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  • NotAFacebookUser

    ‘Scorched Earth’….great book, Doctor! Keep up the good fight!

  • Michael Cooney

    Liberalism IS a mental disorder…

  • Dr. Dan

    Yours is my favorite show in all of the news media, Dr. Savage. You are never afraid to speak the Savage truth, and yours is the best voice in news (views and reviews). I have one question: Can I visit the studio for a live taping? I’ll even bring in some meatloaf or Chinese food for you to eat during the break!

  • TPtomCat78

    Once again, the show (plus Trump) was powerful!

    • Frankie Lee

      According to Moses,the true test whether that prophecy is from God is,whether it leads people closer to God.This is it.Does it has the Advice,or teachings which lead people closer to God.

      Many false prophets,had their prophecies fulfilled,and it lead people away from God.

  • crusingourmet

    That is what happens when you DON’T DONATE A MILLION TO THE CLINTON FOUNDATION.. you get no help

  • Sevenwinds

    Are you going to be brave enough to cover the O’Keefe (Veritas) Video? No one else seems to.

  • WangDangDoodlinAllDayLong

    but, but Mr Savage,
    seems speaking my mind has already gotten me Banned from many sites
    (ie, Brietbart, InfoWars, WaPo, CNN, Politco, etc…).

    At last check I think I’m being banned from Europe too….

    Will you be so kind as to just simply “humor” as opposed to “honor” (or not),
    some of my surprising choice of words at times..?

    A Fan
    TRUMPence | 2016 & 2020

  • Anonymous

    Finally, an outlet to the Doctor! Dr. Savage, I have been listening to you since 1996. I just want to say that it was you who made me see the error in my ways. (I actually voted for Bill Clinton when I started to listen to you). I will never forget tuning into your show back then and you kept saying “slick Willie”…looking back, I would say you were a complete prophet (and still are). Perhaps we should call Hillary “slick Hillie”?

    Keep up the good work Doctor. You are my compass and funny bone, prophet and mentor.
    (I am one of the 24 women listeners ….tee hee)!

  • David Venuto

    HI Dr. savage! 13 years old and been listenting to you for a over a year. Love every show and keep you on at my bedside at night. Thanks for spreading your message of Border, Language, and Culture, and giving this country a chance at living! Thanks!

  • Jackson Savage

    FCC INSANE APPROVAL of Foreign takeover of U.S. airwaves spells an increasingly miserable future for Americans.

  • John Doe

    This forum is a great idea!

    I would like to hear you hammer on these insane criminals in California that have destroyed our once great state a little bit more. I still can’t get Gov. Brown’s speech out of my head when he said losing Tesla’s new battery manufacturing facility (3000 good jobs) was a win-win for California. Sheesh!

  • Dana Kimberlin

    I went to an early voting place in Palm Harbor, FL (just to ask a few questions), and I noticed that at this particular place had Clinton signs and No Trump signs..I wasn’t surprised but still just wanted to let someone know.

  • Street Detective


    I am a YUGE fan. I listened to today’s show twice. I think writers and Men With Mikes serve the World by uncovering and depicting the sorts of things you investigate and expose.

    But we have a problem.

    The Lib and the Conserve are set, and immutable in their views and votes. Okay, I get that.

    However: I respectfully offer, that it is more important at this crisis of a new, oncoming Dark Age, to go specifically after the potential voter who says, “Oh, I can’t vote for either of them.”

    Why The Hey-Yell Not?

    This effect—the self-satisfied I-Can’t-Vote-For-Either-Of-Them—is a real problem, and a real challenge. How do you convince them to Trumpify? How do you approach it? You’ve already tried Reason; but they are set to ignore that and not vote at all.

    So. Do you attack their stupidity; their innocence; their “intellectualosity,” or, What?

    How do you reach them?

    I think they have to be politely told they and their families will be enslaved or dead. I think you have to show them, “What’s in it, for me?”

    What’s in it for them.

    Can you reach them in the short time left?

    I’ll back you to the hilt.

  • Anonymous


    Please announce a potential boycott of CNN to all of your listeners, if CNN doesn’t honestly cover all of the scandals brought to light by wikileaks and project Veritas from now until election day. Please announce it on tomorrow’s show, and warn CNN, that if they don’t saturate the airwaves with honest journalism regarding the full scope of Hillary Clintons corruption of our government, from now until election day, decree that you will urge all of your followers to permanently boycott CNN indefinitely.

  • HopeForAmerica

    Trump needed to grow a political brain a long time ago at the outset of the campaign Sorry. I don’t know what to make of this guy and I suspect with the political suicidal stupidity that comes out of his mouth that he’s a stooge for Hillary or just an incredibly dumb character. I hope I’m wrong but I see no way he can win unless there is such a HUGE turnout of middle class / working class men. If she corners the market on blacks, hispanics, feministis, abortionists, and under 40 voters due to America’s stupidity then there’s no way he can win. I do hope I’m wrong but fear I’m right.


    I can’t believe the American people can be so brain washed. Do they really think that all these rich stars and business owners are backing Hilary because she is going to make them pay their fair share (they are the top 1%)? Come on now.. They want to keep as much $$ as they can so they are backing Hilary

  • Dave

    Mr. Savage,
    I’ve wanted to share this with you for some time now but there wasn’t a way for me to do so because I refuse to participate with the social media scene (no Facebook no Twitter). I believe quite strongly that everyday schmucks that use it are usually narcissistic egocentric a-holes.
    Having heard your choice of bumper music of Metallica, I thought you would appreciate good metal. There is a song called “Take your Tyrant” It basically says to take your tyrant and you make him pay for his stay then bid him bleed for his greed. This seems really fitting for the time being The icing on the cake is that it’s done by a band of Vikings from the Faroe Isles named “TYR”. You can check it out if you get a chance. I think you might enjoy it. Thank you Dr savage for being our trailblazer through the mess of this political mire

  • Anonymous

    Contingency plan 1: First, declare my thousand acres a sovereign nation, forfeit my citizenship and establish my new nation- Africa. . 2. Establish diplomatic ties to the US. 3. Build a wall. 4. Petition for diplomatic aide and foreign aide. 5. Hop fence and return to US to receive free healthcare, food stamps, and welfare. 6. Start a foundation. Likely to call it the Global Coalition of Globalists Initiative for the Elite. 7. Demand the right to vote. 8. Petition for right to run for office.

  • Dr Eric



    Moreover, with all jurors functioning properly” (NOONE FAILING/REFUSING TO TAKE PROPER CORRECTIVE ACTION, UPON KNOWLEDGE OF WRONGDOING, ASAP), whenever “evidence/affirmations of wrongdoing” and “demand for due compensation/compliance” is presented to the grand jury (as well as the accused) and the accused fails/refuses to answer/pay/comply in 10 days, 15 max., the crimes of Criminal-Negligence and Misprision have occurred, minimally, beyond doubt (UNANIMOUSLY FOR NO JUROR TO ENGAGE IN MALFEASANCE/MISPRISION/CRIMINAL-NEGLIGENCE, MINIMALLY), by the accused (as if the allegations/affirmations were false, the accused would have to affirm/allege that their accuser had engaged in crime/libel/defamation/assault/etc. to avoid engaging in Criminal-Negligence and Misprision, minimally, as well as Malfeasance, if the accused is a government employee), unanimously and beyond doubt, anytime/everytime this occurs…..our Founding Father’s used this undeniable, reprovable, fact to create “THE WORLD’S FIRST/ONLY TRUE GOVERNMENT” (AN AUTOMATIC WEAPON AGAINST CRIME) and, RESULTANTLY (AS ARTICLE 1, SECTION 7 OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION PROVIDES, “A BILL BECOMES A LAW/WARRANT, AUTOMATICALLY, EVEN IF UNSIGNED BY THE PRESIDENT/JUDGE/CHIEF-JUROR IN 10 DAYS, 15 MAX.”) and a warrant/law for the “demanded amount/compliance” automatically issues, “THE BILL/ALLEGED-DEBT BECOMES A LAW/WARRANT”, “AUTOMATICALLY”, whether the jurors function properly and make/issue/enforce said warrant/law or not…

    Hence, “Constitutional Support and Defense” merely being the “Support/Defense/Obtaining/Maintaining of Proper Grand-Jury/Congressional/Legislative Function and the Enforcement of Any/All Valid Bills/Laws Made Thereby/Therein”……One cannot “Support/Defend the U. S. Constitution” and fail/refuse to Support/Defend “Proper Grand Jury Default Function” or the “Enforcement of any/all valid Bills/Laws made thereby”…..AS ALL STATUTES/LAWS HAVE BEEN MADE, SINCE 1776…..AND THESE BUDGET-AND-TRUSTS-DEFICITS/FOREIGN-LOAN ELIMINATING 1988-PRESENT WARRANTS WERE ALSO-MADE (in fact, these 1988-present WARRANTS were made more validly than any Federal/State Legislations/Laws were made, since 1912, when the “Federal Income Tax Act” provided the majority’s whereabouts, thusly-requiring that they be “informed in writing”, before they could/would Constitutionally Default any measure/alleged-debt into law/warrant/below-bankruptcy-property-applicable-ruling, not merely via newspaper publication, as before, when there whereabouts were unknown… is, still, the legal means of notification of those with unknown whereabouts)!!!!


    RCCFM, Always(c);

    Dr. Eric


  • Dr Eric

    “Dr. Savage”: Want to interview the Real President (Military Officer who’s secured the Presidency “Taking Charge of This Property and All Government/Military Property In Sight or Hearing” “The General Military Order” he was enforcing, since before Reagan left Office in 1988-89)….CALL 925-826-2585…..Dr Eric….(Holder of Grand Jury Warrants to the Official Party Nominations, obtained before the primaries), as well as the office-space, paychecks, benefits, etc…..OBTAINED THE SAME WAY EVERY VALID LAW HAS BEEN MADE, SINCE 1776…..

  • John Smith ultra-Deplorable

    ObamaNation (updated 10/28/16) 8 years of lies, scandal, corruption, cover-ups and consistently putting America last

    Listed below is a large part of Obama’s disastrous legacy. Let me know if I forgot anything? I guess this is what he meant by “Hope and Change.” The list will undoubtedly grow as he still has about 3 months left to inflict even more damage. Share this if you wish. Let’s pray President Trump can undo some of the damage.

    Signed over control of the Internet to foreign countries (including China and other entities hostile to the USA) starting October 1, 2016.

    In late August, 2016, handed over control of future U.S. elections to the Department of Homeland Security saying elections are “critical infrastructure.” Meaning the Nov. 8 presidential election will be controlled by Obama’s radical, Jeh Johnson-run DHS.

    Don’t forget all the Islamic terrorist attacks on U.S. soil (Fort Hood, Chattanooga, Little Rock, the Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, Orlando, the 9/17/16 bombings in New Jersey and NYC; 9/17/16 stabbings at Minnesota mall, the 5 murders in a Macy’s north of Seattle, etc.).

    Vetoed the bill allowing the families of 9/11 victims sue the Saudi Arabian government. Obama’s veto was overridden by Congress — the 1st congressional override during his presidency.

    Issued an executive order giving the president additional power to declare Martial Law during peacetime.

    In August of 2012, said Syria will have “crossed a red line” if they use chemical weapons, and warned of “enormous consequences.” In August of 2013, Syrian President al-Assad allegedly DID end up using chemical weapons against his own people (sarin gas was used to kill more than 1,400 civilians). Obama did nothing.

    Refusing to call our mortal enemy by its name (won’t say “radical Islamic terrorism”).

    Calling Major Nidal Hassan’s Islamic terrorist attack at Fort Hood “workplace violence.”

    Letting in a record number of “refugees.” Despite ISIS vowing to infiltrate, at least 12,587 Syrian refugees have already arrived (99.5% of which are Muslims), wants to import at least 110,000 more refugees in the fiscal year 2017, 20,075 from Syria.

    No vetting of refugees for extremist views.

    Purposely under-reporting the number of illegal aliens arriving in or already inside the U.S.

    Refuses to establish safe zones for Syrian refugees along the Syrian border. Would rather bring them here.

    Wants to bring in as many Muslim refugees as possible while refusing to help Christian refugees fleeing ISIS. Ask yourself why? Remember when he said he would “fundamentally transform America”?

    Bringing those with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (Arif Alikhan, Mohammed Eliblary, Rashad Hussain, Salam al-Marayati, Imam Mohamed Magid, Eboo Patel) as advisers to the White House, DHS. 72 employees of Obama’s DHS on terror-watch list.

    His lax (some would say non-existent) immigration enforcement and intentionally handcuffing the U.S. border patrol has caused the number of illegal aliens to skyrocket.

    Fewer and fewer criminal illegal aliens are being deported each year. One-third of the U.S. prison population is now illegal aliens.

    His executive order on illegal immigration (an attempt to protect up to 5 million illegals from deportation) that was struck down by the courts.

    1,811 illegal aliens from terrorist nations scheduled to be deported “mistakenly” given U.S. citizenship.

    Rushing to swear in as many new citizens as possible in 2016 to help Hillary Clinton get elected.

    Secretly delaying the deportation hearings of at least 56,000 illegals from Central America.

    Agencies working for Obama have allowed almost 1 million illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S., even though they have been approved by judges for deportation. That number includes 182,761 illegal aliens who have been convicted of crimes inside the U.S.

    Record number of illegal aliens illegally voting in U.S. elections. More Democrat voter fraud uncovered.

    In October, 2016, in what’s an obvious vendetta, Obama’s DOJ filed federal contempt of court charges against Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio for ignoring a judge’s order. The judge ordered Arpaio to stop enforcing federal immigration laws already on the books. Arpaio refused.

    More diseases now spreading in the U.S. including the Zika virus, which came from Central America, and the resurgence of old diseases like Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Malaria, Measles and Mumps.

    His “recess appointments” that were struck down as “illegal” by the Supreme Court.

    His international “apology tour” back in ’09. Bowing to the Saudi king.

    The swap of 5 dangerous Gitmo prisoners for suspected traitor Bowe Bergdahl.

    Sending lethal Gitmo prisoners back home, many of whom returned to the Islamic terrorism, fighting Americans on the battlefield.

    Repeatedly trying to close Gitmo.

    Closed all overseas CIA interrogation centers.

    Outlawed CIA enhanced interrogations.

    Released from Gitmo one of the Islamic terrorists responsible for the Oct. 2000 USS Cole attack.

    Tying the hands of our troops overseas with insane rules of engagement.

    Tying the hands of the FBI and other investigative agencies with insane political correctness (i.e.) forbidding the mention of “radical Islamic terrorism.”

    No more undercover surveillance of Islamic mosques.

    Tying the hands of all branches and ranks of the U.S. military with insane political correctness (i.e.) forbidding any mention of radical Islamism.

    Letting more convicted criminals out of prison early than the 11 previous U.S. presidents combined. That’s all the other presidents after FDR.

    Letting radical uber-left lawyer and convicted Islamic-terrorist conspirator Lynne Stewart out of prison early on 12/31/13 — an early “compassionate release” because she has terminal breast cancer. She’s still very much alive to this day.

    Pulling out of Iraq too early against the advice of military leaders (led to further destabilization of the Middle East and the formation of ISIS).

    Canceled a deal the U.S. had with Poland and the Czech Republic to build a missile defense base in Poland to protect against any possible future missile attacks from Iran.

    The legalization of gay marriage.

    Gays openly serving in the military.

    Transgenders getting their choice of bathrooms.

    Transgenders in the military.

    Overall weakening of the U.S. military. Slashing some areas of the military to pre-World War II levels. Using the military for left-wing “social engineering.” Destroying morale in the U.S. military.

    Purging the U.S. military by firing or forcing out many of the best, most experienced high-ranking military officers who dared criticize the Obama agenda.

    Due to his weak, blame-America-first leadership, the U.S. is now less respected by both allies and enemies.

    One of his first acts as president in ’09 was to send a bust of Winston Churchill — a gift to the White House from England in 2001 — back to England.

    Failed to back the democratic Green Movement in Iran back in ’09.

    Condemned the anti-Islamist coup attempt in Turkey in the summer of ’16.

    Continually speaking out against the police before knowing all the facts (started back in ’09 with “the beer summit”).

    Banned the use of some military-style equipment the police can use to protect themselves in riots and other dangerous situations.

    Purposely disrespecting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when Netanyahu first visited Washington in 2010.

    Using U.S. taxpayer money to campaign against Netanyahu in an Israeli election.

    The Iran Deal, which gives $150 billion to the Iranians and puts Iran on track to obtain nuclear weapons.

    Lifted several long-standing, effective sanctions against Iran.

    Lying about the $400 million ransom payment to Iran, which was later reported to really be $1.7 BILLION in CASH in foreign currency.

    Secretly lifting the sanctions on two Iranian banks, sanctions that weren’t supposed to expire for at least 7 more years.

    Not bombing ISIS-controlled oil fields in Iraq and Syria for fear of doing “environmental damage and damaging infrastructure.” Means global warming/climate change (backed by still-debatable science) takes precedence over trying to totally wipe out a mortal enemy hellbent on destroying western civilization.

    At a National Prayer Breakfast in Feb. 2015, when talking about ISIS and Islam reminded us to remember old “terrible deeds committed in the name of Christ,” like the Crusades, the Inquisition, American slavery and Jim Crow Laws.

    Benghazi and the subsequent Benghazi cover up.

    Just over a month before the 2016 presidential election, Obama’s DOJ dismissed charges against arms dealer Marc Turi. A trial for Turi could have embarrassed Obama and Hillary Clinton by calling attention to the administration’s supplying weapons to Libyan rebels that fell into the hands of Islamic extremist militants.

    The big lie known as The Arab Spring.

    Calling ISIS “a JV team.”

    In November 2015, said publicly that ISIS was “contained.” The very next day ISIS launched the terrorist attacks in Paris, France; 130 people were murdered, many more seriously injured.

    Going to a baseball game and dancing in Cuba while Belgium was under Islamic terror attack.

    Returning to golf just minutes after talking to the nation about the beheading of American journalist James Foley.

    Golfing on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard while Milwaukee burned and Louisiana flooded.

    Having Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton as an advisor on race relations and having Sharpton as a frequent honored guest at the White House.

    Legitimizing the anti-American, anti-Israel hate group Black Lives Matter by inviting them to the White House.

    Never even once got on TV to urge for calm after 9/16 Charlotte riots and previous riots.

    His top cop Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton at a Phoenix airport while Hillary Clinton was still under FBI investigation.

    Continually using radical Islamic terrorist attacks as an excuse to push his gun-control agenda, but never mentioning all the inner-city violence plaguing his hometown of Chicago.

    Fast and Furious Scandal (former AG Eric Holder arming criminals in Mexico).

    Former AG Eric Holder’s FBI illegally spying on Fox News reporter James Rosen and wire-tapping AP reporters.

    On Election Day (11/4/08) two members of the hate group the New Black Panthers were charged with intimidating voters outside a Philadelphia polling place. In May, 2009, Obama’s DOJ under Eric Holder dropped all charges.

    The ACORN scandal.

    Allowing the national debt sour to $20 trillion.

    Despite adding $9 trillion and counting to the national debt since taking office in Jan. 2009, America’s infrastructure continues to crumble.

    Lois Lerner and her IRS intentionally targeting conservative groups and Lerner’s missing e-mails (sound familiar).

    The VA scandal (hiding the long amounts of time it took veterans to see a doctor at a VA hospital). Many vets died in the process.

    The assault on the coal industry due to his undying belief in green energies backed by the debatable science of global warming/climate change.

    Vetoed the Keystone Pipeline.

    An incredibly slow response to the BP oil spill — just imagine if this happened while Bush was still president.

    Ignored a judge’s order to stop a six-month offshore drilling moratorium in the months following the BP oil spill.

    Used the BP oil spill to halt offshore drilling, which led to a loss of jobs and companies moving to other countries.

    A record number (and growing number) of Americans out of the U.S. workforce (94,391,000 million as of August/2016) who are not included on “official” unemployment numbers.

    8 million more Americans living below the poverty line under Obama.

    A 58% increase of black people on food stamps under Obama.

    The worst economic recovery since the Great Depression.

    The only U.S. president not to have a single year of at least 3.0 GDP growth during his presidency. Recent GDP growth has been barely above 1.0.

    Higher (and still rising) food and energy prices.

    Overall, American wages have either stagnated or declined in the last 8 years. Wages not keeping up with the rate of inflation.

    20,642 new EPA regulations under Obama at a cost of $100 billion to U.S. economy.

    Obama’s legal battle with the Little Sisters of the Poor because the group of Catholic nuns refuse to provide contraceptive coverage under Obamacare.

    His major “achievement” ObamaCare is running into major problems. Premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed. Many people say “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” and “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan” were lies. The Affordable Care Act no longer affordable for many. Fewer insurers participating.

    Convicted felon and Democrat dirty-tricks operative Robert Creamer visited the White House 342 times, 47 of those visits were with Obama. Creamer was caught paying agitators to provoke violence at Trump rallies.

    When Obama attended the funeral of Shimon Peres, a White House press release refused to print that Jerusalem is in Israel.

    Initiating a new powerful federal police force: ” “President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing Report,” May 2015.. urges the federal government to federalize police training and practices, via the use of federal lawsuits, grants and threats to cut federal aid. So far… more than 30 police jurisdictions [have been forced] to adopt federal rules in a slow-motion creation of a national police system, similar to the slow-motion creation of a federal-run health-sector via ObamaCare.” —

    Federalized school standards – Common Core.

    Giving massive stimulus sums to cronies like Solyndra and Democratic teachers unions. Little to no stimulus accounting. Remember the promise of “shovel-ready jobs”?

    GM government takeover swindled small stockholders out of any value of holdings.

    Over $75 million tax dollars on personal vacations. Treats Air Force One like a family station wagon: 2013 Hawaii vacation incurred $7,781,361.30 in flight expenses alone. His 2013 trip to Florida to play golf with Tiger Woods alone cost taxpayers $3.6 million.

    August 10 2016- Obama too busy golfing to approve rescuing hostages in Afghanistan. He decided the next day but by then they had been moved.

    The 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Obama negligently encouraged children to travel alone to the US, knowing once here they disappear and later bring their relatives.

    52,147 illegal alien children released by DHS into U.S. in fiscal year 2016.

    Obama’s Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) program to grant deportation relief and temporary work authorization.

    The Obama administration will fly [Central American] children at taxpayer expense into the U.S. as refugees, and the ones who don’t qualify as refugees are going to be admitted under parole.

    Birth certificate leaves more questions than answers: inexcusably belated, is a “certificate of live birth,” and proven photoshopped. The person who oversaw its production was somehow the only one killed in a plane accident.

    Obama’s college transcripts have never been released.

    Obama certainly knew Hillary Clinton used a private email server. President, DOJ and FBI alsocertainly colluded to give her a pass.

    Shady friends and mentors like Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, et al.

    B.H.O. won’t wear the US flag pin after 9/11: “I decided I won’t wear that pin on my chest. Instead, I’m going to try to tell the American people what I believe will make this country great, and hopefully that will be a testament to my patriotism.”

    Obama’s DOJ used fines on major banks to fund left-wing groups.

    Nearly 10,000 National Guard soldiers have been forced to repay their enlistment bonuses a decade after going to war.

  • Susan Jones

    Q: Why would the classy, educated Huma marry a sick guy like Anthony?
    A. Maybe he wasn’t exhibiting tendencies at the time they met, courted ‘n married.
    [Finished listening to your 10/28 show on YouTube about an hour ago.]
    I read somewhere that Huma’s been with HRC ‘n WJC3 since she was 19. Anthony knew the Clintons were very powerful people. Is it possible his sick desires surfaced once he realized his own sexual needs were not going to be met? How can it be with such a beautiful wife at his side? As he learned of Huma’s relationship to the MslmBrHd ‘n more specifically her lesbian relationship w/HRC, Anthony found no place of support ‘n knew he could never make Huma happy? The only thing he thought he had to give—to share in life with his wife—was a thing she just wasn’t interested in? Fearful yet despising right from wrong, he chose a bleak, sinister path to the detriment of himself, and all who knew him? Huma attempted to restore their marriage with a pregnancy but their newborn child made no difference. Did that exonerate her from any responsibility in this sordid mess? Afraid of Clinton ‘n very, very sick, did he resort once again to sex-t’ing thinking prison a better place to be? He had no apparent regard for the innocent child of his loins resting in the crook of his arm as he tapped the word: Send. The best I can do is pray for their souls, for their deliverance, for their healing, and pray the same for all he assaulted via his selfish selfie-texts. That’s my take on it!
    Hope the weekend does NOT hold what you anticipate in the skies over Syria.
    All the best, Michael, and may GOD bless ~ Susan

    • John Smith ultra-Deplorable

      Huma has ties to radical Islam (look it up). Also, look up the meaning of the word “taqiyya.” When you understand “taqiyya,” you can better understand the possible motives of people like Huma and Obama. Anthony Weiner might turn out to be a pervert pawn in a much more sinister, bigger game. Michele Bachmann wanted to investigate the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of the highest echelons of the U.S. government when she was still in Congress. She was quickly castigated by the globalist politicians (including John McCain).

  • Dc Brack

    Seems to me that the corrupt progressive leadership now knows it is impossible to rig the election enough to make it look like Trump loses. They also likely have intel that Millennials will take over campuses and then march in anger on Washington. That will start a stampede march of all the Deplorables, Truckers, Veterans, NRA’rs, and Bikers heading to Washington to help drain the swamp. Progressives know that if Trump is denied the presidency it will surely trigger the 2nd American Revolution which will likely start and unfold like Kent State did. Only much more blood may be spilled this time if politically correct progressives order shooting of Americans. The PCs bigger fear is that the blood would eventually be more from progressive ranks so I think progressives have decided to not start a Kent State Revolution but rather to put up crooked Hillary as their sacrificial lamb. Comey is just the messenger.

  • Ryan

    I keep on hearing HRC saying Donald Trump is running a “scorched earth” campaign. Perhaps they read Michael’s book and are now trying to invert reality to say Donald Trump is causing the “scorched earth”. Incredible.

  • KC

    I wonder if Weiner caused this, in part, to sabatoge and destroy his wife. The relationship between Huma and Hillary is very close; the timing of this is too ‘perfect’.

  • Paula Ford

    I think they found the 33,000 emails on Carlos Dangers laptop.
    !. They will Arrest Huma
    2. They will push for Comey to Resign
    #. Hillary will still win. They have all their balls in the air. Pedal to the Metal. Rigged voting machines, busing thousands to many different precincts, illegals voting, dead people voting. Millions of dead voting.

  • Co-Reigner

    Dr. Savage, I listen daily to your show and no other show comes close. I started listening to you when Clinton and NATO were annihilating Yugoslavia. I have many relatives and friends who are Eastern Orthodox (not Serbian). I know with certainty that only YOU told the truth regarding that situation–thank you! Just purchased my copy of ‘Scorched Earth’. No problems finding it at my local bookstore. Great book, just like the others you wrote.

  • ATDenig

    Dr. Savage,
    I checked out the article on your home page with the homeless lady being attacked. Of course, this is the first I have seen of this article anywhere because nobody else will talk about it. I am not one to pity the homeless and feel we are all able to choose how we want to live our lives. But in this case, it’s hard for me to believe that there isn’t more about this individual person than most people care to see. Your looking at someone who has nothing to lose and wouldn’t seem to care much for a political view. Yet even she understands the dangers we face and how these crooked politicians have impacted her. As I watch the video, rage starts to build up. Not only is it a horrible thing to watch these no good low lifes terrorize this person…why wasn’t any decent person walking by trying to help her!? Have we really gotten that low as a society where somebody can’t stick up for what they know is right? Or is it that this part of the nation geographically is infested with this sort of scum? The reason I ask is because I know where I come from, this sort of attack on someone would not be tolerated. Outnumbered or not, someone would step in. It isn’t because I live in an area where we support Donald Trump or we’re considered “diploarable.” It’s because we would have the courage and decency to help another person. I think it would be safe to say that it wouldn’t surprise anybody that this sort of thing happens more often than we think. These sick people would not last one day in my society. I work in the steel industry (non union thank god) and live in a rural area of Michigan. I am also a millennial. I have several friends and family around the same age and older. Not one of them are voting for Clinton. I know that you have been critcal of millennials in the past which is VERY understandable, but I am living proof that there is hope for this generation. I believe there is still several people out there that hold true to their values passed down through generations. People that still know the value of hard work. These people will not tolerate the sort of communist revolution that Hillary Clinton wants to achieve. So my message to anyone I talk to about these issues is to stay true to your values and what you believe in. Look into your family history and see what sort of sacrafices they’ve had to make and know that you can’t throw it all away for the few that hate this country. I look into my family history and see one side, a family of coal miners from West Virginia. The other side were brick layers that came here from Germany. This puts alot in perspective about where I come from and the opportunities I’ve received in this life because of them and I want to continue that for my children. So I will say it again…I am a millennial…and I will proudly “drag my knuckles” down to the local fire department (where true heroes dwell) and cast my vote for Donald Trump!

  • Dale Coleman

    Dr Savage:
    Love your show!!
    Just a thought about the recent FBI opening of its investigation that I haven’t heard anyone mention. The cell phone they found with Clinton emails was used by the pervert Weiner.That means that IF there are CLASSIFIED State Dept emails on that phone, then Weiner had access to them!! Whether he read them or not, is not the issue. (That particular point can’t be proved UNLESS he forwarded them to someone else). The ISSUE is Hillary compromised State Dept/National Security by allowing them to be UNLAWFULLY available to a KNOWN UNLAWFULL person without a CLASSIFIED clearance,which,even if he had one, the additive factor of having a NEED TO KNOW was doubtless NON-EXISTENT!! Even if he had a TOP SECRET doesn’t mean he had a NEED TO KNOW,which is always the final factor!!
    There is no way she should be allowed access to Classified information whether she is convicted of it or not. She has,at the least, many PROVEN and DOCUMENTED cases of careless and negligent handling of said Classified materials!! SHE saying she won’t do it again is not good enough. Perverted people do the same thing time and time again. I’m sure Anthony Weiner made such promises years ago when his sick deeds were first brought to light.

  • John Smith ultra-Deplorable

    Dr. Savage, you were right once again: “Scorched Earth” is indeed a masterpiece. One of the most insightful books I’ve ever read. Your brilliance shines through on every page. Get a copy of “Scorched Earth” today. Dr. Savage, you are an American patriot and a great entertainer.

  • Steve Sisel

    Hello Dr. Savage…I have a new meme for you especially if HIllary loses the bid for POTUS. Of course her zombie followers looking for a reason for her demise would be at the forefront for using this term to blame someone else. Anyway, here it is: “SHE GOT WEINERED”. Please feel free to use this as I would be honored. BTW, I got this idea from a radio talk show in Seattle who reflect their audience in their quest to out-californicate arguably their biggest rival on the West Coast….Portland. This particular talk show host who is probably left of center as are every local radio personalities stated “It sure would be a shame if Hillary lost the election because of Anthony Weiner”. What???? Not because of her corruption but because a tipping point finally opened the eyes of some of crooked Hillary’s followers.

  • Tony Gately

    Dr. Savage, Would you please cover what is happening at Standing Rock, ND? The largest gathering of Native Americans are protesting as we speak. It is my view that if Mr. Trump were to go there and stand with the Native Americans, he would gain support from most of the Bernie people. He would also gain a tremendous amount of respect from those of us monitoring the situation there. Our Potus has been silent on this issue. It was he, who claimed Native Americans would always have a seat at his table. Another one of his great falsehoods. Thank you

  • Anonymous

    Benghazi came back to haunt Hillary.

    I saw a video today which reminded me that the Hillary Clinton email scandal originated due to Benghazi.

    When the government started to investigate Benghazi is when they realized that Hillary didn’t have all her SOS emails on the State Dept servers this is what brought up the question of where are her emails….which led to her home secret server. And
    the rest is history.

    Mulling this over made me think… “Well, those 4 men that died in Benghazi, didn’t die in vain because what occurred as a result of the investigation into their deaths,
    led to taking down Hillary” and saving America.

    God Bless Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA operatives, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, both former Navy SEALs.

    America will never be able to repay to your families all you guys did for our country.

    Never forget Benghazi and who was responsible for leaving those four men to fend for themselves. I never will.

  • bob johnson

    Public Radio WBEZ 91.5 FM is constantly trying to cut down Trump and praise Hillary. I used to hear of calls to de-fund public radio but not lately. The Muslim invaders of USA and Europe are always portrayed as the victims. The bias is so blatant that the gender and religion of the person in charge is stinkingly obvious.

  • Street Detective

    “As the king of Talk Show hosts, Michael Savage, always says: if you don’t have borders, language, and an endemic American culture—then you have no Country.”

  • John Doe

    Pass this around.. this story is huge!
    How the voting machines are deliberately designed for fraud, exposed.

    — Fractional Magic —
    by Bev Harris and Bennie Smith

  • John Doe

    I’ll try again. It appears disqus is trying to block my post.

    Watch this ans pass it on.

    • What is the RED showing up for

      What does all the RED mean on this site?

  • Anonymous

    Here’s how to verify the vote count – ballot images explained here

  • Anonymous

    everyone needs to see this video on how the electronic votes are being manipulated to steal an election

  • Judith Race

    Dr. Savage…Been listening now for 14 years….don’t miss your shows….I’m one of the savagettes…..I have a mind….that’s why I listen….keep up the great work!! We love you!!

  • Jo Cobb

    You should do two new books on this election, one fact and one fictional. You always say women don’t listen, but have for over 30 year. Just do the new books. We need your view.

  • vickey

    Michael – I read your e-book Scorched Earth during my 3000 mile drive from the NW to the SE. It was like reading my own thoughts. Since the late 70’s I’ve been telling people about the take-over and what I received was ridicule and social rejection. It was clear that there would come a time when it would be too late if the comatose masses didn’t wake up from their material illusions and unite to stop it. It seems there was always something more important to do as now we find our country in servitude to a satanic government. Thank you for all you do, but it appears to me that most Americans will have to learn their lessons the hard way, at the expense of a few.

  • Steve Valinote

    I realized why Hillary ignored Ambassador Stevens numerous requests for additional security was to eliminate a possible “loose end” in the Lybian gun running scheme. As you know the Clintons have left a trail of bodies in their wake since Whitewater!

  • ostrich

    Was Obama was fomenting the “out of control” crowd at the rally?

    His repeated exhortations telling them to “knock it off” or whatever could also be seen as a rhetorical way to egg them on. Why? To threaten pro Trump voters against “upsetting” such crowds. But Savage is probably already aware of that possibility.

  • RS J

    final answer !: …any legacy which could have been left for the eight years of the Obama presidency and whatever accomplishments there may or may not have been; will now be forever more… : donald trump! i.e. thank you, Savage! 😉 thank you!

  • John Doe

    Congratulations Michael Savage! All your hard work and wisdom has truely helped this nation to save itself. Can’t wait to see you on youtube in 2017!

  • jperrone

    As a SF Bay area police officer I want to thank you for all you do and ALL you say. It revitalizes my purpose and makes what I do matter again. I’m just another average white officer trying to do an extraordinary job in such an extraordinary time in history. I wouldn’t trade it for the world! God Bless America and God Bless you Sir!

  • Sol Ben

    I wonder why post election, the media is insisting that to be stupid one must have a
    college degree?

  • Goldie Shifrin

    Dr. Savage, I find that there are 2 very important days in America, 9-11-01 when the Muslims destroyed the Twin Towers and 11-9-16 when Donald Trump won, with G-d’s help to get to get rid of all the vermon who come in illegally.

  • Bill

    Michael just a simple Thank You for being a big part of this BIG win

  • Adrian

    Dr. Savage, do you think Trump could be playing more rope-a-dope concerning his call to investigate Clinton. His winning speech was very “diplomatic,” speaking of healing wounds. He may be holding those cards close to his chest. Although, if MAObama moves to pardon Clinton, doesn’t he have to state the reasons why, exposing her crimes to the nation! That could be interesting.

  • John Smith ultra-Deplorable

    This mayor of Pittsburgh marched with anti-Trump protestors in the day and interfered with police business later that night:

  • Jake Aho

    The new stop sign from Canada

  • Gary

    The more I hear Clinton won the popular vote the more I feel this Myth needs to be addressed

    • John Smith ultra-Deplorable

      Clinton also undoubtedly got all of the dead vote, the illegal-alien vote and benefited from all means of cheating.

  • Lloyd Bailey

    I was wondering if you have watch “Hillary’s America” (The secret history of the Democrat Party) – Dinesh D’Souza? If you did, what do you think about it?

  • John Smith ultra-Deplorable

    Dr. Savage,

    Anyone not strongly condemning these anti-Trump riots are thereby encouraging them. The silence coming from ObaMao and the Democrats is deafening. And in Oregon, I guess it’s not an option for the female, liberal, Democrat governor to call out the National Guard?

  • Steve

    Dr. Savage, I am of the ilk that it is best
    to “keep my friends close, and my enemies closer” re Priebus as COS. As for the patriots in Congress and the Senate who deserve high level positions within the Trump admin I say yes, they deserve it but they will be more effective allies by remaining in Congress to go against the likes of the “gobbler” and “lyin’ Ryan”. IMHO, Pres Trump will need as many non-rinos as possible to fight for him on the floors.

  • David Ryan

    Tomorrow Soros will speak in Washington at Democracy Alliance conference. He should be arrested and charged with conspiracy to incite a riot. These demonstrations are turning into full scale riots with looting, violence and property damage. It would be easy to trace the organization of these so-called spontaneous demonstrations to Move-On and the like. I say arrest Soros!

  • Laura r

    I am wandering whether Mr Savage agrees with Mr Trump for reversing his position on along gay marriages in the US? I thought his position was to remind society that marriage is between a man and woman?

  • Desolation Row

    Michael. Yesterday you spoke about the great Desmond Doss. Wonderful show. If you google Desmond Doss and This Is Your Life – the entire episode with Desmond Doss is there and you can see this man and there is no doubt this man in an Angel. The episode is so heartwarming- the Vince Vaughn character shows up – a man who he carried to safety. His wife and son Tommy. I’m 64 and watching this made me wish for the America I grew up in. Take 22-minutes out of your life today and watch This is Your Life – Desmond Doss. It’ll make you cry. Such a humble spiritual man.

  • John Doe

    Congratulations Doc!

  • Savage Nation Soldier

    Hi Dr. Savage – not sure if you’ll get to see this, but I wanted to let you know that my brother and I purchased tickets and planned a trip to Chicago see you at your HOF ceremony. I found out as I was driving to the airport at 430AM that morning that you would not be there. I was listening to your show in my car via podcast. It’s truly a shame we weren’t able to see you accept this most deserving award. We hope everything is ok with you and your family. Maybe our paths cross one day in a bagel shop as we argue over a pickle barrel and you explain to me how I’m not your ex brother in law! That’s all. You get the picture. Next case.

  • Bobba

    Michael you said Obama had 3 houses, Hawaii, California and Washington DC. I read he got a new home $4 million + in Dubai (maybe it’s BS) who knows? PS what did Hillary do with that $500-$600 K necklace the Saudis gave her and the $50K plus bracelet the Sultan of Brunei gave her when she was Sec of State? That should be government property or sold by the US government

  • Tom999

    Obama’s $1,000,000,000 Presidential Library.

    Yes, that is $1,000,000,000, as in BILLION, planned to spend by Obama for his Presidential Library on Chicago’s South Side.

    See the Chicago Tribune’s May, 9 2016 Commentary: “$1 billion for Obama’s library? Stop this presidential trend”.

    Obama is really calling in the chits for his term in office from donors, Note that Obama’s Presidential Library will be using the prime lake front land of Jackson Park, completely ignoring the alternate in inner South Side Washington Park.There’s important things here: ‘Community activist’ Obama forsook the South Side and it’s people in favor of South Side lake front parkland.

    “Michelle and I are thrilled that the Obama Presidential Center will be developed in the heart of Chicago’s South Side, a community we call home and that means the world to us.”

    No, it will be developed on lake front parkland next to tony easy-access Lake Shore Drive. Not “in the heart of Chicago’s South Side”, with all its almost daily shootings and murders of children, women, and men.

    Chicago’s legendary mayor Richard J Daley, in a book, was referred to as the American Pharaoh. Obama, also from Chicago’s South Side, could be referred to as the American Pharaoh II for building a monument to himself on the backs of
    “deplorable” Americans that rivals the Egyptian Pyramids, the $1,000,000,000 Obama Presidential Library

    • BroJo

      You’re pronouncing it wrong. It’s “Lie,Bury”.

  • AYFKM?

    Dr. Savage, I go back to the Paul Revere Society days, thanks for your wisdom and insight. Congrats on the Hall of Fame.

  • hardtruths

    The only agenda for people who want to save America and set it back on its path to orderly economic, social, democratic, educational progress is to destroy liberalism as an idea and return to the anglo-northern european cultural values that create prosperity, freedom, democracy. People of all races must push for those values.

    The fact of the matter is that when Amesica was run by the WASPs, America attracted likewise also hard working, self responsible people of all races, not passive people culturallyedamaged, resigned to be treated as second class citizens in their hellholes, who only aspire to survive on government welfare.

    Liberals, be they Christians, Jews, Buddhists, black, white. Moslem, businessmen, priests, professors, reporters, writers, Hollywood producers, etc:, are destroying America because they are clueless about democracy or want to destroy democracy to create the the impossible crazy promised land of milk and honey as per “prophet Marx”, another human tragedy like socialist nazi Germany, socialist Soviet Union and Socidlist Mao’s China.

    Liberalism has to be discredited because it is enemy of the US.

  • Montetimothy

    John 1, Christ is the Word and the Word became flesh… every letter is perfect and truth !

  • Chad W

    Dr. Savage I heard you quote that music can control a nation,
    look at the filth that Obama floods in the whitehouse with the
    filthy lyrics they spew. “Give me the makings of the songs of a nation said 18th century Scottish philosopher Andrew Fletcher and I care not who writes it’s laws”. They new even back then the power that music can play in a society and it’s abilities to control a people. Obama has tried to brainwash his generation with the filth of these digenerates for years now, it’s not by accident, he has been told by highly educated psychologists of the power of song.

    P.S. How can I buy a signed copy of Banned in Britain for a birthday gift to myself?

  • Eric

    Please stop saying that YOU got Trump elected. He would have won without YOU.

  • HeartwornHighways

    Michael Savage,

    Liked your show on sexual assault—but I was not impressed by the clips of the TV show in which courtly love was discussed.

    Courtly love—the rules by which it is pursued being set out in Andrea’s Capellanus’s “De Amore”: (“The Art of Courtly Love”)—was an idealization and glorification of adultery.

    It was also celebrated by the 11th and 12th century Provencal poets

    That the woman was always in charge of an adulterous liaison is true enough—up until and unless her husband discovered it.

    Denis de Rougemont’s “Love in the Western World” as well as the several of C, S. Lewis’s works on mediaeval literature give the needed counterpoint to the feminist
    gloss of “The Affair.”

  • martin wayne

    Congrats Savage ,for fighting the system and propelling Trump to the White house , He better not let you or us down , or he will face the wrath of the Savage Nation .

  • Scott Taylor

    Michael, if you are doing what I think (what they say) you’re doing…I need to get a copy of my book in your hands: Walking Like Einstein. All the best! ~Scott

  • Whistler

    Why are so many Savage Nation live streaming links on the TuneIn app playing other programs instead of Michael Savage at the designated times???

  • Tarquin Farquar

    I must be one of your very few British listeners, Mr Savage. I like to catch your show on YouTube every day now I am retired. My fellow countrymen don’t know what they are missing. It is an on-going dsigrace that you are persona non gratia over here. The government will put out the welcome mat for any old riff-raff, but true friends get scorned.

  • Bill

    Dr. Savage , America is the proverbial grease rag caught in the fan belt of a running engine. So focused on the “Russian Connection” while Obama destroys as much of the USA as he can. We of the Savage Nation see through this while the genocide of the America we know and love rages on. Lindsay Mayhem, John McShame and Paul Lie’n are all stooges for the opposition. Trump can’t get in soon enough !

  • NUREMBERG 2017

    Dr. Savage: Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to one of the best talk show hosts. Love your show and your books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Someone might want to mention to President Elect Donald Trump to prosecute to the full extent of the law all the lizards in the swamp known as Washington D.C., lame stream media and Hollyweird. Most are traitors and prison is not the penalty for treason.

    As well as put a hefty bounty on the heads of George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, McCain, Jarrett, Obama, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., the Clinton Cartel and the rest of these globalists who have been instrumental not only in treason but war crimes against humanity. What we need is Nuremberg revisited. As long as these NWO globalists are left with any breath in them, they will keep coming back and none of us “deplorables” are safe.

    Really hope Trump seeks your advice and listens to your Scorched Earth Policies.

    • RANDY

      Many people wished that obama was an American. What good did that do?

  • Penny

    Dr. Savage, I’m a huge fan and I love what you do. I’m also a fellow cal grad and love medical ethnobotany! (One of the best classes I took at cal!)

    Are there any job openings at the savage nation??? I couldn’t find any info on your site. I really think more millenials need to join the savage nation, and I want to help make that happen. How can I get involved?!

  • Lynda McGill

    Dr. Savage: I love all of your shows but the one today was so special regarding amulets and wearing of the crucifix. I came face to face with evil which made the hair on my arms stand straight up. I frantically searched for my gold cross when I got home that evening and began praying for favor and protection. From the moment I did that, everything changed in my situation, and people were put in place to help me negotiate for myself and get out of a marriage and business relationship where I was threatened in a number of ways. Soon after, I purchased some estate jewelry, a silver sword and a silver cross of which I wore on a long silver chain. I called it The Armor of God, Ephesians 6:10. Last June I was in a motorcycle accident, (I prayed every time I got on the back) and when I received my personal items in the ER I found that the silver cross had come off the chain in the accident. I have to replace it. I believe in the power of it. Yes an accident, but one that could have been so much worse. Please continue to talk about your God book. I cannot wait to read it, and yes I too believe you are a spiritual person who is blessed and protected as well.

  • Marilyn Prokup

    Policemen in the field could be more protected and more effective by replacing the Body Camera with the Zericope ( interactive system developed for telemedicine but converted to police being used by SC police. It is a tethered camera (adapted from the google glasses) and mobile phone to connect with an command center through live steaming video, audio and geo-positioning offering rapid problem solving, resource allocations and decision making in real time. This equipment is a hand-free device which is unobtrusive and would not be threading to the community as the caller expressed should they move in big equipment like used in the battle field.

  • Dennis LeDrew

    Dr. Savage, I am a Canadian living in the far North at the arctic circle, and I would like you to know that even up here your message of “borders, language and culture” resonates.

    I have recently had the opportunity to take a vacation in Europe, having visited the UK, France, Germany, and Italy. On one of your shows recently I heard you lament the lack of the European man, asking where the men of Europe have gone. Well Dr. Savage, walking the streets of Paris and Berlin, I have never seen a more dejected, beaten, defeated looking people. People generally had their head down, and no one looked me in the eye. They shuffled along almost aimlessly it seemed. I know this is the product of Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande and their dangerous, insidious, progressive radical immigration policies. President-Elect Donald Trump is not my leader, but he is the last bastion of hope for free people in North America and the world over. Only he can stop this scourge from coming to North America.Thank you so much for being the first to recognize this, and offering your support to him from the very beginning. Without that, we may not have the hope that we do today.

  • Ste

    The Bible has a scripture that says “Provoke one another to good works”. When we hear the word “provoke” we often think of children provoking one another. Every time I listen to your program and you say that you are the “Most Exciting Radio Program” I cringe because you are actually the ‘Most provocative Radio Host” You are doing what the Bible says and PROVOKING THE REST OF US TO DO GOOD WORKS! My wife is Ukrainian – I lived there 6 years. We plan to live in Russia one day. GOD BLESS YOU DR. SAVAGE. We love you!

    • RANDY

      I only see a bunch of carrots under the bed

  • Sean Squires

    Homegrown Wall Solution, by Trump supporters

  • cliff

    Why dont I hear anything about the #1 problem for Earth- overpopulation.

    • RANDY

      we are only waiting for those who care to do something about it, like jump off a tall building

  • cliff

    I cant find your deportation plan on your site.

  • David Gladstone

    The line from Emma Lazarus is “yearning to breathe free”.

  • Ricooooo

    Mike- toward the end of last year you talked about cameras in the studio and a ‘premium service’ but here it is February and no mention at all this year that I’ve heard. It that still the plan? Love the show. I listen online everyday.

  • Jim Crisp

    Michael you got it right again,weeks ago you questioned who Trump was being advised by,looks like there is a fox in the hen house

  • dubie

    you are a brave man; we all thanks you for being our voice

  • Jean

    Thank you so much for bringing the George Soros supported groups to the Forefront.

  • Stantheman1701

    Love this.


    Hey Mike, you should play this clip on your show for laughs because it’s so true: I like to call it “Donald Trump Dealing with Idiots in Congress.”

  • sherry hodges

    I’m an investigative reporter. I worked for the DNC on a sub-contract in 87. I quit 3 months later. Happy to tell you all about it. I worked with Breitbart on the server. A lot was never published. I’m a long time listener. You’re talking about the communist lawyers. Congress investigated the commie lawyers in 1959, I found the report. You can view it online under “Communist Legal Subversion.” The subject of the investigation was primarily Yale. They were, and are teaching law students to overturn case law by bringing frivolous lawsuits based on reformulation of Constitutional legal principles. They were also stacking the courts, like the 9th Circuit. No matter what case you bring, they will deny a hearing. I’ve had personal experience with them. Even the clerks are in on it. You’re free to contact me, lots more evidence where that came from.

  • sherry hodges

    Hillary’s senior IT guy is Nathaniel Pearlman. Pearlman owns the patent on the DNC software NGP VAN. Pearlman worked for the voting machine data collection company Election Data Services. (the hanging chad folks) He’s a personal insider of Podesta. He also works at Fox.

  • Jule333

    Budget cuts for NOAA give occasion for environmentalist to accuse us of sacrificing the ocean to save a buck. This would be an opportunity for a well spoken conservationist from the right, like yourself, to testify that Trump will not “destroy the earth”.Here is an article seen on FB,

  • John Venters

    Why do I still hear H won the popular vote. Are we going to further surrender states rights? Trump won the popular vote in 30 of the 50 states giving him the electoral victory. Thankfully someone had the foresight to see that the larger states would seek to dominate the smaller. Please put this lie to bed. Crush the life out of it so it is unable to metastasize into future elections. Wake up California, make America great again.

  • John Venters

    The Old Testament Book of Ezra, chapters 1 thru 4, explain what is happening politically to Donald Trump. We must learn from history.

  • Xavier

    Why has no one thought of just going into the top 10 inner cities and spending money to hire the Blacks to do all kinds of jobs and train them? NOT illegal aliens or illegal/legal immigrants but actual Black AMERICANS. This would stop the BLM jerks in their tracks and pull our American brethren up and into the employment pool instead of letting their lives be wasted on Liberal crap or worse used as an upcoming inner army along with the Arabs, muslims, hispanics, etc to tear the USA down. We need all the help we can get today and I believe Black Americans are perfect to help America out in these hard times by giving them the skills and employment they need. Also, the money they spend would be spent IN AMERICA not shipped out to god knows where. Just a thought.

  • Lynda McGill

    Dr. Savage: Ok, now everything is out of the way – I cannot wait for you to complete your “God” book. You are so smart and have educated and entertained so many people in your career – but this is your calling now, this book. Thank you for all you do.

  • Marilynn Hudson

    I wish your books were additionally published in paperback. There are a lot of people incarcerated who would enjoy reading them. Unfortunately, hardback books are banned. I’m getting ready to start Trump’s War. Can’t wait!

  • Mel Fartstein

    I love to listen to your show every night. I also listen to coasttocoast to get the latest news about UFOs and BIGFOOT. I am going to buy your latest book and get some beet stuff from Savage Loves Beets.

  • Ariel Shaul

    Dr. Savage, you have an ironclad case against the thug who assaulted you and Teddy. Go to the hospital and at least document your injuries for the lawsuit(s). You can best protect other supporters of President Donald J. Trump by suing not just the violent perpetrator (based on hateful intent and additional injuries he likely would have done to you and to your dog Teddy): sue also the richest Americans who incite violence against Trump supporters. Victims have included the elderly, women, and children. Rich liars and slanderers who incite violence against innocent victims must be punished, at least financially until we can elect officials who will be fair to all Americans.


    You are welcome about on the Fox News section of Google+

  • fisher777

    Dr. Savage

    There are three predominant ideological foundations in the world today,
    Communism, Islam and Christian. Only one of the three allow you the
    freedom to broadcast your show or allow atheists, Buddhists, Jews, gays etc…to even exist.

    Thank you for standing up for truth and freedom.

  • David Aspenes

    Dr. Savage, I hope you are well and ready to hit the airways again soon. We need you out here

  • IronworkersWife

    My daughters (11 and 13) and I love listening to you. We listen on the way to our office in the morning, either by YouTube or MP3 playback. It gives me the opportunity to hear current and historical events and then give them the biblical perspective so they can make decisions and form opinions for themselves. We got rid of the TV, it’s almost all filth anyway.

    Sometimes we can catch you in the afternoons on our drive home. I tell them that you’re part of their History/Social Studies homeschool curriculum. For instance, hearing about John McCain’s terrible military career shocked us all. As Arizonans, we had NO idea! Thank you for teaching us! I gave up on McCain years ago when he was trying to push that amnesty for millions deal. Jerk.

    Dr Charles Stanley and Dr Michael Savage are our biblical/political advisors.

    My daughters appreciate your quick whit and humor and chuckle at your sarcastic statements, but they love your stories, your voice and your opinions. We’re praying for your safety.

    P.s. We all quit Starbucks and it’s only Rockstar for me. Blessings and safety to you and your family!

  • Mike Mortimore

    Just had to say… President Obama didn’t physically “wire tap” future President Trump?

    But apparently he did “physically” get Bin Laden?

    -Mayor Mike Mortimore

    • Mohit Mago

      Getting Bin Laden is a hoax Obama used to promote himself. Bin Laden is reportedly in Bahamas now. Btw Trump said years ago if you depose Saddam Hussein you’ll “get someone who will make him look like a baby” as in someone worse. It’s deeply disturbing many of his liberal views (“grab em by *** “) and past ties to Clintons. He’s hired same Islamoapologist Mattis Obama chose to make benefit allahu Akbar. I mean c’mon is this another trick of the devil putting Hillary and Donald up and having to choose one? And have Donald’s transcripts been released.

  • Mohit Mago

    India is shilling hard for Arab oil into US and is severely Islamist and anti Zionist since Gandhi and Bose.

  • Karen Bennett

    I wanted to point out about the finger pointing concerning the ObamaCare that there are regular emails/surveys sent from the Trump Administration to his supporters. We have the opportunity to show by importance the issues that we want Trump to work on first. Many people did stress the dismantling of ObamaCare as a priority item. My two that i have consistently asked for was ObamaCare and the “Wall” I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors but I do know how often Trumps team has contacted me as a supporter via email.

  • christopher


  • Marilynn Hudson

    Sean Spicer used your Russian salad dressing line and didn’t give you credit!

  • Kyser Roksen

    Dr. Savage,. This is important for you are mentioned well in this.

  • Tom999

    Re Congress overturning Internet privacy regulation, my first take on this was “Follow the Money”. It gives ISPs a quick and easy added revenue stream:

    Plan A – continue with your current, now unprotected, Internet plan

    Plan B – for an additional (nominal) amount, the plan will not sell your browsing data

    I think most pepole would opt for Plan B.

  • MM

    Well it turns out Merkel is Hitler’s daughter implementing the fourth Reich, not doing the reverse of what Hitler did but carrying it on.

  • walter kerttula

    mike get back on the air. lost you on wcrn 830am in mass. something has to get this damn mess corrected. best of luck.

  • franksnotra

    Just when is the President going to drain the swamp ? President Trump, supposedly for the forgotten, but wants to hurt school lunches, other programs for he elderly, THIS IS NOT REMEMBERING THE FORGOTTEN.

    • vee

      Trump is too busy with Jeff Sessions DOJ getting ready to arrest Julian Assange to silence Wikileaks and other news outlets, like Savage, Infowars, etc etc … who they don’t like. You know Wikileaks, the ones who published all those emails that Trump said he “Likes” and USED for his campaign … the ones that exposed Clinton that helped him win the election. Trump supporting this means the end of the First Amendment. I don’t care what Michael Savage says anymore – Trump, who was after “Crooked Hillary” throughout the election then after he won stated, “The Clintons are good people and I don’t want to hurt them” and Hillary walks free as Trump betrays his voters and the American people by showing that he is a SWAMP CREATURE by going after Assange and Wikileaks.

  • Sheryl

    You said on your radio show that you would accept one caller per day about the subject of proof that God exists while referring to your God book. I can’t call you on your show because my area does not carry your broadcast. I watch you online, after your show has already aired.

    The preservation of the Jewish people is a miracle, and proof that God exists.

    God promised He would preserve the Jewish people through His prophets in the Bible. The mere fact that the Jewish people still exist is a miracle. They have been threatened with extinction for centuries (and probably for a longer time than that). Their numbers have been greatly diminished, but they are still here.

    As a Christian, I am amazed at how biblical prophecy aligns perfectly with the news and the signs of our current times.

  • Margaux Essick

    Your show is the only and best thing going on in radio in this day and age. The other stuff provides no educational nutrition. Thanks for all you do to educate many who did not receive a lot of this information in the school systems. I can’t even listen to the other stuff it’s not worth my time.


    there is only one show on the radio and there is no music


    Michael Savage is the only show on radio and the rest are carrying the water for the gop or just mindless babbling by knuckle dragging arrogant nut jobs

  • Froman Abe

    When I saw that photo of “The Godfather” cast I thought it was you, Michael Savage, between Dianne Keaton and Robert Duvall. You and Robert DeNiro are mirror images.

  • Gioia

    Listen every chance I can Michael Savage. Reception is sketchy in the Sierra’s but today, as most days, I always learn something from you.Researched Awakening of Galatea – thought it was a book, no matter, the story behind the painting is enough. A man of all seasons for all reasons. . .Merci, friend of the airwaves. Keep up the good that you do. Can’t wait to read your GOD book.

  • John Meyer

    Trump should use his Line Item Veto power for the budget, problem solved.


    I would like to know if you travel to any islands in the Caribbean?
    I know that you are not a big fan of Jerry Falwell Jr but would you still come to Liberty University to address the students at convocation if asked?
    Lynchburg, VA

  • R. G. Stair
  • Hairy Potter

    Michael, this is such an unfunny joke. As ‘Uncle Joe’ once stated, “It doesn’t matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes”. Enough said.

  • Walter Brown

    It appears that Trump’s family advisers could lead us down a path where we will be the ones preemptively struck/nuked – then what good would all their clever money schemes amount to? To paraphrase a paraphrase: We knew the Kennedy Family and the Trump family is no Kennedy family.

    • Woody

      Thank God!… you need to read “Kennedy Babylon”.

  • Sao Oao

    Obama appears to have flown on a commercial sized private jet to Milan which appears not an airline. Who owns this aircraft my hoping not the abused US taxpayers. If not, who picked up this charter expense one of Soro’s multiple NGO subversive organizations? Gotta be around half a mil.

  • Varaytorres

    Dear left: Please pick Sharia law OR women’s’ rights, because you can’t have both.

  • Loyal listener

    Savage! Eric Clanton, the AntiFa bike lock attacker from Berkeley has been arrested!

  • Tom999

    YEAH! Criminals and Drug addicts should get free money, Zuckerburg just proposed at Harvard. Apparently they won’t knock us over the head or infect us anymore. They can now just watch TV. And (pardon to) ‘Action’ from “West Side Story”:
    Dear kindly Zuckerburg,
    They say go earn a buck.
    Like be a soda jerker,
    Which means like be a schumck.
    It’s not I’m anti-social,
    I’m only anti-work.
    Gloryosky! That’s why I’m a jerk!
    Dear kindly Zuckerburg, your Honor,
    My parents treat me rough.
    With all their marijuana,
    They won’t give me a puff.
    They didn’t wanna have me,
    But somehow I was had.
    Leapin’ lizards! That’s why I’m so bad.

    “MADNESS! MADNESS!”, Major Clipton from “Bridge on the River Kwai”.

  • 3rd Option

    I hope you read these, Michael. I have an idea to push out the “safe seats” of both parties. (See point 8)

    3rd Option Proposal

    1) Create a new political party called “3rd Option”

    2) The party has no political platform. It’s a blank slate. Its purpose is to prevent the non-Democrat non-Republican vote from being divided. (The extent to which this is possible) Thus giving the American voter a 3rd Option.

    3) Because it has no platform, other 3rd parties are welcome to join, and become sub-parties within 3rd Option. The one thing that all other parties have in common is a desire to break through the 2 party special interest complex and have their voices heard, and their candidates a viable opportunity to win. Also, independent candidates can run within 3rd Option.

  • Frank Cicero

    The Food stamps program needs to be revised. Why should a person be able to use their benefits card in a grocery store where the prices are double that of a supermarket ???. In NYC you can buy beer and cigarettes in these grocery stores mostly owned by arabs who are also riding the system. The Food Stamp program needs to be revised on what and how a person can unitize their benefit card provided that they meet stringent requirements. My father and I are eligible ,but food taste much better when earned by the sweat of my brow.

  • Herb

    Genesis Chapter 4: Cain is mankind’s first Vegan. God’s rejection of Veganism caused Cain to murder his brother.

  • Adelaide Duarte

    I am Portuguese, and this is the first time I am writing here. First, if I am allowed, I would like to take advantage of a site I respect, to give my condolences to the British people for the atrocities that are being committed against them by the scum muslim criminals and the infamous liberals that have blood all over them, while they continually behave as if they weren´t the ones that brought this misery upon their own people in name of their deranged ideals.
    I was brought up in an environment where Anglo American culture was greatly appreciated. The fifties being a decade I specially enjoy.
    Some of the kindest, brightest people I’ve known are from both countries. Fortunately I´ve never fell prey to the vile, sordid anti-Americanism that liberals promote, but could see right through their viscous hypocritical trickery.
    The liberals are not the good hearted, naïve guys that just want to help others out, make them feel comfortable and loved, whose hearts hurt every time they see the suffering of their fellow human beings; who hug trees of little mother earth, while they spread good vibes throughout the whole little planet with their little hands, all the while with an imbecile smile on their faces.
    They are wolfs in sheep’s clothing, full of hatred for everything that western represents. Traitors who see themselves entitled to everything that their own countries provide them, while thrashing those some countries.
    When you see how twisted and deceitful they are, they immediately demonize you and accuse you of what they are. A debate with them is, in most of the cases, a waste of time, because they usually don´t want to get their points across in an honest, honorable intellectual “ fight”, in which they are willing to consider the opponent´s side, examine their own views to see if these are in accordance to logic and reality. Instead, they twist everything you say; Call you bigots and racists to intimidate you and bully you into silence. That, of course, if you are lucky enough to be allowed to speak by the self-proclaimed guardians of the absolute moral.
    Fortunately, you Americans have someone like Mr. Savage, who has done a lot to make you see the true colors of the left. I really think that you should cherish him and recognize how indispensable he has been not only to your country, but to all the people out there who want to live in a safe and sane society.
    He should be held in high esteem for being an highly intelligent, articulate, courageous man, who is not afraid to tell how things are and refuses to be silenced by the left or comply with their bizarreness’s .
    His image has been cowardly denigrated by liberals, who like to portrait him as a homophobic, xenophobic, racist bigot. It takes only a small amount of time to listen to him and reach the conclusion that this is a shameful lie. I´ve heard him being extremely polite and considerate to people of all countries and colors, when they are honest and do not seek to surreptitiously make excuses for what is inexcusable or try to poison other people´s minds with nauseating ideas like white privilege.
    I know it is not very polite to speak in the name of other person when they didn´t give us the permission, especially as it sounds pretentious to assume that we know what the other person thinks, but I´ll have to say this because this is a very strong assumption :
    It is very obvious that Mr. Savage wants what is best for his own country. He doesn´t want Americans and good citizens to have to put up with immigrants coming to his country illegally and, on the top of it all, being inconsiderate and bashing the country they are taking advantage of, or have criminals being almost offered a pat on the shoulders , while the victims are made to blame; or have the so called minorities being untouchable, no matter what they have done, due to their color or sexual orientation/ choices, while anyone who dares to complain is viciously attacked . I can´t understand anyone who sees any bigotry here instead of an healthy attitude.
    It is only a pity he doesn´t seem to want to debate liberals on national television. It would be a great thing to have someone highly learned and competent as he is destroying the left agenda through a flawless logic for everyone to see.
    Finally I want to say that although Mr. Savage´s persuasive powers are something to have in consideration , they were not what made me accept his views. I t is the fact that he offers evidence for what he says and his opinions are grounded in a very strong reasoning. Many were the times I saw most of the things he says being enacted in real life.
    This is my first and last message because I don´t want to further intrude.
    I apologize for the long post and any grammar errors I might have committed, thank you all and ask you, please do not allow anyone to destroy your wonderful country. And although he will not read this:
    Thank you very much, Mr. Savage.

  • David Restivo

    Michael Moore the elegant gentleman he is has set up a website with the intention of soliciting people to leak illegal classified information with the purpose of binging our elected president Trump down. Please goto these websites and let big Mike know how you feel about this. TRUMPILEAKS.COM and/or MICHAELMOORE.COM

  • michael bell

    I just wanted to know when is the ‘ Proof of God ‘ contest by Dr. Savage? My wife wrote a wonderful and excellent piece.

  • John Corleone

    Dr Savage,
    I missed this one passed on 4/5:
    Thanks to Melissa Gibson Troino for this:
    Shown Here:
    Passed Senate without amendment (04/05/2017)

    (This measure has not been amended since it was introduced. The summary of that version is repeated here.)

    Condemns hate crime and any other form of racism, religious or ethnic bias, discrimination, incitement to violence, or animus targeting a minority in the United States. Affirms that the United States stands united in condemning hate and evil in all forms. Rejects hate-motivated crime as an attack on the fabric of society and the ideals of pluralism and respect.

    Calls on federal law enforcement officials, working with state and local officials, to: (1) expeditiously investigate all credible reports of hate crimes and incidents and threats against minorities in the United States, and (2) bring the perpetrators to justice..

    Encourages: (1) the Department of Justice (DOJ) and other federal agencies to work to improve the reporting of hate crimes, and to emphasize the importance of the agencies’ collection and reporting of data pursuant to federal law; and (2) the development of an interagency task force led by the Attorney General to collaborate on the development of effective strategies and efforts to detect and deter hate crime in order to protect minority communities.

    Calls on the executive branch to continue to: (1) offer federal assistance that may be available for victims of hate crimes; and (2) carry out safety and preparedness programs for religious institutions, places of worship, and other institutions that have been targeted because of their affiliation with any particular religious, racial, or ethnic minority in the United States.

  • Anonymous

    Caribbean-educated doctor with previous sexual felony shoots 7 people in Bronx hospital. WHO scrubbed his felony record? A corrupt obama-judge?
    Proof low IQ, high sex drive invaders are deadly to our society, yet they get rewarded in our courts.

  • Rkk O’Tilley

    just read an article , the headline “Trump Warns N korea blah blah blah”…man alive…now I am one pist off mfr…what happened to draining the swamp ?…Warn the swamp rats that got away?…hell no…DJT is surrounded by buffoons that live in the swamp….we are the swamp , gdit

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Savage…. From an old dude (77). Hang in there. When I want to hear the TRUTH I always tune in to your show. Keep up the excellent job.

  • Dave Judd

    All the jobs you listed ( 3rd hour 7/17/2017 ) sounded like all SEIU to me…

  • steve a

    you are way ahead of the crowd, i hear what you do not say also , you are a master at letting us finish what you cant say, thank you.

  • Gilbert Dekelaita

    Dr. Savage; God has given you the honor of serving him by pursuing the truth… John 3:16

  • Jen Gonzalez

    You are here on this earth for a special reason. To give us the truth each and everyday no matter what is may be. I look forward to hearing your voice and I’m looking forward to reading your new book in November. Keep up the amazing work Dr. Savage!!

  • Dave

    Mr. Savage, a brief thought. Since the leftists want to tear down things of all slave owners. They have forgotten one big time slave owner. Mohammad.(he owned slaves of all kinds) Let’s start tearing down all the mosques since they’re all so adamant about it.