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In today’s issue: Savage applauded the shakeup in the White House, with Gen. John Kelly replacing former Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus as the president’s chief of staff.

Referring to Trump, Savage told his listeners: “I know many of you say he’s real, and he’s this and he’s that. But at a certain point, let me tell you something, the average American, they’re not you.

“The die-hard is not the average person. Even those who might be a little oriented toward fiscal conservatism, they don’t like the mayhem in the White House,” he said.

Savage continued:

They don’t like the brawling in the White House. They don’t like what seems to be an out-of-control situation in the White House.

They want order.

Most people, by the way, crave order in their lives. Because the world is so chaotic, they look for order some places, right?

Where’s the order in our life today? Where do we turn for order?

Well, maybe we stopped looking for order in the political world a long time ago.

Do we look for order in the church? I don’t know. Look at what’s going on with the pope. A disordered pope who sounds more like Bernie Sanders than he does like a man of God.

Now, I don’t think people turn to the pope for order. Maybe they turn to Jesus and maybe they turn to the eternals of religion for their order.

In the Jewish tradition it would be the Torah. In the Jewish tradition, it would be the acts of everyday life that keep them going through the ages. In Buddhism, where do they turn for order?

But the point is — I don’t want to get too philosophical here, because it always leads us to places we don’t want to go — the White House seems to be out of order. In plain English.

And we know everybody wants Trump to fail. And we know there are enemies within his own camp.

We know that there are people playing both sides inside that White House.

We know that there are people who are so self-aggrandizing, they’re only in it for the after-job. You’ve heard about the after-party, right? There are people so nakedly in it for the TV job, the book deal, after they’re out of the White House.

It’s nauseating to watch the spectacle. And we all know who they are.

It doesn’t matter whether they’re wearing a knit dress or a knit hairpiece; it’s one in the same, and they don’t belong there.

And I’ve said this before: Appearances matter. Appearances count.

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  • Helga miller

    We certainly didn’t like the way Obama and Michelle acted in the WH and we didn’t want to pay Mrs Robinson a large salary plus room and board and other benefits to babysit the children. They had absolutely no class and it showed. Now we have P Trump who Tweets frequently but it is the only way to get the REAL news from the horses mouth since we can’t believe nothing in the MSM.

  • D C-Newt

    You make many valid and thoughtful points, Dr. Savage. I think that Gen Kelly is a great appointment for the WH CoS; who, other than a General, would expect the discipline and order, and I dare say, demand it? I pray that our President and Gen Kelly will get on well and this change will make a real noticeable and practical difference on the day to day operations. In times of chaos, it is all too easy to place your eyes upon man, sadly you will be disappointed every single time. Look up for the constant and never changing solace where there is no chaos. God be with you.

  • Rosech Levy

    I don’t see the WH in disorder but rather Trump testing the employees and water and now moves forward with more trustworthy ones. This is normal in any business if you stop and think about where you are working or have worked. You either meet the standards or you are dismissed. Trump also knows very well how to play chess and we are seeing him doing it extremely well and this befuddles Congress and the news idiots. Every day is a delight and, yes, he also needs to make sure our elected/hired Congress members are on the same ACA they won’t repeal and not getting that 73% reduction for themselves and their staff. Sorry, they must live under the same standards as we but better yet is completely REPEAL the ACA as Trump wants and has wanted and stop taking money from insurance companies (and, yes, those bailouts/subsidies to insurance companies must also be stopped as well), hospitals, doctors who love being subsidized on our backs. No more, no more. Write Trump is you wish to send compliments, suggestions, complaints, whatever to: whitehouse.gov/contact#page or to potus45@wh.com


    I like this shake up that is going on in the White House. This is not your business as usual kind of President. He get’s thing done and is not afraid to step on a few toes. We need this. Our country needs this. I have to say if Obumer had this kind of push back he would have cured up in a fitel position.

  • Manny Papi

    First time politician wins highest office in the world. Puts together his cabinet never doing anything like this before. He must have picked at least a couple of dozen high ranking staff members. He made a few mistakes. How can you hire so many people in such a short time frame and not make any mistakes? But what did he do about it. He analyzed the situation and got rid of the people that were mistakes ASAP. Why should he have kept them longer if they were not going to work out. Would it have looked better if he kept these underperforming employees he did not want for a year or two? Yes perception is reality, but you have to cut your losses ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    So happy to see that weasel Priebus booted out of there. There’s a guy who hates the average American citizen. I have no doubt he accepted the staff chief position to undermine the president. Then again, it’s possible the president appointed him for the purpose of getting him out of the RNC. I gave him six months, and I’m so happy to be right.

    All that said, I am VERY concerned that the previous occupant, Precedent “Barry Marshall Davis” Obola, loaded that White House with surveillance equipment prior to leaving. Not talking about the cheap radio-transmission crap. Fiber- and laser-optics are the way now. Cameras as tiny as the head of a pin, and audio recorded by laser aimed at / reflected from any vibrating surface.

    I am guessing this is not the end of the “leakage”…

    • rob247

      Trump should pick one person he trusts and have a different ridiculous conversation in every room of the White House. Like in some private room he can talk to Kelly about calling in the National Guard to deal with the creepy clown problem this Halloween. In another room talk about setting up a secure line with the aliens that just sent the radio transmission NASA received last week. Don’t tell anyone about the conversations. Then see which leaks.

    • Eyeffeduall

      I agree, that is what all the techs were doing at the end of Obama’s stint. They were in and out of the joint daily.

  • Aurora

    Trump didn’t give Bush a pass for selecting Roberts to the supreme court. At what point is he responsible for his selections and for not fixing the deep state issues? It should be very easy.

  • Eyeffeduall

    How many leaks while President Trump was on vacation? I did not hear of one.