposed in Loudon’s work —
    will “be playing an important role in contributing to the
    mobilization of mass activity on critical issues to bring pressure on
    the Congress and administration to act on them.” The report also
    openly proclaimed that “the victory of Obama is a welcome aid for
    us in our domestic struggles.” Obama’s political career, of
    course, began in the home of Communist terrorist Bill Ayers, whose
    Weather Underground terror movement in the United States was backed
    by Communist mass-murderer Fidel Castro.

    In his comments on Bachtell’s most recent admission, Loudon said
    Americans have a lot to learn. In the same manner that the CPUSA has
    “utilized” the Democrat Party, constitutionalists who hope to
    preserve liberty and the Republic bequeathed to Americans by the
    Founding Fathers ought to work within the GOP, Loudon argued.
    “Bachtell understands that prematurely breaking with the Democrats,
    on some quixotic adventure of forming a new leftist third party,
    would almost certainly hand the next few elections to the GOP,”
    Loudon wrote. “He fears that a revitalized GOP, led by Ted Cruz, or
    some similar figure, would roll back most, or all of the Communist
    Party’s hard fought gains.”

    “If U.S. Constitutionalist conservatives and Tea Party activists
    can show similar political discipline and maturity, they will abandon
    plans for a suicidal third party agenda — for now,” Loudon wrote.
    “Instead they will work through the GOP, as the Communists have
    through the Democrats. Learn from the opposition. Utilize the GOP
    machinery and voting base to build a big Constitutionalist base
    inside the GOP. Build your strength, do as the Communists have done,
    primary any vulnerable GOP candidates who will not support your
    Constitutionalist agenda.”

    Loudon argued that today, less than 1,000 hardcore Communist Party
    operatives and their few thousand allies in the Democratic Socialists
    of America “effectively dictate Democratic Party policy.” If the
    far larger constitutionalist and Tea Party movement could learn from
    the opposition’s tactics, “they can have a real shot at restoring
    the Republic.” In the end, Loudon argued, the battle for America is
    not between Democrats and the GOP. Instead, it is between
    constitutionalists and communists. If constitutionalists want a
    chance to win that battle and preserve liberty, he concluded,
    understanding and learning from the opposition is crucial.

    The process of communists using other parties and movements to
    enslave populations is hardly new — it works the same from Brazil
    to South Africa and everywhere in between. Communism and communist
    regimes, of course, murdered well over 100 million people in the last
    century alone, making the “movement” by far the most murderous
    and bloodthirsty in the history of humanity. However, as The New
    American has documented extensively, there have always been even more
    sinister forces operating behind the communists and their legions of
    useful idiots. If liberty is to survive, exposing and countering them
    remains essential.

    Fighting Communism has always been the
    American Way – we need to oppose the Democratic Party by all means
    possible if we are to uphold the U. S. Constitution -and protect it
    from both foreign and domestic enemies. Members of the Military,
    Members of Congress and The President take an OATH to the
    preservation of our Constitution. Those in opposition of our
    Constitution should be impeached or voted out of office. If those
    efforts fail then Martial Law should be declared by the President and
    have them removed by force as Commander-In-Chief of the US Military.

  • Mac Miles

    Antifa is there for the left to intimidate any whites from wanting to express themselves in preserving their heritage and history. This white supremacist slant is being used to further the left white genocide agenda.
    This leftist scum has all the bases covered. Eddie and Edith will rise soon.

  • Politicians……hell

    The plans of the Democrats and thier fake Republican buddies is to wink wink wink at all the protestors , isis barbarians ,
    Black lives matter etc……To cause as much chaos and social unrest as possible before the next election so trump
    Will look inept , useless and so called provoking / cause of all social unrest and terror attacks…
    Then the Democrats bring in their man , savior of presidential peace and hope for a nation so called ruined by trump…
    Expect expect expect hell on earth in america before and after trump is re elected !
    Vote for trump and tell the democrat and fake Republicans to go where they will be spending an eternity for all the intentional evil they deliberately manufactured….
    There is an eternal consequence awaiting thier rebellious hateful souls….

    • Evilllllllllll haters

      I had a dream / vision of a lady I once knew.
      She died….Her soul ascended to God and with a half smile of total expectancy her face said to God..
      “” Here I am God “” !
      The next thing g I saw was her face in indescribable horror as God told her she was rejected…
      I saw her fall into an ocean of flames and the screams coming out of her were horrific….
      The expression on her face was unimaginably horrible….

      I hope you Democrats are reading this because it’s the truth…
      Go and laugh if you want…
      The lady I saw wasn,t laughing as you laugh at me….
      I truly hope you Democrats and fake Republicans repent of your orchestrated hate evil
      Directed at trump and his voters..
      You still have a chance to do the right thing…
      You,ll remember reading my comment forever and and everrrrrrrrr
      If you don,t do the right thing ….
      Stop Hating trump and his voters…
      God chose trump and you can,t kill God’s will no matter what you do

  • S Johnson

    Powerful shows lately Prof. Savage.
    With the power I feel listening to you,
    I feel a hope for our Nation even in these Oh-so-troubled times.
    My High School History classes were Never as intense
    and close to home as your shows/lessons.

    • Neo Marcist

      Dr. Savage was on fire last week. You could tell that he was preparing well for his shows and the neurons in the synapses of his brain were firing like a finely tuned machine. And when liberal democrat progressive neo-marxist fake news pundits lure Dr. Savage into a subject he’s an expert in they might as well give up the debate and resort to name calling or ban Savage from their news shows. Britain had to ban Dr. Savage from the entire country because there isn’t a fraud among them who can debate Dr. Savage one on one.

      • Paget

        In response to Neo Marcist and S Johnson, I share your feelings and am so very thankful that Dr. Savage
        is here with us during these perilous times.
        I look at his life of trials, disappointments, the loss of his brother, his tenacity in achieving his PhD and then
        being passed over for jobs, being banned from a country FOR CHRISSAKES, but this hardened-as-steel
        man is exactly what we need right now. Thank you, Lord.

  • Shannon

    Dr. Savage, for Teddy, please look up a product called Pet One. It is the same product as Life One for humans. I believe there is only one place to purchase it and it ships from Florida. It is amazing on cancer. My cat did not care for the taste but his lymph nodes reduced in size in just 3 days of using the product. I was very impressed. Sorry about Teddy. I will start using co Q 10 in the future for my patients. Thanks for the tip. I am a dvm. Warm wishes

  • Charlie

    The caller from NC who reminded us all about the sons of the confederacy storming the trenches and the beaches during two world wars not for the cause of slavery but liberty was spot on. I would add that General Patton’s ancestors all fought for the Army of Northern Virginia. If you took away Patton’s 3rd Army, would the ignorant young rebels without a clue even be around today? Why people are appeasing them and giving the most ignorant among us any credibility is a sign of the times..

  • What a 2 faced CNN phoney

    Why did he and surelyyyyyy this mega pastor knew that by appearing on CNN that he would just add one more nail to Trump’s
    Coffin by saying he quit Trump’s evangelical team ?
    Of course the 2 faced pastor knew …..He chose his words very carefully like a lawyer….
    The mega church was paid to dump trump?
    George soros money crafted the pastor’s departing CNN speech sermon on CNN ?
    Bernard is the mega church guys name.
    Just another prosperity evangelist pretending to love God while at the. Same time dumping trump..
    If I was trump I would fire them all .
    Who the hell cares what CNN or Bernard have to say ???..
    Who the hell cares?
    Just by accpeting to be on CNN Bernard knew trump would be undermined….
    He knew it , he knew it , he knew it he knew it……
    And so did God ……God knew it before Bernard knew it!
    How much money did Bernard get for undermining trump on CNN ?

  • Neo Marcist

    I watched a short video on George Soros. I know Dr. Michael Savage was the one who identified Soros as a top Democrat financier and organizer well before any other public figure took notice.

    Consider this great irony: We’ve been speaking of “Fascists” lately. George Soros’ father was selling information about Jews to the Nazi Regime and George Soros himself was rounding up Jews for the Nazi Fascist Socialists in Germany. Now George Soros is the top financier for the Democrat party and this former Nazi collaborator’s supporters / paid protesters are the ones calling people Nazis. The hypocrisy is astounding!!!

    The people who are calling people Fascists are being paid/organized to protest by a former Nazi collaborator who collaborated with a Fascist regime to round up Jews and exterminate his own people!!!

    Democrats have always BEEN precisely what they accuse the opposition of. If a Democrat calls you a racist, it is because that Democrat is racist. If a Democrat calls you a bigot, it is because that Democrat is bigoted. If a Democrat calls you a phobe, it is because that Democrat is a phobe. If a Democrat calls you a fascist, it is because that Democrat supports fascists. Democrats are self contradicting, confused, hypocritical frauds! BOLSHEVIK *** !!!!!

    • Paget

      Re. Neo Marcist’s comments, every American should study Soros’ life to understand the depth of his self-loathing
      and hatred for America and anything Judeo Christian.
      Regarding Democrats’ ploy of projecting their biases onto others, Alynski may have initiated it, but it has now become
      part of the Left’s culture. Witness the red-haired comedian holding a severed head of Trump, then crying that Trump
      had “destroyed” her — “he broke me”. WHAAAAAAT? Reading “Rules for Patriots” is a good primer for girding for
      battle, and Onward Christian Soldiers is my theme song.

  • ah….

    It has all come down to this one last thing michael, now you must make your live TV debut and DON’T HOLD BACK! You can’t take it with when you die so what the heck.

  • Mac Miles

    Now the white supremacist story has died down the maniac in Korea is making bold threats at President Trump. What you see here is the global goverment media machine at work. All distractions aimed at President Trump and his deplorables and of course to keep the biggest ATM our USA open for business. Besides what else are our tax dollars for than funding skell politicians here in America and all the world.

    • Trzo9veuha

      “If a man tells you he is going to kill you, believe him.” And act accordingly…

  • fattyz

    You know there was no music playing Thursday and rock n’ roll Friday when Savage was humming along? Or rather he could hear it but we couldn’t?

    • Patriot

      his sound mix has been messed up for about a week now. He was playing “the battle hymn of the republic” last week and you could not hear it either.

  • MrPanetela

    Just curious…
    recall all those people coming out to participate in zombie walks, which the news media covered.
    Just out of curiosity, if we used an A.I. with facial/body identification and ran those footage against the footage of people violently protesting, would there be matches? If so, then, were those zombie walks parties actually undercover practice for the violent marches we see today? Would the A.I. with face recognition be able to correlated the two together, aka, find the same people in both?

  • Manny
    Rex Tillerson Diversity..???!!!
    Sounds like Obama days. how can trump let this go on under his nose?

    • Mac Miles

      I hope Trump sees Tillersons smoke screen. If he don’t it’s Obummer PT. 2. May God help us.

      • sheepcreeper

        The NWO ties and the Boy Scout thing is enough for me. Nobody in this current cabinet has my approval besides Pence and Bannon .THat just leaves Pence.We have been had boys and girls.


    The entertainers ” SMILES ” once said that Barbra Streisand is a ” BEAUTIFUL ” human being inside !
    Don’t forget for one flipping second that it was Barbra’s black INSIDE that voted for the DESTRUCTION of the U.S.A.
    OBAMA !
    Don’t forget for one flipping second that it was entirely and completely the Barbra Streisand directed and produced
    Hollywood that voted for and supported Obama’s presidency ……………….” AND HILLARY’S PRESIDENCY ” ———
    And Barbra still does and still would …….. Vote and direct as many humans as possible to VOTE FOR political immoral monsters !
    ——- I’M AM NOT LAUGHING , IT’S NOT FUNNY …..The Ex friends or current ” friends ” of Barbra are NOT America’s friends ——–
    BUT……………. Trump hater Kathy Griffin is LAUGHING on how America hasn’t imprisoned her / won’t imprison her or
    any of Barbra Streisand’s Trump hating Hollywood for the grave crimes against America’s soul that Barbra and herself
    willfully , gleefully , laughingly , mockingly , unceasingly commit against Trump and his voters !
    ANY so-called ” ENTERTAINER ” who has ever or will ever NOT support Trump….. I will not NOT NOT shed any tears
    and I won’t be laughing at their so-called FUNNY jokes !
    I am NOT impressed with any memory of …or will join in the mourning with ANYONE who thinks that or did think
    Barbra Streisand was/ is beautiful ” INSIDE ” !


    ——I HAVEN’T EVEN SAID WHO I AM REFERRING TO……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    .Apparently I am supposed to be respectful in mourning tears to those who praised Barbra’s ” BEAUTIFUL INSIDE ”
    The inside that supported and CAUSED so so so so so SO SO SO much suffering within the U.S.A. ..from an OBAMA vote !

    • TRUMPisBeingBlackmailed

      If you are not a democrat and don’t support the democrats in any small manner then no matter HOW TALENTED you are
      you will never be a star !
      Many gifted authors , actors , singers , musicians have been and continue to be rejected because they will not
      bend a knee to Satan !
      Remember the passage in scripture where Jesus and Satan were on a mountaintop and Satan told Jesus he could have all
      the kingdoms he could see from that high mountain top if ONLY Jesus would bend a knee to him ?
      Immoral Hollywood and corrupt democrats and their fake republican operatives work together ……They all bend their knee’s !
      Your only a star , your only rich , lazy , arrogant if you BEND A KNEE to the democrats and their colluding Hollywood
      gang of IDOLS !
      How many thousands and thousands and thousands of superbly gifted people were rejected by Barbra Streisand’s political
      Hollywood because they refused to vote for Hillary type democrats ?
      How many Einsteins and Beethoven’s were aborted before they had a chance to bless the world ?
      ABORTION support is the litmus test Satan’s democrats and Hollywood’s immoral use to accept or reject the most gifted of all humans….( Barbra doesn’t want any baby born that could be more talented then herself ? )
      Unless you vote for The democrats , Obama , Hillary or Nancy Pelosi……………” YOU’LL NEVER BE A STAR ” !
      And now that China OWNS Hollywood …..China will Blackmail Trump ? ……..and Barbra couldn’t he happier !
      China has been and always will be in collusion with the democrats fake republicans and their Hollywood operatives ?
      China’s HATING Hollywood will collude with Barbra’s HATING Hollywood to assassinate the presidency of Trump ?

      • Jean Pierre

        Hollywood, publishing, music, art, media, all forms of expression are censored.
        Washington DC, state politics, city councils, are also now censored.
        Now corporate America is going full force with their censorship and removal of all dissent.
        All people bow to the beast or they become non-persons.
        …but they stay asleep. People more concerned with ballgames, tv shows, celebrities, or any fantasy distractions they can find. Everybody is an ice cream licker gawking at the freaks on the beach. Too many Americans don’t want to live in real world anymore. They would rather be a slave in fantasy than free in reality.

  • Trough Master


  • Daniel Hurd

    When did the west start to die? When we stopped naming buildings after The late great J.Edgar Hoover of the fbi

  • Daniel Hurd

    White nationalist bad, person of color nationalist good. Defeat through accusation, Marxist tactic, thank you Dr.Savage for the wealth of knowledge you bring!!

  • Daniel Hurd

    Obama said when in doubt give them toilet bowl equality!! Nice one

  • MikeB

    Anyone remember this story from Barcelona a few weeks ago?

  • MrPanetela

    Sundays reflections:
    Sure, I could comment on the USS McCain, or the horrific acts of terrorism. I much rather talk about Jerry.

    Jerry Lewis was one of a kind. He was so outrageously inventive, he also gave mass media the Video assist system used in filmmaking which allows filmmakers to view a video version of a take immediately after it is filmed. This idea saved Hollywood billions in revenue. And make better movies. Today it is so common place, that it feels like it’s been around forever. Movies like Avatar and Wonder Woman would not have been possible without it. And how did this mass greedy corporate media repay this insightful genius who help them generate billions in revenue? They humiliated him by firing him from the very show he gave his soul to promote, the MDA Telethon.

    Father, write Jerry’s name in the Book of life. Raise him back to life on the appointed day. Bless his grieving family with peace and tranquility. Amen.

  • Adam Gartner

    Dr. Savage,

    If you ever read this message, hope you can contact Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Laura Ingraham to get all information on Trump’s status before you go on air today.

    The way things are going now, the agenda that Trump supporters voted for will soon be gone with the generals and goldman sachs taking over the agenda and make no mistake a soft coup is going on to get Mike Pence to replace President Trump. Mike Pence is a neo-con.

    Find out from Alex, Roger and Laura whether the so-called Trump supporting super-PAC are really supporting Trump. These super-PACs actually support Pence behind Trump’s back.

    You don’t like Bannon, right?
    With Bannon gone, Trump is more isolated than ever before.
    Will say this was a bad move and timing by Bannon and Trump because now Trump will most likely announced tonight that America will send in more troops for the Afghanistan War which Pence, the generals (McMaster, Kelly and Mattis) and
    Neo-cons/libs are in favor.
    The Afghanistan war is about protecting the poppy plantation other than the Islamic issue. Need to get rid of it.
    The money should be invested not in war but in American infrastructure to produce jobs in America.
    General Mattis is most likely the puppet master behind this but do check with Alex, Roger and Laura on this.
    If ever the war turn to worst and America’s economy did not rise, the bolservhiks will rise even bigger in America and Trump supporters, conservatives and libertarians will be in danger.
    Don’t think this is what most Trump supporter voted for.
    Pray that President Trump will decide otherwise on the war in Afghanistan.

    General Kelly and McMaster purposely kept President Trump in the dark on the USS John McCain incident. They should be fired for this.
    These two are purposely making the President look like a fool. They are aligned with the establishment.

    Ivanka and Jared are the worst advisers to President Trump. They brought in the goldman sachs and the neo-con/lib in the White House.
    If you didn’t know until now, you should know that Jared made an arrangement with Drudge to not post any negative articles in the Drudge Report on Mcmaster in which Mcmaster fired a lot of brilliant Trump loyalist in the NSC without letting Trump know about it.
    Check with Roger or Alex to confirm on this.
    Heard something big will soon exposed Jared previous dealings. If so he deserved whatever become of him.
    May be you know this or not but if you ever talked to Alex, Roger and Laura ask them whether Ivanka and Jared had ever urge Trump to pull out from the campaign election during the Access Hollywood fiasco.
    Ivanka and Jared never want to get the agendas that the Trump supporters voted through. They don’t deserve the support of Trump supporters.
    They deserved to be insulted by all because they help President Trump enemies behind his back.

    President Trump is a good man and has a golden heart which many Trump supporters believe but he really made a huge mistake by not giving chance for more Trump loyalists to serve him in the administration.

    Your voice in the Savage Nation is important but now more than ever your voice need to be heard by the president.
    You need to go outside of California and should go to Washington DC and meet up with Laura Ingraham this week. Do a broadcast of the Savage Nation in Washington DC with Laura Ingraham. Get Laura to try to set up a face to face interview with President Trump and you.
    Hope Hicks is now the new Communication Director so chances of you getting an interview with President Trump is much higher now. By the way, Spicer is a scum from the beginning.

    Thank you.

  • Phineas Worthington

    The violent American left are the modern version of the Jacobins of revolutionary France.

    • Joe Smith

      The Democrats have always been the violent party.

      • Phineas Worthington

        There is no shortage of hostility on either side of the political fence.

      • Phineas Worthington

        It’s worth noting that the very political terms left and right originated in the French Revolution.

  • Adam Gartner

    Dr. Savage,

    If you ever read this message, hope you can contact Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Laura Ingraham to get all information on Trump’s status before you go on air today.

    The way things are going now, the agenda that Trump supporters voted for will soon be gone with the generals and goldman sachs taking over the agenda and make no mistake a soft coup is going on to get Mike Pence replaced President Trump.

    Find out from Alex, Roger and Laura whether the so-called Trump supporting super-PAC are really supporting Trump. These super-PACs actually support Pence behind Trump’s back.

    You don’t like Bannon, right?
    With Bannon gone, Trump is more isolated than ever before.
    Will say this was a bad move and timing by Bannon and Trump because now Trump will most likely announced tonight that America will send in more troops for the Afghanistan War which Pence, the generals (McMaster, Kelly and Mattis) and
    Neo-cons/libs are in favor.
    The Afghanistan war is about protecting the poppy plantation other than the Islamic issue. Need to get rid of it.
    The money should be invested not in war but in American infrastructure to produce jobs in America.
    General Mattis is most likely the puppet master behind this but do check with Alex, Roger and Laura on this.
    If ever the war turn to worst and America’s economy did not rise, the bolservhiks will rise even bigger in America and Trump supporters, conservatives and libertarians will be in danger.
    Don’t think this is what most Trump supporter voted for.
    Pray that President Trump will decide otherwise on the war in Afghanistan.

    General Kelly and McMaster purposely kept President Trump in the dark on the USS John McCain incident. They should be fired for this.
    These two are purposely making the President look like a fool. They are aligned with the establishment.

    Ivanka and Jared are the worst advisers to President Trump. They brought in the goldman sachs and the neo-con/lib in the White House.
    If you didn’t know until, you should know that Jared made an arrangement with Drudge to not post any negative articles on Mcmaster in which Mcmaster fired a lot of brilliant Trump loyalist in the NSC without letting Trump know about it.
    Check with Roger or Alex to confirm on this.
    Heard something big will soon exposed Jared previous dealings. If so he deserved whatever become of him.
    May be you know this or not but if you ever talked to Alex, Roger and Laura ask them whether Ivanka and Jared had ever urge Trump to pull out from the campaign election during the Access Hollywood fiasco.
    Ivanka and Jared never want to get the agendas that the Trump supporters voted through. They don’t deserve the support of Trump supporters.
    They deserved to be insulted by all because they help President Trump enemies behind his back.

    President Trump is a good man and has a golden heart which many Trump supporters believe but he really made a huge mistake by not giving chance for more Trump loyalists to serve him in the administration.

    Your voice in the Savage Nation is important but now more than ever your voice need to be heard by the president.
    You need to go outside of California and should go to Washington DC and meet up with Laura Ingraham this week. Do a broadcast of the Savage Nation in Washington DC with Laura Ingraham. Get Laura to try to set up a face to face interview with President Trump and you.
    Hope Hicks is now the new Communication Director so chances of you getting an interview with President Trump is much higher now. By the way, Spicer is a scum from the beginning.

    Thank you.

  • Trough Master


  • Joe Smith

    It is lovely living in Arizona.

  • ElectricGreenGlowingMan

    I couldn’t care less about the eclipse .
    The biggest story of the day is the John S McCain navy ship colliding with a merchant ship ?
    The 10 missing sailors are more important then the eclipse ?
    It is the minds and brains of humans that have become darkened with an eclipse of stupidity that
    has allowed and continues to allow the world wide invasion of Muslims !….And continued ship collisions !
    What ECLIPSE of darkened stupidity allowed our American ships to collide ?
    When will one of our American ships and thousands of sailors sink to the bottom of the sea
    because eclipsed and darkened minds could not see an enemy submarine taking target at
    one of our navy ships that ” OBVIOUSLY ” appear to be ” SITTING DUCKS ” ???
    ” WHEN ” ? ….When will one of our sitting ducks be attacked and sunk with hundreds of sailors
    drowning to death in agony ?
    ” OBVIOUSLY ” a darkened ” moon eclipse” seems to be more important to Humans then the
    ” star light ” of Judaeo Christianity !
    While it appears everyone is looking up and ABOVE to an eclipse …..No one seems to be looking DOWN and below
    at a possible enemy submarine taking possible aim at one of our Navy ship …. sitting ducks !
    We are foolishly looking at a dark MOON behind the sun when we should be looking at the miracle
    of Judaeo Christianity…. glowing behind a STAR !

    • NancyPelosi’sSANCTUARYcity

      Your right green man

      The earth is dying looking at a dead DEAD moon instead of a living LIVING star .
      Because Nancy Pelosi , Dianne Feinstein , Barbra Boxer , ALL the democrats , fake republicans and
      ALL of Hollywood have endorsed open borders and sanctuary cities like Nancy’s San Francisco it is
      us ( EVERYONE INCLUDING SUICIDAL LIBERALS ) who are , as you put it , sitting ducks !
      For better or worse we have Donald Trump to help us survive .
      Because of hope —-It is a very good thing when Doctor Savage attempts to strongly correct Trump !
      There would have been NO hope of correction within a Hillary presidency !
      Therefore , God is having mercy on America which seems at times like a dead planetary moon being
      steered by the the living dead ! —Nancy Pelosi’s democrats and their very faithful , colluding friends
      –the deceitful, fake republicans are leading us towards a new , planetary , ” DEAD ” world order that hates God !
      Nancy Pelosi’s –DEAD WORLD ORDER in America —–Nancy Pelosi’s —sanctuary cities of DEATH !
      Where it is US who follow all the rules / play by the rules and pay the taxes who are the sitting ducks !
      It’s only a mater of time for us sitting ducks ….In Nancy Pelosi’s New , Dead , planetary , world order !
      Nancy Pelosi has allowed outer-space , illegal ALIENS into America to slaughter us !
      Nancy’s ALIENS allowed in our American , planetary , Earth cities——-and while we are distracted looking at a
      dead moon eclipse they are planning to slaughter us !

  • Daniel Hurd

    Will the eclipse be turned into more global warming propaganda????

    • TweetyBird

      The democrats are trying to figure out how that can say that Trump is responsible for
      any negative effects that the moon eclipse may have on the warming environment and oceanic tidal waves
      which will be responsible for the death of persons living close to the shoreline beaches
      of the world .
      In other words : if you plan on taking your family to the beaches of the world then beware
      of sudden , unexpected killer waves that the eclipse has affected,,,,, but be more frightened and
      beware of any great white sharks that travel with those oceanic tidal waves… those sharks which
      are also revolting in anger against a Trump presidency !

      In other words : Trump has ruined everyone’s family beach holidays !

      In other words : The moon , the stars , the rain forests , the fishes of the ocean
      and all people on earth have been affected negatively by a Trump presidency ,,,,,and the moon eclipse
      is a universal sign of revolt against Trumps presidency within the solar system !

      In other words : There is no life on mars or the moon because as soon as that life heard news of a
      Trump presidency they hopped on the same plane with Trump hating Barbra Streisand and moved
      to Canada or Australia !

      • Daniel Hurd

        Oops wrong person sorry

      • Daniel Hurd

        Tweety bird that’s a good one

    • Neo Marcist

      Well the liberal democrat progressive neo-marxist media says President Trump took his glasses off and looked at the sun. Even the eclipse was used as another chance to criticize Trump.

      • Daniel Hurd

        I liked your post about the progs,acp, and the others policy’s etc. Spot on

  • the independent

    When Don the Con fired missiles into Syria for alleged chemical attack I knew right there and then that he sold us out to globalists.
    I did not want to believe it but firing Bannon was the last straw. Don the Con is a true globalist. THE KING HAS NO CLOTHES.

  • Milo Yiannopoulos Adopt Milo

    Ths Taliban tyranical Left Efforcers are out of control.
    Is Michael Savage next?

    Blocked by PayPal, targeted by the Left

    ProPublica, which got Jihad Watch dropped from PayPal, never tried to verify SPLC’s claims of “hate”
    If the SPLC and ADL, with their (growing) list of “hate groups” are going to be the arbiter for approved online speech, we have reached a very scary place in this country. It will be the end of the Internet as we know it and America will be no better than totalitarian China and N. Korea.

    4) Many people opposed to sites like yours are currently pressuring tech companies to cease their relationships with them – what is your view of this campaign? Why?

    It’s a quintessentially fascist initiative. The fascists shut down all dissenting views. You are imitating them.
    Anyone the left calls a Nazi is now shunned, ruined — their livelihood murdered.

    EXCLUSIVE: FBI Removed SPLC, ADL From Resources Pages Over ‘Number Of Concerns’

    • Trzo9veuha

      Paypal has (temporarily) caved to protest pressures and rescinded its ban on Jihad Watch and AFDI.

      In other news, Asian-American sportscaster, Robert Lee, has been pulled off the air by ESPN. He was supposed to cover the UVA game but ESPN determined his name was too close to Confederate General Robert E Lee.

  • Mac Miles

    That’s it keep the war machine going for the military complex in Washington. The contractors Jeb Bush are smiling ear to ear. Yes the money will continue to flow in for the Establishment that is the deep state and the military complex. Obama pt. 2. First the knee buckle with pressure from the media for the Charlottesville VA. riots. Now pressure from the deep state to keep the money machine of a money war. More soldiers will die for Jeb and his military complex boys. I support Trump but I see who is really in control here. I hope Trump doesn’t become another slapped around conservative by the left establishment ( Arnold Schwarzenegger) than become a puppet liberal for the remainder of his presidency. The deep state must be brought down.

  • Fred

    What I see happening with these ‘anti-everything’ protesters is that they seem want freedom from things, whereas our constitution only establishes freedom of things. For instance, our constitution guarantees that we have freedom of speech, but protesters seem to want freedom from hearing speech they disagree with. Nowhere does it say we are guaranteed freedom from having to hear such speech. Ironically, in this country we are free to turn away. That’s part of what makes our country great.
    Freedom of something is very different than freedom from something.

  • Bear1000

    Another statement by Trump, another broken promise. I didn’t vote for Trump so he could waste more troops and money on Afghanistan. Instead of sending more resources to that miserable hell hole, maybe Trump ought to investigate why it is that no one in the navy seems to know how to steer a ship, interpret radar, or properly stand watch as our ships keep getting holes punched in them and our sailors keep getting killed!!! Just an idea, Mr. President!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sheepcreeper

      Its sad .Our Navy cant float and our Marines cant fly.

  • Milo Yiannopoulos Adopt Milo

    We Won!!!!!!!!!
    Victory: PayPal removes ban on Jihad Watch

    • ShockTheVote

      They have to, it’s a violation of California Civil Code Section 51 aka “Unruh Civil Rights Act”

      • Milo Yiannopoulos Adopt Milo

        How’s that?

  • No war 4 profit

    Is the up and coming aphganistan / new trump war a war for profit doctor savage?
    Not even the Russians could beat aphganistan Muslim warriors so how will trump ?
    Help us understand why trump is going into aphganistan…
    To clean up the mess George Bush left america with….
    So sooooooo many mess disasters left for trump that he has to do something or
    Is this all another George Bush war for profit?
    4 decades of horrible world messes left for trump so how can we scold him ?
    How can we chastise trump when he was deliberately handed impossible world
    Messes to clean up by Obama ?

  • ShockTheVote

    I was thinking before we get bent out of shape with Trump over some wars, when was the last time the Pentagon didn’t have a conflict hot or cold.
    It would be like rejecting a president that didn’t re-Nationalize the U.S. Dollar and End the Fed.
    They will never be purged.


    mr savage 3rd NAVY SHIP that has collided with non military ship ??? NO WAY THIS IS POSSIBLE ——————–seems that the DEEP STATE …still embedded in every aspect in all of the US Military every SPY agency and 99% OF TODAY’S MEDIA …………………the deep state will DESTROY THE USA and does not care about ANYTHING EXCEPT THEIR AGENDA ————–Trump WHOM wants to do the RIGHT THING …….is getting way-laid every single day ———-AFGHANISTAN come on it started with an inept BUSH ………….followed by the absolute TOTALLY INEPT OBAMA …………………..Trump against it …..FROM DAY 1 he has been smashed in the face 24/7———NO OTHER PRESIDENT HAS BEEN TREATED WITH THE MOST UTTER DISRESPECT ———- ” EVER “

  • Neo Marcist

    Every time that a Muslim commits Islamic terrorism and we denounce it we are called Islamophobes.

    So when white nationals are protesting against the removal of historical statues, I suggest we call the liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists CaucasianPhobes. Antifa are CaucasianPhobes. Chuck Todd is a CaucasianPhobe. Wolf Blitzer is a CaucasianPhobe. Don Lemming is a CaucasianPhobe. Anderson Blooper is a CaucasianPhobe.

    • Jose Gomez

      that’s all the commie left can do to attack conservatives – everything the left believes in is a lie, so the left can only defend themselves by calling the opposition a name – the left has been doing this since the 70’s when the queers started coming out of the closet – you don’t like their perversion on main street, then you’re a homophobe.

  • Neo Marcist

    See page 2 news that Dr. Savage linked.

    The racist professor at Trinity College who said “white people should f****** die” gets to keep his job!!! He got a paid vacation/leave then comes right back in time for the new semester to continue preaching his racist hatred to naive college students.

    Could you imagine a white professor saying something like that about black people and ever getting to keep his job? Heck, a white professor would not only lose his job but possibly be sued or charged with criminal charges and have his pension stripped away.

    I’m sick of the double standards and hypocrisy!

    When the racist imam said that Muslims need to “annihilate Jews” the Democrats made excuses, lied, and said he was taken out of context! How can you possibly misinterpret or take something like that out of context! I’m an Islamophobe for condemning a Muslim preaching genocide in America? Liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists are SICK SICK SICK people! SICK!!!

    Liberalism is a Mental Disorder!!!

    I will be writing a really *nice* letter to the President of Trinity College – Joanne Berger-Sweeney. “Dear Mrs. Berger-Sweeney, I was filling out the application form to attend college at your wonderful institution of higher learning until I noticed one of your professors believes I should die…” “….Your phony public condemnation only masks your private agreement with his racist comments. Your choice to retain a racist as a professor tarnishes your college, every alumni, every student, and every member of your staff and faculty. As the leader of this college you lack the spinal fortitude and principles to do what is right. You have placed your personal racist beliefs as a priority above the reputation and culture of this college. You had a chance to do something right and failed. If you had any humility or integrity then you would resign and let someone much braver and principled (and not racist) to take your position.”

    The next White Nationalist protest should be at this joke of a college. Outside the President’s office in the administration building. Or else outside of Professor Williams’ classroom.

    • Trzo9veuha

      “When someone says they want to kill you, believe them.” Elie Wiesel

      • sheepcreeper

        He got that from Yagoda

    • Weary Traveler

      I Would love to share a letter I wrote for someone to the president of my old alma marter after she out some crybaby email pandering to students, (who are supposed to be young adults) that apparently have been acting like children.

      Even if I truncate it, I’m not sure if I could post it here though.

  • Damir

    Where were Hanoi John McCain, and Lindsay Grahamnesty when enemy of state Hussein Obama was gutting our military?

  • Anonymous

    President Trump as president forgot what a business plan is all about? If we the people were as the investors in his business, we were left wanting regarding his speech. We are left with vagueness. I would need more informed information to support Afghanistan. We have an economy that is on deck to implode. We are sick of wars. America first, remember. The deep state swamp runs deep.

  • Anonymous

    I am against sending more troops to Afghan. McCain lobbying McMaster 50k troops in Afghanistan. Everyone wanted Preibus out. Mistake. I don’t see why Trump coming to Phoenix either. Checking secured border? not getting the wall.

  • fattyz

    Largest demographic in radio history turn the radio off/turn the station when we hear a guest host on our show. Can’t you do a best of? Nobody cares what these schmucks have to say about anything. Please we will learn more from a repeat lesson than any tripe we can get from a substitute. There is no substitute.

  • Anonymous

    Soros will propagandize the American Flag is racist. A trigger for civil war. What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    Notice how we are hit in a broad-spectrum way, one problem after the other.

  • Anonymous

    Word association: “Afghanistan”
    Oil, pipelines, strategic minerals and metals, strategic high ground. Taliban-boogey-man-strawman.
    Global elite strategy, opium, American soldier, an expendable asset-pawn. We are jaded, and tired. Send Congress and executive branch to Afghanistan.

  • Anonymous

    Suppose the enemy painted false targets on radar, and created safe corridor right into the other ship. Perfect counter measure, not a hack scenario.

  • RAH

    ISIS is in Afghanistan. The MOAB was dropped on ISIS location in eastern Afghanistan.

  • Anonymous

    Question: Did the deep state win at this point? Soft coup as you say? The soft coup has been going on since the Federal Reserve act of 1913. Now we are in advanced stages?

  • #1 Patriot

    “Why are we in Afghanistan?”
    How about gas and oil lines? Yeah, those which belong to Russia and China.
    After I listened to a returning ‘soldier’, it seems our military is protecting interests of Russia and China. NOT a pleasant thought!
    So disgusted with the mindlessness of all of this!
    Let’s spend MORE US treasure and blood in this sand pit. We have certainly gained much from doing so thus far……..NOT!
    Doesn’t matter if they are dems or repubs…they need war to keep them in power as it seems.

  • Anonymous

    If we “win” in Afghanistan, we will install a puppet leader who will be hated by all the natives. Rinse and repeat.

  • Mr Gadget

    The coup was complete when Kelly moved. You don’t need to read this article after you see the picture at the top.
    I listened to the book “A Time for War” on one of my nail biting drives back into commiefornia to evacuate a 3rd family with kids to escape MANDATORY VACCINES! I liked it and had to get it cause I’m a retired CH/MH-47 Dude.
    Unfortunately, now is “A Time for War” it’s fight to the death or submit to global tyranny forever.

  • ChromeDome

    We are there to protect OPIUM, Michael, plain and simple. The country has little else to offer. QE-1 nailed that from the git go It is how one controls the coinage and the courts (by overwhelming them) and letting the rabble have the remainder.

  • Anonymous

    The DNC-deep state wants Trump to lose the war and ruin any re-election prospect.

  • James C Bowen
  • Anonymous

    What happened to “term limits”?

  • Lucy T

    Suggestion for Dr. Savage: Why keep calling “Antifa” what they’ve named themselves, perpetrating their notion that they are antifascist, when they’re actually fascistic? Could you come up with a satiric handle to use in your broadcasts, like Rantifa or Ranty-fart or Rantifadah?

    • Neo Marcist

      Anti-FA means Anti-First-Amendment since they don’t believe I have freedom of speech if they disagree with my speech. They show up and attack people for exercising their freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

      I don’t see how they’re “anti-fascist” if they are protesting on behalf of George Soros who collaborated with fascist Nazis while rounding up his fellow Jews.

  • Fred

    Why would Bannon be open to using private forces in Afghanistan if there wasn’t a problem there in the first place? Afghanistan obviously poses a serious threat to America. The only question was how to deal with it. Obviously the generals had a more convincing argument to use US troops rather than mercenaries.

  • Laurie Martin Coffelt

    Sending more troops to Afghanistan to die, we will rebuild their country bring their refugees here to replace our losses, we are losing our country, the liberals have won. There will be no rebuilding here, the debt ceiling will be raised it will only go up not down.

  • TTU

    Fire McMaster and Mattie now! Bad decisions. Sorry Trump we did not vote for another Vietnam. Get rid of these Idiots who read books on how to win a war. Have your noble guy Tillerson do the negotiations with India and Kashmere. Placing more troops in Afghanistan is a huge mistake! It didn’t make a whole lot of us feel good hearing your talk last night . Rethink this and get rid of McMaster and his buddy. Can’t you see? Military ships crashing. The military is a mess. We aren’t in good shape.

    Just my opinion.

  • Annikye

    A gym in Atlanta is banning police and military members. Where is the ACLU?

    • Charles P


    • Anonymous

      It’s time for bringing back the draft. No college deferments for the alt-left.

  • KJHanover
  • Charles P

    Instead of PRETENDING TO BE TOUGH, against WIMPY N. KOREA, WHY NOT NUKE AFGHANISTAN (No one gives a fart about it)!!!!!!!


  • Trough Master

    Hello Everyone!

    • Storm

      Being a European I am appalled and Disgusted watching the destruction of American History as is proceeding .
      Beware people … of what these Bolsheviks /Leftists, or said ” Anti Fas” and other “Anarchists” lunatics, who are out to errace all traces of American History !
      Looks to me these nuts… are attempting some sort of “copy- cat versions” of what Isis/Deash and Taliban have been doing for 1400 years … by destroying every Ancient Historical Monument that upsets their ideologies. as they take over.
      So worrisome it is, to watch such destruction, as is taking place right here, in America so suddenly !
      Some of these Park sculptures and Bronze Statues are such beautiful American Artistic creations by great American Artists.
      Damn you all , low life Bolshevik Vandals destroying them !

      None of these Historical Monuments bothered anyone for past decades …. until the “Fake Medias” just gave up pushing the Russian Collusion Cabal !
      …. lol … so they just Switched to this new ” Diversion Cabal” of destruction !

      Wake up People !

  • Ed

    Today’s edition of “Yahoo beauty” focused on “Chelsea Manning” (a.k.a. Bradley Manning, the notorious traitor) were he conveys his fashion sensibilities as “expressions of his humanity”….

    ….and if treason isn’t your cup of tea then stay tuned for the next edition of Yahoo beauty when we offer a sneak peek at Buffalo Bill’s (silence of the lambs) new fall line up before even the most beautiful Yahoo’s get to try them on.

  • Charlie

    Never thought that I would see the day that the term “white supremacy” would be coined into now meaning the superlatives of western civilization being a racist accomplishment!

  • michael scott

    Mission creep into the 17th year with this Afghanistan fiasco. If the Russians couldn’t knock since into these Koran murchants, what on Gods green earth makes us think we will fair differently? What is scary is Tillerson’s comments, “We may not win, but neither will they”,
    what the heck was that, but for a Vietnamism……

    • R Waters

      I recall Nixon’s statements regarding the importance of maintaining a stalemate in Vietnam. Prior to that (except Korea) all warfare called for Victory.

  • Anonymous

    Arrest Soros too.

  • Anonymous

    The DNC along with some compromised republicans are so criminal they are overwhelming us with their divisive tactics as a smokescreen to delay criminal prosecution. It is a shell game they are playing to trick us. What is the end game here? The completion of the coup they started.

  • BigDogUSMC

    they change your show to a different time slot in South Florida now I’m upset

  • Anonymous

    What is the next shoe to drop on us? Will it be riots on November 4th? Will it be some major black swan event to crash the markets?
    Trump did mention he will shut down the government (maybe a good thing) if the budget does not pass. The deep state is good at problem-reaction-solution, and we the sheep fall for it every time.

  • Anonymous

    “A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely
    rearranging their prejudices.”
    ― David Bohm

  • Anonymous

    if you like Guns, knives and hand weapons than you must visit the Museo De Oro in Lima Peru, it has the largest collection of these type of weapons from many different world leaders from the last several hundred years

  • ah….

    You have amassed a fortune for a reason. It’s time for Savage Nation Ver.2.0, Live TV

  • Anonymous

    Has the world and it’s issues closed in on you as though the vultures have picked your flesh clean? Truth is for only those who are ready to receive it. Care not. Continue to plant your seeds of truth, later you can turn around and see the forest you have planted.

  • Jessica Bowen

    You don’t have to be Presidential when speaking to your base. Trump was smart to tailor his speech to his audience. Agreed off the teleprompter he tends to be too self-aggrandizing etc. He gave the right speech for the most part, because Pelosi et al are back up to their old Democrat Klan model of enabling their storm trooper Antifa, along with their Goebbels cohorts in the media to wreak havoc and are constantly implying that the POTUS and supporters are white nationalists. The Democrat party and its Goebbels media won’t stop slamming the POTUS. Give it right back to them twice as hard, I say.

  • Terry N Karen Campbell

    I read that: To dream of a skeleton represents feelings about something in your life that has been totally stripped of all power, vitality, or importance. Feelings about person, situation, or some area of your life where nothing is left. Mentally, emotionally, or spiritually “stripped to the bone. Michael, you had this dream after watching Trump’s AZ speech and this may indicate that you possibly feel that you have been “stripped to the bone” by watching child-like behavior of our president. You could be feeling as though nothing is left – our country is being torn down – stripped – so to speak. Anyway…just remember, we could have had Hillary…could you imagine?!?

    • Storm

      However one may attempt to analyze “His” dream …Amazing reality about all of us People and all Earthly animals and creatures… when dead … all of our bones are White !
      lol … Stick that in your pipe, all you Racists Morons !!!
      Other than that fact,
      Such an Interesting Dream though, …. since when no longer alive in this said 3rd Dimensional aspect, of what we just call “Physical Living” …. our bloody Racial wars over Skin color Differences …. cease to have the relevance Humans have killed each other over endlessly, …. once having crossed over, to our Parallel, Non- Physical Dimension of on- going Consciousness …. or said “Soul” energy.
      Micke ‘ s dream would mean, his Inner Self just simply projected back to him, his own Inner Awareness into a clear Dream Drama Play to remind him that when living in the Physical body… we are assailed by all sorts of said Dark influences from every directions … ESPECIALLY in his profession as a Conservative Family Radio Host !
      Well, as we all try to fight whatever we call Dark …. to just survive and keep soldiering on, following our own Inner Lantern to keep moving forward on our path of what we are inspired to Be,… to Do, or Say everyday on the Air, as Mike does, it is no simple Checker Game to play these days … We all know that … don’ t we ? ? ?
      So I intuit that Mike’ s Dream is a reinforcing Black/ White clear simple reminder, from his inner Consciousness that whatever may seems Dark on the surface is but only visible, as result of his Inner Light contrast.
      One needs some LIGHT source to distinguish where the shades and hues of greys into dark form the Shapes we see, … right ?
      Just as Sun Light … and we just had a solar Eclipse to see that.
      As far as Colors are concerned… I was lucky when a kid to have had an Art Teacher to demonstrate to us kids in the class, … that when you Spin all colors the Human eye Colors distinctions real fast on a wheel…. the acceleration itself turns all colors into WHITE …as if by Magic ! …. Amazing.
      lol …. No, I am no a White Supremacist trying to make a point .
      Only making the point that, symbolically, Mike’ s Dream is as ancient as the said World around, as understood to be in our Western Culture, while other cultures attach different symbolic meanings to color White / Black.
      Some Cultures do as in Mexico, comes out on Halloween, ( for All Saints Day) but instead of dressing up as Dracula , Ghosts and witches … and whatever else, they take the entire family to the cemetery and have a picnic party to celebrate their beloved departed family members and ancestors. (I have seen documentaries about it and they sure don’ t look weird at all celebrating their family people, … lol …. unlike we do here in crazy costumes on the streets with the kids, going Trick or Treat … but that’ s fun too.
      “Ancestors worship ” as called … as Mike mentioned ….but sort of with an air of disdain, I thought …. while on the Air yesterday. Well whatever !
      But, what is wrong with honoring our passed on, beloved relatives with a night candle lit picnic ? …
      I wished I could go have a nice and fun picnic on the graves of my most loved relatives, … makes more sense to me than dressing up in scary costumes, or going around with long faces and listening to the usual depressing sermons in some local Church. Geeeez ….
      I like to think Mike’ s Dream was a Fair Dream for the Solar Eclipse … the Moon was moving from Virgo the Virgin, into Libra the Scale of Justice and Distinction between Right/Wrong … Light/Dark ……..and it was a New Moon too … symbolic of New Beginnings.
      I would intuit Mike’ s dream as a reinforcement of his own Inner Light, coupled with some newer understandings about his family ?.
      He is such a family guy who loves his Mom and Dad, regardless of his tough upbringing, back in those days in NY.
      I listen to you Mikael since 911. ….. almost religiously ever since and still refer to you as “Uncle Savage” ….even that I am not Jewish.
      Mike, I hope you stay on the Air a while yet,….. even that where I live the “770 AM” station only emits 2 hours of your show. (which Pisses me off to no end, for years now ).
      As for today, Yes Big Bird of NY is all you say he is … and worse yet.
      The creep wants to take Historical Columbus statue out !
      … Although not italian myself, I sure damn hope the Italian people in NY are ready to tell him / show him where to take a long flight back to his German Bolshevik old friends over there …. to stay there.
      What a disgusting Anti American bird from Hell, he and his own ilk are.
      Having said that,
      “May all your Dreams come true Savage , and may the Force be with you always !”
      You are the Best of all still !


  • Jeffrey Jimenez

    I have to say, I know Dr. Savage doesn’t care about sports, but does he care about MultiBillionaires not standing and protesting our country’s proud national anthem when all these prima donnas have thrown at them are footballs and fastballs? When our brave men and women in uniform have bullets thrown at them and run upstairs into burning down buildings instead of running away to safety?! Talk about it Dr. Savage, it needs addressing now

  • R Waters

    CNN – Communists, Christophobes and Nihilists

    • Neo Marcist

      CCN? Come on man.

  • Mark Salo

    Thank you Michael Savage and Disqus platform. I recommend anyone that has been blocked by Zuck to check this out. Alex Jones says bow down to Trump. I like the sheep voice MAAAGA. Thanks again.

  • TTU

    Hey Michael, I heard at the office today a Mothers “soon to be” son in law was deployed to Syria in less than 10 hours notice on Saturday. The alleged Soldier cannot have contact with anyone and will be situated in a truck all times. Allegedly told to her by the soldier before he was rapidly moved to position for whatever is coming down…Allegedly.

    I digress.

    Ps thank you for your brilliant discussions, always!

  • Milo Yiannopoulos Adopt Milo

    The Great Deception New World Order & Muslim Brotherhood
    What British Muslims Really Think
    Channel 4 Documentary about what British Muslims really think.
    JIHAD. The Bafta-nominated film by Deeyah Khan. ©Fuuse Films
    My Son The Jihadi (BAFTA WINNING DOCUMENTARY) – Real Stories
    Islam UK – Generation Jihad – Part 3 of 3
    Islam UK – Generation Jihad – Part 2 of 3
    Islam UK – Generation Jihad – Part 1 of 3
    Obsession:Radical Islam’s War Against the West
    The Third Jihad – Radical Islam’s Vision for America
    Things we wont say about race that are true
    Channel 4 Documentary

  • Neo Marcist

    I want to congratulate the Godfather Dr. Savage for once again leading the Talk Stream Live ratings. You’ve been dominating these charts for years!

    But don’t let off the gas peddle. You absolutely dominated these charts in 2014, 2015, and 2016. But the margin of your lead is slipping some. Rush is right on your tail. Though, I don’t expect him to unseat you.

    Looking down the ranks, I notice that Laura Ingraham has established herself as a solid #3. I’ve only listened to her show maybe once or twice. I celebrate the fall of Glenn Beck. I never liked the guy. I always thought he was a cornball and a pseudo intellectual. And his co-host sounds like Kermit the frog. The guy is a wimp and a RINO all the way.

    I’ve watched Alex Jones climb up the charts. Five years ago he wasn’t even in the top 20. Now he’s #8. I can tell he works very hard and is doing his show 6 or 7 days a week and is breeding some good talent. Paul Joseph Watson is a star in the making.

    Say what you want about wallbanger, but he appeals to a particular market segment. Perhaps it’s the construction workers stuck in traffic driving home. I never particularly liked his show but think he is genuinely fighting for the right cause. Dr. Savage sees him as competition. I see him as just another person trying to spread the message in what Alex Jones calls an “info war” which I think describes it well. The truth is at war with the lies and misinformation the liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists attempt to spread with their propaganda.

    I can tune into Mark Levin to find out how the Constitution frames a modern political issue. Levin’s voice is annoying but he overcomes it with this niche which he is good at.

    Rush Limbaugh has earned his spot at #2. He’s been doing this a long time and helped paved the path for others. He deserves his spot until he chooses to retire. I was never a big fan of his show, but I respect that he’s gotten where he’s at.

    I like Chris Plante and would like to see him fight his way up to a top 15. I like Jeff Kuhner and would like to see him fight his way to a top 20 spot.

    What the heck is IMUS still doing in the top 20? The ranch cowboy act is old.

  • Miguelitomike

    I don’t understand why beaten Hillary is complaining. Doesn’t a snake’s skin just naturally crawl?

  • Christian Dunn

    Well Savvy San Fran is going to be interesting this weekend.

    I’m tempted to go just to observe. That’s quite a list of counter protesters.

  • Neo Marcist

    Go to the Communist Party’s website and read about their platform and policies

    Now go to the Socialist Party’s website and read about their platform and policies

    Now go to the Progressive party’s website and read about their platform and policies

    Now go to the Democrat party’s website and read about their platform and policies

    I am sorry for making you read the same thing four times. But now you realize that Communists, progressives, socialists, and Democrats are all the same thing. Have a good day!

    • Vince Smith

      Exactly. I told my Democrat Mother that her party has been overtaken by “commies” When she realized I was right she almost had a heart attack.

  • adm

    The continents of North and South America have to be renamed because they were named after an Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci who certainly was racist

  • adm

    All the states that have Native American derivative names like Nevada, North and South Dakota, etc. have to go because we can be accused of cultural appropriation

  • Anonymous

    Next we will see the US Flag gets flagged, that it is racist, it has white stars and stripes. It was designed by a white women who must be racist.

  • Neo Marcist

    I was thinking today what a contradictory conundrum a democrat lives in..

    They are all for an authoritarian police state ruled by government overlords who address every single one of their grievances with bloated budgets and inefficient and lazy bureaucrats. Yet they hate the police. Police state? yes. Police? hate ’em.

    The same people who want a police state happen to hate the police!

  • Marilynn Hudson

    I work in a little town called Paradise. God forbid it might offend athiests. Oops, we must outlaw the term “God forbid” for the same reason!

  • Manoj Jain

    Next they will go after Dentists as they promise SPARKLING WHITE TEETH !! My religion requires me to be a Vegetarian so should I protests against meat selling shops !!! Where does this stop !!

  • Dana Robert Barth Jr.

    Mr Savage. I guess we need to change the calendar as well. I mean 4 days of the week are named after Norse gods. That is sure to offend some *** somewhere. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,

    • usafirst

      To the anarchists that means only 1 day of work if they have a job. Can’t work on Saturday or Sunday.

      The ones with no job think you’re only working 1 day a week and have so much more than they do.

  • Ginger B.

    Love your show today Dr. Savage! Very entertaining when you’re sarcastic/facetious about the comical left! LOVED hearing the callers call in to join in too! Shows how ridiculous those mentally ill are….Oops, can we say “mentally ill” or is that offensive? I meant “mentally challenged”…..Ha!

  • ah….

    Experience is a hard teacher. She gives the test first,and the lesson comes afterward. You are very fortunate to have survived the test!

  • Chris Machabee

    Just went to Talkstreamlive and no sound. been there a bunch before. tried several times. I don’t know what is wrong.

  • Kip Hymas

    On another topic, I took my kids down where trump was speaking in reno, nv., and wanted to take them to ride on the bike trail along the truckee river, which we had done approximately 2 years ago. I will never do that again. My kids were yelled at and heckled at by transients who have lines their tents along the bike path. My youngest girl 8, was afraid and I promised we were not coming back

  • John Augustas

    Our republican form of government is only suitable for a moral and ethical people ; JOHN ADAMS

  • mike

    If you have to highlight slaver ownership then is not proper to highlight FDR’s racist policies directed at the Japanese! After all he threw them into jail, oh I mean interment

  • Vince Smith

    Great show today! “Rock a Feller ” Center is offensive the LBGQ? I heard.
    That statue is scary!

  • Kip Hymas

    I thought long and hard about leaving it at the below comment, and not even responding. But here is the deal. I know the look in the eye of a homeless veteran. And, I also know the look in the eye of a street thug. I can tell you they are completely different. When a street thug yells at you, or your kids, in broad daylight, while your riding with them under an underpass, on a bike path, where they should feel safe, I wish I was armed. I thought, how stupid of me. Maybe, I could fight off 1-3 if they attacked my kids. Then what? I am insensitive of the homeless?

  • MrPanetela

    I am very concerned.
    If tomorrow, I purchase an electric car, where will I plug it in at home, at work, while traveling or shopping? The stories I can tell about people in electric wheel chairs and scooters stuck in the middle of heavy traffic at rush hour with no means to recharge would curled your toes.

    And we’ll be taxed for it?

    And look at the ciggies and sugar tax. Supposed to help make us healthy, but the only persons to benefit is the left who immediately spend it on their latest programs for votes.

    And we’ll be taxed for it, and I don’t even smoke or drink anything with sugar in it? What?

    I see short falls, and congress is making dam sure not to pass any tax relief. I see them taking advantage of the present oil glut to raise taxes on petro products. Eventually, it winds up on our gas and electric bills twice; the companies raising prices, and the government creating new fees…this-is-sickening. Is Anti-Fa the terrorists or Congress?

  • ah….

    ATTENTION MIKE SAVAGE…….Amazing account of Charlottesville Va. SOROS staged RIOTS!
    or listen at link here,you can advance to spot 42.40

  • Daniel Hurd

    What about Brownsville? Offensive to minoritys

  • Daniel Hurd

    I live in albany,NY so they should change the name because it was created by the evil Dutch who had slaves. Lolz

  • Daniel Hurd should change there name as well offensive to South Americans that live near the amazon river basin

    • Jose Gomez

      it’s also offensive to all women who are over 6′ tall.

  • Daniel Hurd

    Dr.Savage please continue this today

  • Daniel Hurd

    Dr.Savage you named your dog “teddy” which is obviously a micro-agression to people who are practitioners of plushophilia and to teddy bears.

  • MrPanetela

    The Scoop’s write up on Jerry Lewis.


  • Daniel Hurd

    Tesla should change there name because there named after another evil man.

    • Joe Smith

      We should remove the rules of grammar, because it oppresses low IQ individuals.

  • Joe Smith

    Trump bankrupting Secret Service? How about Obama who signed himself an EO for lifelong SS protection, and has been on numerous trips since leaving office?

    But then again, Trump is white. /s

  • Miguelitomike

    I think Bannon is correct. The ultra wealthy could afford to pay 5% more than their 39% top income tax rate. Who better to pay more than the ones that have the ability to do so? This would certainly help reduce the federal deficit.

  • Neo Marcist

    I’m not a Confederate apologist. Confederates were Democrats and I don’t apologize for Democrats. But the liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists of today want you to believe that ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE EVIL (but Democrat ones are atoned) and that all white people owned slaves 150 years ago. The truth is far different.

    1. 75% of white families in 1860 did NOT own slaves. Note the word “families.” We aren’t talking about general population.
    2. Only 1.44% of the free population were listed as “slaveholders” in the 1860 Census (Source
    3. Only 1 in 20 white persons in the Confederacy owned at least one slave. That’s just 5% of white persons in the South. North is much, much lower. (Source:
    4. Only 1 in 10 enlistees for the Confederate Army in 1861 personally owned slaves. (Source: The Atlantic)

    None of my ancestors owned slaves. So I don’t owe anybody ****. My great grandfather was Choctaw Indian, but I’m not crying about being a decedent of oppressed peoples. Heck, I don’t even identify as a Native American Indian even though, according to the U.S. Census, I qualify as one (unlike Elizabeth Warren). And on the other side of my family my grandparents fled Eastern Europe just in time to avoid the persecution of Nazis and Commies. And they came here and worked and bought a small home and made an honest living.

    1.44% of the free population were slaveholders in 1860, but they want 100% of white people in 2017 to feel guilty even if their ancestors played no part in slavery or even if their families didn’t even come to America until long after the liberation of blacks in America.

    Also, consider this:

    5. Over 1,000,000 Europeans were held as slaves from the 1530’s through the 1780’s in Africa! Hundreds of thousands more Europeans were kept as slaves by Ottomans/Muslims in eastern Europe and Asia. (Source: Alan Gallay in his essay Indian Slavery in the Americas for Gilder Lehrman Institute)

    6. In the same essay, Gallay says that “In 1650 there were more English enslaved in Africa than there were Africans enslaved in English colonies”

    So when will Africans pay me my reparations for all the white Englishmen they enslaved in 1650?

    When will Muslims pay blacks and white people reparations for all the whites and blacks they enslaved for centuries during the horrible, tyrannical rule of Ottomans?

  • Mac Miles

    Again the leftist media complex government machine showing an anti white slant on the upcoming protests in SF this weekend. Where Soros paid BLM and Antifa will be there to cause chaos. Blaming it only on the white protesters, a further attempt at shutting and suppressing the white voice.

    • Jose Gomez

      Trunews just reported that Soros is supplying the Antifa commie anarchists with as many baseball bats as they want.
      I’d like to see the look on the Antifa’s face when he decides to take on a concealed carry citizen.

  • Bubbsy

    “From Jim Jones to Nancy Pelosi in one generation.”

  • Anonymous

    We may need to switch our national bird, the bald eagle, to the golden eagle. The bald eagle has white feathers and a blonde colored beak. The bald eagle might trigger the SJW and they will need to run to their safe room. The golden eagle has brown feathers, which is more inclusive.

    • Jose Gomez

      bird brain Pelosi concurs

  • Anonymous

    A common outside enemy; evil space aliens will unite us. Ronny said so.

  • Anonymous

    I agree Dr. Savage. Conspiracy fact.

  • Anonymous

    Bitcoin is currently just over $4300. While gold is priced just under $1300. There is a wealth transfer going on to the cryptocurrencies. Why? Because all markets are rigged. There is no honesty in the market nor in Government.

  • Anonymous

    The snake we fight has many heads.

  • Damir

    Can you believe that gutter rat Al “Freddie’s Fashion Mart/Yankel Rosenbaum” Sharpton is leading a morality march in DC against Trump?

  • DesertHam

    It appears to me a Revolution against American Democracy has already begun – – – by the Leftists/Democrats/Communists. Those of us on the side of truth had better “lock and load”, the only sound the Leftists might understand.

    • Anonymous

      Violence is what Soros and the deep state coup actors want to have happen, in order to divide and conquer us. Don’t fall for it by participating. Do protect your family. Do spread the truth as you can expose it. The pen is mightier. Be proactive, not reactive.


    From All Savage Nation Listeners to Jim, Rob, Clint, and all your families, friends and associates:

    “Show me someone who found success by himself and I’ll show you someone who forgot who helped him”

    sometimes in the heat of the moment during a bad call or dropped call the boss lets off some steam toward the crew…that’s just human nature…he knows as we know that the men behind the second layer of curtains are the people who made sure that the show always went on and got where it is in the ranks….you folks do an incredible juggling act of production in real time and you run a tight ship….


  • Anonymous

    Michael…. once again I say, don’t be surprised if Trump never speaks to you again for calling him during one of your summer on air rants, a “deranged fool!” That specific insult is not constructive criticism and when and if he hears that, he may hate you for it despite your election help. I know I would never grin again in the face of someone who called me such a name behind my back or on air in your case. Be prepared for his wrath about those two words which clearly reveals your lack of finesse when it comes to constructively criticising someone you say you support!!!!

    • Barry Gush

      I don’t think, right now yes I agree he would not speak to Savage. Trump is doing a masterful game here or just watch this video and this guy well he never wrong.

  • MrPanetela

    Lord, you have created all things.
    Your prophets inform us that you
    work all things for our benefit.
    Lord, show us how to view this
    hurricane as a blessing.
    How to use it to our advantage.
    As a school of fish benefits the fisherman,
    As a desposit of coal benefits the miners,
    show us how to extract something good from this storm…amen.

  • Miguelitomike

    The far left United Nations want the U.S. to give up our Constitution. They want to immediately nullify the First and Second Amendments. I say it’s time to leave those fanatics in the dust.

  • Patricia Ann

    Dear Dr. Savage – I have given some thought to your dream about the skeleton and I believe you are our Ezekiel of (Ezekiel 37) – Link Below. I believe you are a prophet and teacher. I believe that God is using you to prepare His people.

  • Patricia Ann

    Your Skeleton Dream – Dry Bones – Come Alive. (Ezekiel 37)

  • Patricia Ann

    Why You Are Having Skeleton Dream – (Ezekiel 37) – Dry Bones.
    Thank You Dr.Savage For Standing And Calling Our Dry Bones To Come Alive.

  • remnantofthed

    So I’ve heard Dr. Savage and many others say (and I couldn’t agree more) That the demon named Soro’s should be investigated/charged with any/all illegal activities done in OUR USA! Well, I stumble upon this list tonight, (see below) and I’m thinking its gotta be BS?

    UPS and FedX? lol Here’s the link:
    I’m hoping one of you amazing people can come up with the truth?

  • Cyris Xan

    So Gorka is out now. Guess Miller will be out next week so the media mob can get that trifecta they wanted out. I hoped Bannon was just a strategic move, but now it looks like the America firster purge is underway. Savage was right again, there was a soft coup and we lost. Was a fun eight months thinking the people’s voice would finally be heard for the first time in half a century but looks like we the people really do not have any voice anymore. Trump is a pathetic fool if he thinks anybody voted for and will continue to support him. We voted for the ideas, for borders, language, culture, NOT for another politician in an empty suit.

  • quidproquocoins

    There were 2 things I wanted from a Trump Presidency.
    First was the Supreme Court & Federal Judges.

    Second was the wall. I don’t want a physical wall per se. I want a legal wall. I would like to see a law that makes crossing the border in an illegal fashion or overstaying a visa turned into a felony that would preclude any attempt at getting citizenship. Once that is done the incentive to enter illegally would disappear. All illegal entries would be classified as felons and be criminals for life and ineligible for any kind of naturalization process.

  • NoWarForPROFIT

    Help me understand………I can’t figure this one out ..

    When Trump went into Syria we ALL were considering dumping Trump with voters remorse .????
    But ” NOW ” ….Trumps knee’s appear to have buckled under the deep state / military coup that John McCain is celebrating !
    AND ……We are NOT having the same voters remorse as we did over Trumps Syria blunder ?
    WHY ?
    WHY …. Is it that before the language was …… ” I am ashamed that I asked people to vote for Trump ”
    in regards to the Trump / Syria blunder ?
    BUT NOW…… We have just become accustomed to the reality that Trump will continue tweeting like a child and that
    Trump will continue bombing Syria ?………And …You / we are not ashamed anymore of voting for Trump ?

    HILLARY KNOWS that many of us have doubts and perhaps voter remorse so she is effectively able to
    jab the knife in and twist it to ” coincide ” with our doubts about Trump making our Trump disappointment
    even WORSE ???????????
    No other option because John McCains WAR FOR PROFIT won ……..and us deplorables with VOTING AGENDA’S lost !??

    only in name is Trump the commander and chief ?……And we are the SHEEPLE ??????…with NO Sheppard or Agenda ?

    ————————-HELP ME UNDERSTAND………I’M STUPID !!!!———————————–

    • BrickLayerFrank

      In light of the fact that ” MANY , MANY , MANY ” young soldiers will die in a MEANINGLESS war for profit led by the
      democrats , their very good friends ..the fake republicans and their very good friends ,….
      The new world order globalists… then , if I were Trump I would resign ……….. NOW !
      Unless God almighty has a secret and hidden purpose for a Trump presidency then he should resign but ONLY resign
      after Hillary is no longer living on earth !….ONLY ONLY RESIGN AFTER HILLARY IS IN HER GRAVE !
      The primary job of the president of the united states is to be the commander in chief and NOT to be a puppet !
      If the ONLY ONLY ONLY reason why God assisted in Trumps election was to AVERT a witch Hillary presidency then
      Trump should NOT resign BUT as soon as the witch is no longer living on earth and in hell then Trump should resign
      out of RESPECT for the voters who elected him and those voters agenda of….. as you say ….NO WAR FOR PROFIT !

      If one single soldier gets killed in a war for profit then I DON’T BLAME TRUMP !….I blame McCain and Chuck Schumer !
      UNTIL , UNTIL , UNTIL the very horrible witch is in her ever lasting , never ending coffin in hell then Trump should
      NOT resign because GOD may have used TRUMP as a means to AVERT a Hillary presidency !
      But as soon as the witch is in her coffin then Trump should resign if a war for profit continues !
      Out of RESPECT for so called deplorable voters and the young military men …on their way to slaughter through
      a war for profit …led by the democrats ..Trump should resign AFTER the witch is dead !
      The only only ONLY ONLY ONLY reason why God assisted in a Trump presidency was to AVERT a witch presidency ???
      If that’s the case then Trump should respectfully RESIGN with honor and dignity after the witch is deceased….
      in light of the fact that PRESENTLY …the COMMANDER AND CHIEF of Trumps presidency is like a puppeteer and a puppet !
      PERSONALLY…..I could never live with myself if I knew the war I sent young men to die in was all about MONEY and
      someone buying a new yacht out of the proceeds from that MEANINGLESS war !
      What type of golden , diamond encrusted Yacht is Obama sitting in as he reads my comment ?
      How much money did he get for that book deal showing how wonderful he was as a president ?????????????????????
      Please …for the sake of all wonderful soldiers being led to die in a war for profit ..ALSO ….No war books for profit !

      • MySon’sLifeMatters

        If Trump doesn’t do as you say then he’ll end up having the same disgraceful legacy as George Bush does …
        There is no shame in resigning to maintain one’s own integrity , respect , honor and DIGNITY !

  • Tiffany Robertson


  • BigDogUSMC

    why couldn’t the Russians hack the PPV boxing match with Mayweather vs. Mcgregor, As a hard working America I can’t afford to pay $99.00 for the fight.

  • FarmerFred

    Will any of the Trump hating politicians , their children,……. The Trump haters who voted for Hillary ….
    or ANY of the children of ANY Hollywood STAR go and RESCUE any of the soon to be victims in that Texas hurricane ?
    If any of the rescue medical persons rescue’s the Trump haters then will they ACCEPT the life saving help from a Trump voter ?
    Will ANY of the BLM thug protestors help those Trump voters in the Texas hurricane who are in need ?
    Will Michelle Obama send her late night ” PARTYING ” daughter to go and help the needy in Texas ?




      CNN will say that hundreds of babies suffered in the hurricane because Trumps response was SLOW .
      And the delay was because the babies were Black , Hispanic and Muslim looking babies !
      Then they will say that only WHITE babies were rescued !
      Then they will say that 99% were WHITE and Male with blond hair like Trump … and only 1 % female !
      CNN will say all above stated but they won’t tell you that Hillary , Nancy Pelosi and Diane feinstein are responsible
      for millions and millions of aborted babies ( mostly black ? ) within their championed legal abortion laws that all of
      Hollywood and MANY fake republicans ALSO support !
      CNN won’t tell you about 9 month fully formed LIVE babies that are slaughtered before they exit the mothers womb
      through the gruesome / Hillary supported PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION PROCEDURE ….laws within the U.S.A.

      INSTEAD …CNN will tell the world that Trump killed many babies within the Texas hurricane because his response
      was too slow !…………..And that the BLACK babies died with their diapers filled with crap and urine because Trump
      and his voters are RACISTS !
      Perhaps ..CNN Anderson Cooper will say that the majority of babies that drowned to death in the hurricane
      were gay and that proves his point that Trump is a homophobic president !

  • Barbara Toth

    Why do we let the Bolsheviks divide us? The answer can be found in Canada, believe it or not.
    While you, Dr. Savage, are the Voice of Reason crying in the wilderness that is postmodern America, you have a brother “Baptist” north of the border. His name is Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, a clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. He is not only a brilliant scientist and educator, but an insightful Philosopher, as are you. But what you call Bolsheviks, he calls “postmodern marxists” (a rotten rose by any other name still stinks…). And just as you, Dr. Savage, are reviled by American Bolsheviks, he is reviled by the Canadian variety.

    Dr. Peterson’s brilliant history and analysis of postmodern Bolshevik thuggery as practiced in both the U.S. and Canada can be found on YouTube (“Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism/Jordan B. Peterson” by Ruminate, posted about a month ago).

  • Trough Master


  • Phineas Worthington

    Sebastian Gorka has resigned due to the elimination of terminology like “Islamic terror” from strategic military policy. That combined with Trump’s refusal to define strategic victory in Afghanistan, our forgotten forever war.

    The Trump Train has derailed in foreign policy. The Afghan policy is now “Obama heavy” in the words of Tom Joscelyn of Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

    War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength now in modern America.

  • fattyz

    Following the Savage logic I’m a violent pot head but it’s the left I want to get the beat down? We will need violent pot heads on the right to get the Islamists out of the country so that’s a good thing right? (I’m not really violent of course unless I don’t know it like the Savage logic dictates) We need to get rid of the left and never let them rise again. The only way is to prosecute anything “anti American.” Otherwise they’ll be back and worse than ever. We can’t ever let it get as close as it did in the last election. National Guard has to be at all polling places in the mid terms no illegal voting = no demoncats will get elected.

  • Ron

    Two simple things to do that will have a very big effect. First place all elected officials on Obamacare. This will end Obamacare within a week. Second burn all the poppy fields in Afghanistan and the war will be over within a month due to lack of funding. Why is this not being done ??

    • Ghost of Elijah Churchill

      The head of US forces in Afghanistan is married to a woman that is promoting “pharma poppy” there. I don’t think we will leave until some people’s pockets are full.

  • Martif

    Houston has its own “Mayor Nagin” this, of course, is not getting much publicity in the local “fake media”.

    Gov Abbott Told Houston to Evacuate, Irate Democrat mayor, Houston city Officials Told Them to Remain

    • houstonian

      pure BS.. I don’t like Turner but he’s no Nagin. He is doing what he can and working with Abbott to get through this. The real story is how fast FEMA, National Guard, Coast Guard, and all first responders were mobilized. The governor, mayor, and yes even Trump didn’t wait around wringing their hands hoping for someone to tell them what to do. They got people moving and are getting the job done.
      Rest of the country should take a hard look at how Houston is responding to this. Nobody is grandstanding or trying to make anybody look bad to score political points. Nobody is playing politics trying to figure out how to make Turner, Abbott, or Trump look bad. Those of us here on the ground see and know what is really happening here. Keep your political attacks to yourself. When the shtf here in Texas, we put the bs aside and do what needs to get done.

      • Paget

        Dear Houstonian:
        I am just learning about the veritable paving of Houston with solid asphalt and solid concrete. Having watched large/
        larger cities in the north issue moratoriums to only use pervious pavement for streets, highways and even sidewalks,
        I am shocked and saddened that this type of surfacing is not being used in southern (especially coastal) cities.
        Perhaps you could spearhead such a movement once the waters subside. I, along with the rest of the country, pray
        that happens quickly.

  • Anonymous

    Michael, There are lots of great animal stories during Harvey and the continuous rain storms in Texas; they are truly our great friends and it is so sad that people abandon them..Although Otis the dog decided if the family left him; he would take things into his own hands..I mean mouth:

    • Trzo9veuha

      Otis wasn’t “left behind”, though many animals were. He was staying with relatives while his owner was out of town. He became scared and broke free and ran away. Happily he was recovered after the photo went viral.

  • TweetyBird

    It Appears and seems that Hillary has sent her Daughter to ” SET UP ” Alex Jones in hopes that Alex
    will respond to her praise of Michelle Obama using the exact wording that was used to describe
    Caitlyn Jenners so called heroic actions .
    ” HONORABLE ” is the word she used to describe Michelle !
    It was a disingenuous PROVOCATION description she used with the ONLY intent and HOPES that
    it would ” TRIGGER ” the reacting / response ” button ” of Alex ..????????
    We all know that Hillary used Gloria Allreds ( lawyer ) ” text book ” description of what sexual harassment means and that it
    was used with the word ” CREEP ” to describe Trump but not one time does she mention her CREEPY spouse Bill
    and the white stained dress that Monica Lewinsky has displayed in museum !
    Did Hillary plagiarize the description of ” sexual harassment in the workplace ” in her new book ?
    The saddest part of all of this is how a ” so -called ” caring mother supports the HORRIFICALLY GRUESOME procedure
    known as ” PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION ” of a full alive , fully developed baby within a mothers womb ..
    AND………..How this so-called mother and so-called grandmother TAUGHT her very own daughter by example
    to champion this DISHONORABLE abortion procedure while at the same time her daughter states that Alex Jones
    is anything BUT honorable ! ( The write children’s books but SLAUGHTER a 9 month old live baby ??? )
    Hillary the lawyer SET UP her daughter to PROVOKE Alex Jones so that Alex responds in the way they hope ????
    Check out above video that the COWARDLY mother endorses….
    Just like her mother………. A COWARDLY , COWARDLY , COWARDLY SET UP attempt to partially abort Alex Jones ! ?????
    IMAGINE………… A mother and now a grandmother TEACHING by example how her daughter and her grand daughter should
    accept the GRUESOME GRUESOME GRUESOME , DESPICABLE , DISHONORABLE procedure called partial birth abortion !!!
    Which is the motivation in attacking Trump on a daily non-stop basis !
    Aborting a live 9 month old viable LIVE baby is an EXTREME act of HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE COWARDLINESS !
    And it is Trump who is the dishonorable , harassing CREEP ???????????????????


      Exactly …Chelsea writes children’s books while at the same time endorsing her mothers country wide , horrifying abortion
      laws which rip and tear live babies apart piece by piece until they can LEGALLY be born dead and thereby no one can say that
      a live human being was killed ….If it’s delivered dead then it’s not murder !
      Just ask Dianne Feinstein’s Judge Daughter . She knows all about the legal terminology appropriate and acceptable for the
      killing of a baby .
      And Nancy Pelosi—A catholic mother / grandmother who assures the entire catholic world that she and Joe Biden are
      good and excellent christian Catholics when they receive the Eucharist ( Jesus /God ) in their mouths immediately after
      placing their senate vote for the extraction murder of a helpless , voiceless 9 month old baby that wants to live .
      Not even ISIS would do this to a baby but Hillary would , her daughter would , Barbra Streisand would all the democrats
      and he fake republicans would—AND the reason WHY this country is in the mess that it is is because a huge
      , Hillary voting population would !—-Blame liberal progressive voters for America’s mess !
      That is why America is in the mess that it is . Bully feminist , merciless , political thugs have ruined America and Trump is
      the only one that could have stopped hell from descending on America because of a Hillary Demonic presidency !
      If they impeach or assassinate Trump’s presidency then America will descend into hell !
      If we could only see into the future of what America would have become if Hillary were president .
      I don’t think America fully grasps the horrors that would have happened .

      • Anonymous

        Hypocrisy is one of the fundamentals of the progressive ideology just as sabotage was for the Obama Presidency!

      • sheepcreeper

        What religion is Feinstein? What religion is Clintons Grandmother and mother? Look and see, I will give you a hint. Its the same as SCOTUS Ginsberg, Schummer, and Valerie Jarrett.

        • Weary Traveler

          I’m sorry, but what in the blue Hell does that have to do with anything? The people you are talking abut are Godless, and within the ‘religion’ they come from, which are also a race of people, have a word for the Feinstein’s, Schumers, et al. And that word is “shonda.” I would know. I have Jewish blood in me, and I am also a Zionist.

        • Joy Daniels Brower

          On Clinton’s maternal side, they were all METHODISTS; and on Clinton’s paternal side, I don’t know the Protestant religion that Virginia, Bubba’s mother, practiced, but I highly doubt it was anything NEAR Judaism!! As for Valerie Jarrett, this is the first I’ve ever heard of her being Jewish! I think she was born in Iran, but not to Iranian parents. Her father was a(n American?) doctor there. Again, given her very pro-Iranian (and pro-Islam?) leanings, I highly doubt she was Jewish!! Granted, when the mullahs came to power, thousands of Iranian Jews fled to the West, many of them ending up in LA, where there’s a very large ex-pat Iranian-Jewish community. And it would really surprise me if Chelsea had any familiar/blood ties to Judaism. But maybe “Jewish by injection?” Of course, her husband Mark IS Jewish!

  • Paul Gullo

    Why is it that I know every note of every guitar solo and every word from every drug addict low life looser musician. But I don’t know all of my rights as an American. It’s because I bought the hippies lies, hook,line, and sinker. But I have awaken thanks to Dr. Savage. Thank you doc for enlightening me and millions of others around the world, but more importantly in the USA.

  • Mac Miles

    Thr media complex government machine in full swing as they use Arnold Shwarzennager to explain to Trump what was wrong with his Charlottesville Va. speech.

  • MrPanetela

    while Antifa was engaging in acts of potential manslaughter,
    the Cajun Navy jumped into action to save lives in Texas.
    Savage is absolutely right, these are indeed interesting times…

  • MrPanetela

    Who is at fault for Hurricane Harvey?
    It was the witches and Warlocks that called on Satan to destroy Trump.
    We have them to blame for the deaths and destruction they invoked from Lucifer.

  • Neo Marcist

    Wow. There’s actually a counter-protest to the “No To Marxism” rally in San FranSICKO?

    At least the Communist Democrats are coming out of the closet and admitting they are Neo-Marxist Bolsheviks. No use in pretending anymore.

  • Anonymous

    If they can delegitimize the authors and signers of the constitution,
    they can delegitimize the constitution itself, just like the confederacy.

    That is their aim: to do away with our constitution.

  • Neo Marcist

    “The angry white guy is dying out, and the Census Bureau has already told us that by 2050, white people are going to be the minority, and I’m not sad to say I can’t wait for that day to happen. I hope I live long enough to see it because it will be a better country.”” – Self Loathing White Guy Michael Moore

    TRANSLATION: “I am a fat white slob who hates white people”

  • Neo Marcist

    I just read the article you linked about the CNN commentator calling Alveda King a “token right-wing black woman.” If you ever want to find out just how racist liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists are, listen to them talk about black Republicans. Their old plantation master spirits become reinvigorated.

  • Mac Miles

    This movie would be the ultimate torture for the radical left and all the media government complex. Their anti white catholic hatred would get the better of them viewing this movie. All 3 1/2 hours of it.

    Check out “Titanic” on Netflix

  • Anonymous
  • TTU

    More homegrown terrorism… thoughts anybody?

    This one hits close to home here where I live.

    • MrPanetela

      because of legal reasons, they won’t immediately release the teen shooter name or description. Without that information, it will be very difficult to draw conclusions. However, New Mexico rates up there in crime like Detroit. Most are drug/gang related. We could speculate, that this teen was a gang member, using the Library’s computers to make connections to sell drugs and was kicked out, so he came back for revenge. But that is unfounded, there’s simply not enough information for us to base an inform decision upon.

  • MrPanetela

    3 little elective officials.
    Democrats built their house out of paper subpoena and useless programs for votes.
    Republican built their house out of red tape and regulations.
    Trump wanted to build a solid future on a solid foundation, but the Dems and Repubs have sic their wolves on him…

  • Anonymous

    Now Trump is Neville Chamberlain, not Winston Churchill.

  • Neo Marcist

    Republicans have majorities in the House and Senate. Why does it feel like they are still the minority? What are Paul Ryan and McConnell the gobbler doing?

    Where’s the 2011 Paul Ryan who was a budget hawk? He’s become a slacker. A Trump basher. Remove him from House leadership.

    Mitch McConnell is completely out of touch with the American people he represents. He has no ear to the street. He’s 75 years old and isn’t forming the consensus that’s needed. He’s a good ol’ boy with the establishment.

    What recourse do we have? How do we demand that the GOP change their leadership? We need a House Speaker and Majority Leader who can find the common principles among the many factions of Republicans and repeal the collectivist policies that Democrats rammed through while they held majorities.

  • Charles P

    The Associated Press is complaining about the NRA.

    • Betty

      Thank you. I never put that together. Definition hiding in plain sight. And the journalists that tell the truth have to watch their backs. In Mexico they just shoot them.

  • MrPanetela

    It is my opinion that Congress has lost sight of their true purpose,
    and the true purpose of the Constitution.

    People form homes which in turn form towns and villages
    which in turn form counties which in turn form States.
    States band together to form the United States.

    So in a sense, the Constitution is the glue that hold us together.

    By Congress acting to deconstruct the Constitution in order to make it
    mean what they individually mean, they are in a sense, unplugging the
    unity in the United States. This clearly show many Congressional leaders are not fit for office.
    Why would Congress busy itself with the act of dissolving this nation if it
    wasn’t true they are insane? We don’t let insane people drive cars. Look
    at how many crazy terrorist have used vehicles as a weapon.

    The minute they completely dissolve America,
    They will find themselves at the mercy of
    many over seas enemies. America’s strength is her unity;
    without which Congress is nothing…
    Their power comes from us.

  • MrPanetela

    Price Gouging
    Make it a law, that price gougers in times of emergencies, face Execution by injection.
    Their action may compromise multiple lives, thus they should be willing to forfeit theirs in return.

    • Neo Marcist

      Supply and Demand. It’s basic economics. Nothing criminal about it.

      • MrPanetela

        What is the difference between Supply and Demand vs Victimizing desperate victims for personal gain?

        • Neo Marcist

          I’m not sure what you mean. Who is being victimized by who?

          The alternative to natural market forces of supply and demand is far more tyrannical and negative. You’re suggesting that people should be coerced by government to sell or buy a product at a manipulated, unnatural, fabricated price instead of market price? What you may be suggesting is far more dangerous.

          It was Rahm Emanuel of Obama’s administration that notoriously said “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

          We shouldn’t use a crisis as an excuse to abandon our local, national, free market principles. In a natural disaster there should be expectation that the cost of lumber, water bottles, etc. will increase. Heck, my home insurance policy assumes that the cost of material and labor will be at a higher than market rate immediately following some kind of catastrophe from a natural disaster. It’s why many of us carry home insurance coverage for amounts higher than the current market value of our homes.

  • Daniel Hurd

    I would like to thank Dr.Savage for giving us a gift on his birthday show with having Matt Drudge on and doing a segment where Matt Drudge was taking calls. It was like Drudge on Sunday night never stopped. Thanks again DR.SAVAGE AND MATT DRUDGE ENCORE PLEASE!!!!

  • BigDogUSMC

    it bothers me that I haven’t seen a telethon/event special to raise money for the victims in Texas that suffered due to a natural disaster. Hollywood blames Trump and possibly the Russians for this too. At least a few athletes and celebrities took it upon themselves to donated money to the victims/red cross ect. Its a shame they recently had a MTV event and decide to blame Trump and accuse people of being Neo-Nazi? It would have been a good start to come together and work together without bashing each other. for of those that say “he is not my President”? Which country do you live in?

  • Neo Marcist

    I went to liberal democrat slanted news websites today and debated the majority democrat audience in the comment sections.

    I must have won 20 debates and had all 20 comments removed. It’s sad that the moderators to Democrat news sites that claim to be pro free speech basically censor anyone who defends Christian Conservative viewpoints in the comment sections of their articles.

    It shows how insecure they are. They can’t take us on in debates. If you aren’t a democrat calling people names, your comments get removed.

    There really is an information war taking place. The internet used to be a free exchange of information, but corporations such as Fakebook, twitter, google, microsoft, etc. as well as the alphabet soup of fake corporate conglomerate news media cartels are controlling what you see online now.

    I noticed last week during that shooting in Charleston that the local liberal news site removed all comments once commentators began searching for ways to blame the shooting on Donald Trump. It turned out that the shooter was a black democrat who had been in and out of jail multiple times. He shot a white chef who was in his 30’s, married with two children. So it didn’t fit the Democrat agenda so the shooter’s name was withheld, his demographic information removed, and all comments deleted. There’s an agenda going on here folks and it’s not just the national news, but your local news too.

    • Weary Traveler

      In many cases, MSM sites are just disabling the comments section altogether. They still don’t want you to realize that you are not alone. If I had more time, tying in to this and what you and I discussed in a previous thread, I would tell you a funny college professor story.

      But it ties in to how the left seeks to control the narrative and suppress alternate ideas simply because they do not want anyone to see how their ideas cannot stand on their own. They need censorship to control the narrative.

  • Anonymous

    The president does not seem the quitter type to me. Neither should he resign. I am afraid for his safety. The swamp is deep, and the coup is very real. I would like to see the president authorize an audit of all past presidential foundations. Primarily, Clinton, Bush1 and junior. The president must go on the offensive. I hope when the debt ceiling is reached and if the government shuts down, he should begin with freezing the congress and pay for their own health care. And term limits enacted on them.


    Q: Should the President resign for the good of the nation?

    A; Yes
    for the good of the nation of Iran, Pakistan.Turkey. North Korea. Venezuela……


    • Weary Traveler

      Fortunately the question was only being asked facetiously, but as I mentioned above; if the question is being asked seriously, it is both illogical and defeatist.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage. We need to back our President. NumbersUSA is the best to fax and or email our Congress and Senate. Via NumbersUSA. “What the President said in Phoenix Tuesday night about immigration was a shot in the arm for the American people, who are desperate to STOP illegal immigration and CUT the number of legal immigrants coming in each year.

    The President was especially firm in that he wants the funding to build the wall along the border.

    HOWEVER, disturbing rumors have been reported this week that some White House advisors have a different and upsetting strategy to get the wall. According to unnamed sources (I know, I know), these advisors favor an ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY IN EXCHANGE FOR WALL FUNDING! If there is any truth to these rumors, rest assured, NumbersUSA opposes it.

    The American people voted AGAINST amnesty for illegal aliens. One year ago, then-candidate Trump said, “we will immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive amnesties.” The voters heard candidate Hillary Clinton promise as much amnesty to as many people as possible. More than any other issue, that’s why President Trump’s in the White House, today.” I like to request if you be willing to interview Roy of NumbersUSA. We have to flood Capital Hill.

  • Weary Traveler

    I was almost getting ready to chastise you when you asked at the top of the show if Donald Trump should resign, but I decided to give it a bit to see where you were going. Especially after last week. I was the most bothered by your ‘demand’ that Obama talk to the mobs to calm that down. With all due respect to you, I found that incredibly weak and defeatist. OUr agenda won, and his lost. Why give concede any power to that petulant low life loser?

    I really think that much of what you were expressing last week had a lot to do with your skeleton dream. The simple fact is that you were hitting a saturation point. It wasn’t the Arizona speech, nor was it the Chinese food that you ate. It simply means that you feel as if you have been picked clean. You are simply tired of the sheepish behavior form both sides that is enabled by the hysteria of both sides, and you want this default nonsense to stop, (as I do), and for everyone to wake up form the hypnotic state that they are in.

    You feel overwhelmed by it all. And being in this Psychotic Disneyland called the San Francisco Bay Area doesn’t help matters any. I also live in the San Francisco Bay Area. In fact, I live right on the other side of the Bay Bridge from you. I lived in this area my whole life, and family goes back in this area 4 generations. I hate what has happened to this place.

    This place that we both call home, as you know, is very aesthetically beautiful, but it has the life of a desert wasteland. It is stale, stagnant and we are poisoned at all levels here — physically, emotionally and spiritually. It makes this place so ugly. It is ugly because so many of the people who live here are ugly on both a physical and spiritual level. They make themselves ugly. And with very few exceptions with a few places I know, even the food here, just like the people, is bland and tasteless.

    But back to the main topic at hand here; On the surface, the question is absurd and highly illogical. I figured if anyone would see through that for it is, you would, so I gave a few segments and you didn’t disappoint. But to any defeatist who actually would seriously ask that question, I would have to remind them of Barack Obama’s election in 2008. As bad as losers as the left are, they are actually way worse winners. Especially after losing so big, there really would be hell to pay. The civil war that people would not only become a reality, but far worse because it would no longer be a fight for our nation as it would for our individual survival. The left are pure evil. They are actually Satanic.

    So now, that means that we have to fight even harder until every last one of them is out of our country. Sound harsh? Sound extreme? Let’s go back a question you asked on one of last week’s shows which is “who can bring the country together?” I took that just a rhetorical question, because we all know the answer to that. It’s right in front of us. It’s no one.

    All we need to do here is examine the facts; On one side you have Antifa and a few white supremacist provocateurs. And yes, as you know as we all do, they are on the same side — the left. On the other, you have noble patriots who believe in human rights, and equal treatment under the law. What the left wants does not involve coexisting with us in any way. It involves either our death and/or enslavement.

    Anyone who knows anything about world events knows that this is very similar to the Palestinian Israeli conflict in certain ways. The Israelis for the most part want a peaceful two state solution. The Palestinians do not. The Palestinians want a one state solution with no Israel and no Jews anywhere on Earth. Anyone who sees that knows that there can only be one solution. And that solution is a solution that is uncomfortable for many of us in the civilized west to even think, let alone ever dare say out loud.

    Fortunately here in America, there is a fundamental difference between the Palestinian Muslims and Soros’ goons. A Palestinian fighter is not afraid to die. In fact, they consider it their duty to die because their very own scripture mandates it. Their creed is war. To hasten a prophecy that brings about the fourth/fifth (?) Imam and engulfs the world in fire.

    If a Palestinian fighter is confronted by an Israeli soldier, they will fight to the death. Even if the Palestinian fighter comes across a half dozen or a full dozen Israeli soldiers, they will charge at the soldiers knowing full well that they will die.

    Antifa on the other hand are not only afraid to die, in spite of their rhetoric — if it is one Antifa member vs. one Trump supporter, even if the Trump supporter isn’t that good of a fighter, the Antifa member is almost brought to tears. I’ve seen more than enough hours of raw footage to know this.

    And I have seen, like you and most here, enough of the raw footage to know that it takes at least half a dozen Soros goons to attack one single patriot, and usually one who is perceived as weaker because they are female or a child. And even then they runaway after they strike. They are just as terrified of a punch in the nose as they are of death.

    They are actually more cowardly than jackals or hyenas attacking a lion. If there ever was the civil war people predict, I can assure you that it would be very short. It would not last for very long. It would end very soon after it started. It would be a flash in the pan.

    • Neo Marcist

      Excellent commentary as usual.

      I agree that Antifa and most liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists are truly cowards. They stand upon no principles. They don’t strongly believe in anything because what they believe in on any given day must be wired to them via a corporate conglomerate media cartel as a propagandist order. They wait for their marching orders. They do not act upon any moral or religious conviction or duty to God. This is how they can morbidly murder a million babies each year and then celebrate it.

      There was a shooting in Charleston last week. When I told my coworkers, one of the liberals immediately became worried about what had troubled the shooter. I had to remind her that a young married husband and father of two children had just been murdered by a lowlife thugster with a criminal record that had been given multiple chances in life, and suggested she reallocate her sympathies in my best attempt at a civil confrontation in the personal office space. The democrat has been programmed to side with the criminals. Criminals are victims. Victims deserved to be victimized, especially if they are white male heterosexuals who were married and had Christian children.

      I agree that there are Satanic forces underlying the culture of liberal democrat progressive neo-marxism. I think Mark Dice and Alex Jones among others do a good job of pointing out some of the symbolism. Not to mention that the leak of Podesta’s emails hinted towards some friendliness among Podesta and known occultists. Even Dr. Savage has hinted that Obama sometimes appeared to be demonic in his voice and demeanor. It is sometimes difficult to acknowledge and accept what is in front of your very eyes. The spirit world is another dimension that we are not naturally in tune with.

      Without a griphold on the military and state, the Democrats are weak. They are now powerful themselves. They use a coercive, authoritarian government regime to oppress us. If our police officers and military reject the liberal democrat progressive neo-marxism, than their foot soldiers have defected and joined the side for good. It’s important that we welcome our police officers and military personnel into our Christian churches and pray for them. Remember what I said in another comment. Democrats are in a conundrum. They want a police state, but hate the police.

      I think you make a good point about Antifa and white supremacists actually being on the same side. These protests are mostly staged and there’s mostly democrats on both sides of these faked adversaries. Historically, white racists and fascists have both been Democrats / socialists.

      I agree with your suggestion that there is a rift between both sides that cannot be compromised. But I don’t think that everyone who votes Democrat is actually a loyal, purist Democrat. Many of them are fringe supporters, don’t pay much attention to politics, and therefore are easily influenced and persuaded by the onslaught of propaganda that washes them over when they turn on a tv set or open a magazine or newspaper. What I am trying to say is that there’s more of us than there is them, and that many of the people who vote Democrat will join our side if more people like Dr. Savage, you or I can take the time to try to talk with them. But they have to be willing to listen. And it might take some patience and listening on our parts too.

      • Weary Traveler

        Thank you, Neo.

        I have been making it a point whenever I get in to a discussion or debate with anyone about what is going to to point out that the KKK and Antifa are on the same side, and the violent racist history of the left.

        Exposing this is the only way to permanently destroy the Bolshevik left wing narrative. I don’t just want it beaten back for a few years like it was with Regan.

        If and when the, or a opposition party should have the White House and/or congress, I want an honest one that lives up to the word “Liberal” in the truest sense of the word, and not these divisive, cultural Marxist grievance mongers, that we can work with, even if our side is the side in power.

        I do also agree with your last paragraph. And I’m glad that you pointed out what you did, because I do want to clarify what I meant. When I stated that the left will end up having to leave this country, I did mean the hardcore communist left, i.e., the BLM and Antifa type agitators and their ringleaders.

        And make no mistake about it, they will be gone soon. I can see it. I said to my fellow Trump supporter friends two things after the election when we won, which I knew that we would.

        1.) That this is only the beginning and that the first year of the Donald J. Trump administration was going to be a roller coaster. Whatever happens, stay calm.

        2.) The reason being, is that in order to drain the swamp, it was going to have to start in the WH. There are holdovers from the past 3 administrations, going all the way back to Bill Clinton. The revolving door that we are seeing now is exactly what I have been expecting.

        With that said, I am no way advocating being a Trump cheerleader. Hold him accountable, otherwise we are cultists no different that the Obama worshipers. But that also means that the other extreme of wringing our hands every time something we don’t like goes down, and/or running around like Chicken Little claiming it is all claiming that “it’s all over.”, or “it’s all over if…” isn’t anymore helpful. Now is the not the time to be reactionaries or defeatists. What we need instead is to coach President Trump.

        For too long we have allowed ourselves to become too accustomed to losing, because for too long all we have had is a fake opposition party while we were attacked by the leftist Democrats with the help of a complicit main stream media. They have had it too good for too long so of course they are going to go in to full blown meltdown mode when we reject them and succeed at it as we have.

        We have been bombarded with the tribalism and hysteria of the left, and many of us have responded, incorrectly with tribalism and hysteria from our own base natural instincts. And from that, I see hysteria from BOTH sides, and I do not like it one bit. The proper antidote to it is in the book of Psalms; “Be still and know…”

        I expect hysteria from the left since they are just vapid and emotionally deranged creatures who have completely lost their own humanity and all of their faculties for reason with it. And we are far better than that because we do stand for what is right.

        But I want to go back to the point you made in your last paragraph. You are correct in pointing out that there are many people who think that they lean Democrat simply because they don’t pay close enough attention or peel back any of the layers. With television and now social media, people’s attention spans have gotten very short. And the left being the demagogues that they are, know how to illicit response through triggering emotions in people, blinding them from reason.

        A good example of what you are talking about regarding talking to these people,I have done that. I have a neighbor friend who is now a closeted Trump supporter. She was on Bernie Sanders bandwagon last year. When I told her I was voting for Trump, she almost jumped 5 feet in the air from the shock.

        I didn’t try to change her vote, but we were able to have reasonable discussions about issues. When the election came around, she approached me afterward as we were out on the sidewalk smoking cigarettes and she whispered to me, (without me even asking), “I voted for Trump. Don’t tell anyone.” She said that she just couldn’t vote for someone as evil as Hillary. But, as time passes, she’s actually liking a lot of what she is seeing from this administration, and is now one of the closeted Trump supporters here in the bay area.

        Interesting side note about this friend of mine; she’s originally from the very liberal Northeast. Boston to be exact. And she said that she has never lived in a place where she ever felt unsafe to just express an opinion that may not be considered in line with the liberals.

        I also know a guy from NYC who also said something very similar to me just recently. Imagine that!! You are safer expressing conservative beliefs in NYC or Boston than you are in the San Francisco Bay Area. Disgusting!!

        • Neo Marcist

          I am surrounded by liberal Democrat women and emasculated Democrat men in my office. Although I suspect a couple are closeteted conservatives. I cannot tell you how good it felt to come to work the day after the election, to hear them all melting down, some even closing their office doors so they could shout and weep with each other, while I tried to hide in my office, containing my laughs and smiling ear to ear. I would love to relive that day. The day I enjoyed liberals drowning in their own misery, awash in their fake moral superiority, strangled by their own arrogance. It was a glorious day. A silent majority, for one day, wasn’t so silent anymore.

          I am not one to worry too much about displaying my conservative beliefs outwardly, but even I find myself restraining myself. Not so much that I am afraid of the confrontation, and definitely not because I think I would lose the debate, but because I do need to work with these people and be able to cooperate for the good of the organization. I know they don’t have the emotional well being to restrain their emotional “Trump is wayyycist” rants so I only get in with a quick quip now and then. I find that these witty, quick quips are like a thousand paper cuts. Any heavy dosage would have them running to the nearest HR office for a safe space. Sometimes mockery is better, such as pretending to be a Democrat myself. I’ve even suggested to the democrat females in my office that “I identity as a female today” and “see you in the women’s bathroom” and “don’t be bigoted and discriminate against me.”. What can they say in response? Something hypocrtical or risk defection from their own political masters’ politics? This discreet mockery either simmers them on low heat or makes them question the silliness of their own politics. I’ve asked other Democrats, plainly, to pitch me. Turn me to your side. Start by explaining to me how the Democrat party represents my Christian values. I use this strategy with fake Christian Democrats because I strongly believe, similarly to what you said before, that the democrat culture is indeed satanic and the antithesis of Christianity and believe it is an easy case to make. A Satanist pays taxes the same as a Christian. Any perceived virtuousness through the works of a coercive government makes a Satanist taxpayer just as virtuous as the Christian taxpayer.

          • Weary Traveler

            I work as a contractor in one of the major tech companies in Silicon Valley. Needless to say I witnessed some EPIC meltdowns that Wednesday.

            Including our token Affirmative Action hire for a lead, and I say that because he isn’t smart enough for the position, and is obviously only filling some quota. This idiot seriously cannot even do basic arithmetic.

            He was breaking all the HR rules and company policy complaining about Trump to these crybaby liberal techie hipsters, saying how we Trump supporters were all a bunch of racists, sexist, homophobes, islamophobes, etc. Not knowing one (me) was sitting a few feet away.

            He was saying some crazy stuff about how he was going to convert to Islam to defy Trump — oh yeah, that will teach him. LOL!! And saying how everyone should sign the Cal Exit petition, which failed as I predicted it would. And how he couldn’t wait for CA to become its own country. Just the thought of their delusions was hilarious, but also, like now, infuriatingly stupid.

            I let it slide then figuring he would blow off some steam. But he didn’t. A few months ago I had to finally put a stop to it. It all started when he was complaining about how the Raiders are going to be leaving Oakland and moving to Las Vegas, and how because of that he was done with them and football forever. But, then he went on to blame Donald Trump for THAT!! And he wasn’t joking either.

            This overgrown yob is really convinced that it is all Donald Trump’s fault that the Raiders are moving to Vegas. I kid you not. His reasoning? Because the team owner is billionaire just like Trump is a billionaire. And because Trump is a billionaire all billionaires are ***
            That’s considered Nobel Prize worthy material here in the Bay Area.

            Then he had to go and make some remark about the owner of the Raider looking like he could have been the love child of Trump and Bannon, implying Trump and Bannon are gay for eachother. (I thought it was okay to be gay? Isn’t that what the Liberals always tell us?) That’s when I finally said something, which was just simply “I don’t think that is appropriate conversation for the work place.”

            He shut up right then and there and hasn’t spoken to me since. I stopped him dead in his tracks because what I said was correct and he knew that he could get fired for it had I complained to HR. But since that, I haven’t heard the word “Trump” mentioned in our office since.

            On the lines of Christians and Democrats/Socialists, and whatnot. I love the fake Christians who invoke the words of Christ out of context hoping to shut you up. I had one in particular try to use the statement about how ‘it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter in to heaven’ in his defense of Socialism when I was criticizing Pope Francis.

            I can’t repeat some of the colorful things I said about the pope’s hypocrisy here because it will get my post removed by the mods in a hot New York second, but I totally eviscerated his misuse of Christ’s parable on multiple levels, mainly citing context.

            My first, and the easiest point, was to refer to what was stated just two verses down from that very passage in the book of Mark. And that is basically that “though through MAN these things are impossible, through God ALL is possible.” Meaning quite simply, in this case, that God judges man differently than man judges man.

            The libs only use Christ’s words when convenient to their narratives, and even then totally out of context hoping that you are as illiterate as they like to caricaturize us as being so we would not have read it for ourselves and understand them in full context.

            Yet, at the same time they hate Christ and want him completely removed from all public spheres. They are also the same kind of people who falsely accused Christ, had him crucified and even carried out the crucifixion.

          • Neo Marcist

            Interesting debate. Dr. Savage has mentioned on his show that there is no virtuousness to being impoverished. The richest among us are often the most resourceful in helping the needy.

            I would mention that Satan tested Jesus to turn stones into bread. Jesus did not use his powers to provide for his own needs. Jesus and his disciples were often assisted by others, even rich financiers on occasion.

            The gospel of Luke tells us that several women followed Jesus and provided resources. One of them was Joanna, who was married to the steward of Herod. She was indeed rich. She was one of the women who followed Jesus to Jerusalem, and one of the trio who visited his tomb only to encounter an angel asking why she was looking for the living among the dead. But when the Bible tells of Joanna or Mary Magdalene or Susanna providing resources, I don’t think it is necessarily referencing financing/riches/money.

            I don’t believe that the Bible explicitly says that being rich is necessarily bad or sinful. It’s the approach towards money or else the pursuit of treasure on Earth rather than treasure in Heaven in which people lose their souls.

            Paul instructs Timothy: “Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life. (1 Timothy 6:17-19)”

            “…What is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away?” (Luke 9:25)

            Proverbs 23:4, 5: “Labor not to be rich: cease from thine own wisdom. Wilt thou set thine eyes upon that which is not? For riches certainly make themselves wings; they fly away as an eagle toward heaven.”

            “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36)

            I have found that many people quote the words of Christ, or claim Christ, but don’t commit much to living a life for Christ. I see it on Facebook all the time. The most devilish people who, by all measures are living a life for the devil, will repost a meme quoting the Bible or reference the Lord during their works for the devil. The Devil quotes the Bible too. There’s a lot of fake Christians. Most people who work for the Devil don’t openly admit, neither to us nor to themselves, that they are serving Satan and not God.

            The satanic culture of liberal democrat progressive neo-marxism has infiltrated our churches. Not only must we take our country back, but we have to take our churches back. Fraudulent social justice warriors infiltrated the churches to hijack the tithes to launder them into progressive social justice movements. I saw it happen in my church. Immediately following an Obama state of the union address, social justice warriors contacted members of my church and convinced them to participate and even finance the salaries of a couple social justice warrior democrats who claimed they were going to unify local churches to effect social change in the local community. It turned out they were just laundering money to democrat programs, pestering conservative politicians, criticizing local police for enforcing laws, crying racism, and other progressive ploys. I finally confronted the elders in my church and took an active role in trying to expose these frauds and demanded my church cut off all funding.

          • Weary Traveler

            It all comes down to that the love of money is the sin, not having money, being wealthy, aspiring to wealth, or even money itself.

            Which also goes back to the first commandment, which was so important, that not only was it at the top of the list, but it wasn’t even itemized — more like it was an opening proclamation.

            What you describe towards the end is what has kept me out of church for nearly 20 years now. Fake churches, fake religion, fake Christianity and fake Judaism, etc..

            And this is why so many of the churches are emptying out like they are and have been for some years now. Funny how Dr. Savage kind of touched on this very issue today. Because “we’re on our own” is right.

            The best solution I can see to it is people like us starting our own fellowship groups. We shouldn’t really be looking for anyone to lead us really. I think that is the problem. We want to be lead, and then tell these liberal idiots who are leading how we want them to lead us. Somehow I just don’t see how that can possibly work.

            BTW; the story you just told about that church funding the SJWs, if they don’t stop you can actually report that to the IRS as any involvement in partisan political activity can jeopardize their 501 c (3) status. Mention to them that you will have to do just that if the funding is not withdrawn from those groups, and see just how nervous they get.

            Funny side antidote; there is a local church on the corner on the block where I live. My neighbor told me about the one time he had met and had a very brief conversation with the former pastor who had past away recently.

            My neighbor simply asked the pastor how he felt about gay marriage, and this ‘pastor’ flew off the handle saying that anyone that opposes gay marriage is a Nazi and should be “gotten rid of.” It was actually worse than Bill Nye’s rant about how he thinks man made global warming skeptics, or “deniers” should be imprisoned. At least Bill Nye was able to keep his composure somewhat. This guy, this ‘pastor’, was borderline apoplectic from what I was told.

            The other point you address, which is Christians with “devilish” behavior is another good point. The problem is that they really don’t understand the word because they can’t really see it. They study it, but they really don’t *see* it.

            Study is just self-induced indoctrination. Although the programming may be good, they are simply repeating back what they read, or heard a pastor say without really understanding it. That’s basically indoctrination when you get right down to it. That leads people to rebel who either become atheists or do a complete 180 and become Satanists, or even just flounder off in to Eastern mysticism.

            That is a huge deviation from Christianity’s Jewish roots. There is a reason that Jews have the stereotype of being so argumentative. It’s in their culture and their faith to be. Because without challenging or questioning there can be no learning or wisdom.

            The very fact that Judaism not only encourages argument and debate, but that it is just simply considered par for the course, is just one of the reasons why so many of them tend to do so well in academically. If only the idiots who run the universities and the public school systems could understand that concept, which is, by the way what the university system was originally like and how it was intended and set up to be when first established by the Spanish catholic church.

            The whole idea was to teach people how to think and not what to think.

            St, Thomas Aquinas would be cringing in his grave if he could see what the university system has become in so many western nations. Especially with all of the “trigger warnings, micro-agression, safe space BS, and the campuses being so overrun by crybullies.

  • MrPanetela

    Liberals pushed for hate laws, then turn around and commit them with no consequences…

  • MrPanetela

    Mayweather vs MacGregor isn’t the first time such a bout has happened.
    Muhammand Ali vs Antonio Inoki June 26 1976. Boxer vs Martial Artist.

    Just looking at the tale of the tape, one notices
    that all the bouts were carefully crafted mismatches.

    Marciano Son is absolutely correct in his assertion.
    This was no actual victory. It was an exhibition. Done strictly for money. One of the stipulations was that the Belt would not be in contention. This was the tip off for me.

    In an MMA bout, Mayweather would not have seen the second round.
    Yet at the same time, this will not become the cherry on top of his legacy.
    It will most likely become the blemish of an otherwise brilliant career.
    As for Connor, he’ll go on to bigger and better things, as long as he keeps his sanity.

  • MrPanetela

    for the most part, many play video games for the thrills, accomplishment, and winning.
    those that enjoy violent protest do so like wise.
    only hardcore gamers play the same game long after the masses have move on to others.
    therefore, these protest can not be sustained forever…the pendulum will swing the other way for many

  • Murry Greenlaw

    This is for Michael,
    You have been trying to find God all your life, and you have been unsuccessful. You really only have seen snap shots of him, glimpses of him you have said. Please let me venture to guess the reason why. I can be wrong or I could be right. You decide.

    1. You are daily bombarded with information and thoughts. You have heard hundreds of ideas about the existence, or not, about God, the purposes and practices of different relegions, the purpose of living, etc. So many explanations it is hard for you to focus and discipline yourself to understanding just one well enough to see and know God personally. God is little more than an idea that you believe exists. You do not know him as well as you know Teddy. You do not have an intimate relationship with him like you do with Laura. Please let me show you how to know God.

    2. You believe there are many paths you can take to God. It is like a wheel and all the spokes (relegions ) are connected to god in the middle. This idea is no more true than saying that any medicine (herbal or other) can cure your ailment. You can not enter a pharmacy and say “give me any pill you have, any pill will help cure me”. There are many relegions and beliefs about life and death. If you want to live you follow the prescriptions of the doctor if you believe what the doctor is saying is true. If you want to know God you have to listen to how he says you can know him.

    Please read Luke 13:24-29 in your Bible. Jesus (God in human form) taught often in parables (stories with deeper spiritual meanings) to the people around him. In this story God says to all, come live with me in heaven, I want to have a relationship with you like a husband and wife do. You are invited to my wedding and feast. But I won’t let you come into the festivities unless I know you. I have to know who you are before you come to my door and knock. I have to know you and have a relationship with you before your physical body dies on plant earth.

    How do you get to know God and establish a lasting relationship with him? You must study the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. The old covenant and the new covenant to find the answer. Michael, your most important thing to do before you die is get to know God personal and for him to know personally. It is a relationship with God you need, not just a head knowledge about God. You need to spend less time writing books and more time reading God’s book, the Bible, especially the New Testament. For you I suggest studying the book of Luke first then then Matthew then Hebrews.

    Please take what I have said here seriously, I can’t explanation now why. I pray that someday you will know and see the bigger picture, God and all he is, has and will be doing in the future. He has already told us, you have to put in the time to find out. Spend all of one of your weekend days getting to know God. Turn your boring weekends into exciting weekends. After you start to see God’s biblical world view than you will connect it with the earthly world view that you know better than most all others and you will find the answers to many of the questions you ask daily about on your show.

    May God bless you with a knowledge and understanding of himself.

    author of Kibble bites for Contemplation written especially for you and sent to you for some time now.

  • Fenderman52

    Back in the ’60s I heard a story about some big time gamblers in Vegas that were tired of arguing which style of fighting was superior. The three high-rollers put on a private match between a boxer, a martial artist and a wrestler. The wrestler won.

    • MrPanetela

      actually, the argument is academic. There are inmates, so vicious and so dangerous, they would literally kill with bare hands a boxer, a wrestler, or a MMA fighter. It’s why the Police is armed in the first place.

      (EDITED)…in fact, in the Bible, Jesus met such insane persons in his ministry. In particular, the insane who lived in a tomb, not even chains could hold him, such was his strength…

  • MrPanetela

    So celebrities of all kind are posing nude or semi-nude or any other childish scam to gain attention, running around saying all manners of insane and inane things, meanwhile there was a small band of Harvey survivors who cried out to the LORD; gospel style, and too see nearby several hundred people of all colors, backgrounds and creeds spellbound, well, it was just mesmerizing. They were all resonating on the same level. It made me wish I was there with them. This clarifies the differences between the limbic mindset of socialist vs the mindset of people who use their whole mind to do good, no matter how insignificant the deed may seem to be…beautiful, just beautiful experience in a moment of Texas history that is steeped in a dark and desolate event.

    Another dark moment was when a Mother and Child was swept away by water. The young daughter was found clinging to her dead mothers body. Do you folks recall the lady and man whose child dropped into the gorilla cage and that mother did nothing but scream about it. Here was a Texas Mom who gave her last ounce of courage for her kid. It brought tears to my eyes…Why in hell do the Democrats and Republicans strive to divide America this way? Why do they condition people for the worst and not their best.

    In the movie Gladiator; Hispano-Roman General Maximus Decimus Meridius cried out to his men, “hold the line”,
    However, to the traitors against America in Congress, I say, “next election-give them the boot, give them the booot, Give Them The *** BOOT!” Make Ms. Clinton, Waters, and Bird their poster boys to get the message across.
    (EDITED) LET us start draining the swamp before Trump does, this will help him remember who elected him. Do it with calm and peaceful discourse, with accurate truths, and with the goal in mind that it is up to us, and not the President to lift America back up to a higher and nobler standard and not to this Alinsky crap that has been spread around these past few decades…

    • Weary Traveler

      As critical as I have been of Savage’s fill-in, Lou Pate, and not as much for what he says, but just how he tries way too hard to sound like a talk show host — best example being a few months back when he seriously asked the question that Dr. Savage facetiously asked yesterday, “should Trump resign for the good of the country”, which for him to ask that seriously is remedial talk radio 101 stuff, which prompted my initial professional criticism of Lou Pate.

      However, The other day filling in for The Doc, Lou Pate actually did make a good point which is along the lines of your opening statement. That the America we are seeing in Texas with people pitching in to help their neighbors is more reflective to the America we see in places like Berkeley were people are looting and setting fires. And funny how the only America that the media wants you to see is the America of the left which is violent and narcissistic.

      It reminded me on article I had read over the weekend on Infowars where Brian Williams tipped his hand saying that it is his job to scare you to death.

  • Murry Greenlaw

    P.S. On my previous post I referenced the wrong Bible verse even though it has the same main point I am making. It is not in the setting of a wedding as I connected to earlier. The correct reference is Matthew 25:1-13.

    Another important scripture where God says, if I don’t know you I am not giving you eternal life with me in Heaven is Matthew 7:20-23. Please understand that not all Christian looking people, pastors, priests etc. will be accepted by God come judgement day. An example from your show is your connection of Catholics in general as being Christians. I am not saying there are no christian Catholics, but most Catholics are not christian. This statement is offensive to many people I know but study what God says first. He ultimately will determine who the true Christians are. It is not what I say. Most Catholics believe you are saved by grace plus other acts of work you must do to show your appreciation for what God has done. In God’s words, salvation is a gift you can not earn it or pay for it. If you have to then it is not a free gift and is not available to everyone because only those who follow their relegions set of righteous works will be saved, so they teach. This is not what God says.

    My point is you must learn and hear and believe what God says in the Bible to become a Christian.

    Thanks you editors for posting my message. It is so important for Michael and everyone else to hear.


  • Charles P

    WHO signs up for “Cheerleading”, IF THEY CANNOT DO “SPLITS”???????


    So SOMETHING IS “FAKE NEWS”, ABOUT THE WHOLE SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joe Smith

      First of all, it was a cheer camp. Many camps accept anyone interested in the subject of the camp, not just the team.

      Secondly (and very sadly), I noticed the coach was a POC and the girl was white. I think the video was used to bait the racial water.

      I had a long thought about why the first thing I noticed in the video was the skin tone of the girl and coach, and then I realized the media has had a big part on that.

  • Miguelitomike

    I just heard a report that Nancy Pelosi has condemned ANTIFA for their lawless mayhem committed at Berkeley, CA. The next report may say she has decided to switch to the Republican Party.

  • Bill from Brandon

    Many cities passed laws that no protesters or marchers could wear masks. This was done to stop the Klan. These laws can now be used to stop Antifa.

    • Cyris Xan

      Same cities have laws about damage to public property, vandalism, beating people up, blocking roads, and on and on but they have boshevik mayors that refuse to enforce them. Laws are useless when the people in charge ignore them.

      • Ed ONeill


        In a message dated 8/31/2017 4:05:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

        “Same cities have laws about damage to public property, vandalism, beating people up, blocking roads, and on and on but they have boshevik mayors that refuse to enforce them. Laws are useless when the people in charge ignore them.” Disqus  Settings    A new comment was posted on michaelsavage.wnd.disqus.comCyris XanSame cities have laws about damage to public property, vandalism, beating people up, blocking roads, and on and on but they have boshevik mayors that refuse to enforce them. Laws are useless when the people in charge ignore them. 12:43 a.m., Thursday Aug. 31 | Other comments by Cyris Xan
        Reply to Cyris Xan
        Cyris Xan’s comment is in reply to Bill from Brandon (Guest): Many cities passed laws that no protesters or marchers could wear masks. This was done to stop the Klan. These laws can now be used … Read more  You’re receiving this message because you’re signed up to receive notifications about activity on The NEW Savage Nation DAILY Email Newsletter. You can unsubscribe from emails about activity on The NEW Savage Nation DAILY Email Newsletter by replying to this email with “unsubscribe” or reduce the rate with which these emails are sent by adjusting your notification settings.Disqus

      • Neo Marcist

        When Republicans don’t enforce laws, they are arrested and locked up in jail. Remember when Democrat goons came after Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis for not issuing a marriage license to gay sodomites and they arrested and jailed the poor woman?

        But when thousands of Democrat officials blatantly ignore federal immigration laws then nothing happens to them. No arrests. No jail time. When thousands of Democrats riot, neither they nor the officials in charge of enforcing the laws are held to account. The laws are not enforced.

        Only Republicans must enforce Democrat laws. Democrats need not enforce Republican laws.

        Welcome to our double standard society in which Republicans are only an imaginary opposition, laws passed by Republicans don’t count, history is revised, and lesser qualified minorities take the place of higher qualified Asians or whites to fill imaginary, artificial quotas.

  • dave minato

    Dr. Savage,

    Sec Mattis is just following the instruction coming from Trump. Reference this article for clarification.

    • Joy Daniels Brower

      I would suggest that you take everything you read in left-leaning Slate with a VERY big grain of salt! Furthermore, if you read the article to the end, you will notice that the writer slips from a rather neutral reporter to just another political hack, claiming that Trump’s ban on transsexuals in the US military was initially motivated purely by political concerns. Balderdash!! There were very real military and economic considerations that far outweighed any other consideration in this matter.

  • Trough Master

    The swamp seems to be taking over.

  • sheepcreeper

    Mattis is just another NWO Soros operative. Mattis worked for Soros at the Center for American Progress CAP is run by Soros. Mattis is putting all his CAP buddies in the highest positions in the Military.

  • GaysForTrump

    Dianne Feinstein knows that the likelihood of a Muslim terrorist killing me ( A San Francisco gay )

    is logically probable .?
    The problem is that her very good , Trump slandering friend ( Nancy Pelosi ) doesn’t want to know !
    Dianne’s statement on Trump having the possibility of being a ” good president ” almost SEEMS like an apology ?

    Is Nancy going to give us her ” rendition ” of an apology ? …What will Maxine Waters Trump apology sound like ?
    WHO did the Davis , Sacramento IMAM vote for in light of his below ” APOLOGY ” and WHY can’t the same
    type words ( even if insincere ) come out of the mouths of the democrats who know how ruthlessly UNFAIR they have
    been to Trump and his voters ?
    WHY can’t Dianne ”” JUST ”” come out and say it on behalf of all the democrats , and IMAM’S and all fake republicans
    and state HEARTILY !


    Will I get an apology from the Davis California IMAM for his hateful emotions directed at Gays before or after I am killed?
    Will I get an apology from Dianne because Nancy Pelosi can’t bring her self to say ” I’m sorry I created Muslim sanctuary cities ”
    Will us gays get a ” HEARTILY apology from Dianne and Nancy BEFORE or AFTER we are slaughtered by ISIS ?
    For what specific REASONS does Dianne think Trump could make a good president BEFORE and AFTER he was elected ??
    Does Dianne Feinstein TRULY and HEARTILY believe Trump could make a good president ( As long as he does what she wants ? )

    “To the Jewish community, here in Davis and beyond, I say this:
    I am deeply sorry for the pain that I have caused………………………………. ( 2 5/8 th inches of Deep is HEARTILY sorry ? )

    9 The last thing I would do
    is intentionally hurt anyone, Muslim, Jewish or otherwise. It is not in
    my heart, nor does my religion allow it,” Ammar Shahin said in his statement.

    • Weary Traveler

      I think you know the answer to your question. Democrats really don’t care about anyone. They hate us all, but they really despise their own voters even more for being stupid enough to vote for them. You just know that when they go before an adoring crowd of libs, that as they smile and wave, they are really thinking, “I can’t believe that these idiots actually vote for me, and keep voting for me.”

      The strategy of the Democrats is to pander to one group — ‘help them’ if you will, get their loyalty, and then when a new group comes around, abandon the current group and pander to the new group. The old group may realize that they have been abandoned, but enough of them usually say, “oh, but they did help me this one time so…” And it continues onward and onward like that.

      They learned that tactic well from the Bolsheviks who did something very similar. They used the Jews to help them overthrow the Russian Dynasty, and then turned on the Jews once successful in that endeavor. In case anyone was wondering, that is the answer to the question of why and how there are so many Jewish liberals.

      It is a brilliant but very evil and divisive strategy. It’s only brilliant because it works, and all too well.

      The Gay community needs to wake up a realize that the Islamists are the new group that the left/Democrats are now pandering to and have pushed the gays aside now that they have so much of their support. They are not going to be there for the gays. They will only acknowledge the gays when they need the gays to be there for them.

      You know that already, and I know wish that the rest of your community would figure it out too.

  • Weary Traveler

    Funny news update: I heard Dianne Feinstein’s comments after the backlash of her being hissed out of the Commonwealth Club. She is now revising her statement to, “I don’t really think that Trump will ever change, but I do have to work with Republicans to get anything passed.”

    That is so hilarious, and total BS on so many levels. But the funniest part was hearing her say that last bit to the reporters about how she only said that because she has to work with Republicans. It’s as if she thinks that President Trump and the Congressional Republicans wont hear that bit, that it will just be our little secret. Too funny.

  • Mac Miles

    The government medIa complex in full swing again with the Mayweather McGregor fight. The public watches as the bad white boxer get beaten by the good non white boxer. Telling the public that the white race is falling down just like McGregor. Fully pushing the agenda of sociolism and white genocide.The media government complex is very creative at opportune times. Yes the left radical extremist islamophile agenda is on full operation. That’s just my two cents worth.

  • MrPanetela

    David “Davy” Crockett, represented Tennessee in the U.S. House of Representative. And like Trump, stood up to unfair, unjust, illogical policies. Unlike the Clintons, Pelosi, McCain, and many others; Davy didn’t make politicking a career. No man is perfect and Davy had his faults. BUT We can say this aboug the man, he truely believed in democracy, and proved it at the Alamo. What has the Pelosi’s and Clintons and Browns of the world proved? That they are anti Democracy. Just look at their policies and prove me wrong…

  • Miguelitomike

    Sadly, there is nothing worse than a liberal Republican. Just look at the talk and voting of the northeastern Republicans. It seems to me the Democrats have become Socialists and the Republicans have become like the Democrats before they became Socialists.

    • Joy Daniels Brower

      That’s a GREAT and very appropriate way to label those damn RINOs!! Frankly, I think it’s more accurate (and certainly more sardonic!) than merely saying that today, most “moderate” Republicans are almost identical to the lib/prog Democrats! Or, I prefer your way of saying that the two parties are just two sides of the same coin.

  • Neo Marcist

    Shame on Mattis. I didn’t vote for a “panel.” I voted for Donald Trump to be Commander in Chief. Follow the command of your Commander in Chief you insubordinate jack**s.

    Our military isn’t a liberal democrat progressive social justice summer camp for sissies. A bunch of sissyboys who just cut their own balls off don’t belong in our military unless you purposely want our military to be weak. And women who are too INSECURE to accept that they have vaginas and are biologically women aren’t qualified to “secure” our nation. How can you allow people who are mentally ill, who can’t accept their own anatomy and biology, to serve in positions in which they need to be mentally sound and accept realities in very real and dangerous situations?

    Let these mentally ill transgenders go join a girl scout troop in California and recruit some real, strong Americans to be soldiers who aren’t in denial about what anatomical sex they are.

    Anyone with a penis between his legs who is too mentally ill to admit he is a man should be immediately disqualified and referred to psychological counseling. We don’t need any more mentally ill Chelsea Mannings or mentally ill Bowe Bergdahls in our military. No more Nidal Hassans. Let’s stop being social justice morons and begin being smart. Our military couldn’t even win a ground war with some of the sissies they’re recruiting these days, and the insubordinate generals who take their orders from Nancy Pelosi instead of the Commander in Chief. Our navy can’t even steer the damm ships anymore. FIX IT!!!!

  • Keith Rosen

    Trump is letting the Democratic judges stop his attempt to protect the American hart land from foreign invasion by illigals. The country is at a cross road. Either we take back the republic or loose it like Europe.

  • Mac Miles

    Agreed. Maybe. I did look into it a bit much, but still feel the same way. Excellent point though.

  • Jeffrey Jimenez

    OK Dr. Savage enough now there are multi billion dollar pre-Madonna’s disrespecting the American flag and national anthem they are practically my being outside the NFL offices in Manhattan this is a huge corporation that is larger then some countries in this world the time has come dr. Savage you need to be ahead of this issue addressed it the time has come I know you don’t care about sports but you need to address this issue get ahead of it Dr. Savage your listeners are depending on you

  • Jeffrey Jimenez

    Time to address the NFL doc!