MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: Here's the problem with North Korea

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In today’s issue: What should Trump do about the threat from North Korea, which recently tested an intercontinental ballistic missile that flew 2,300 miles into space?

“Is it just like Pearl Harbor again?” Savaged asked. “Yes, Mike, it is.

“Here’s the problem with the North Korea question,” he said.

Savage continued:

Many of you are knee jerkers, and you say, “Well, just blast North Korea, sanction North Korea.”

What you don’t know is that Trump’s in a corner.

I mean, the instinct if you’re a moron is to strike first and strike hard.

… Kill Un has probably put in place the order that if he is assassinated to launch everything at once.

That’s the problem. That’s number one.

Remember, he’s a madman.

Think of him as a total madman. Don’t think of him as a logical man.

Think of him as a combination of Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin, with the looks of Mao Zedung’s illegitimate child. That’s what you have to think of when you think of Mentally Ill Un.

Now, he also has — forget nuclear missiles — he has 12,000 pieces of tube artillery, 2,300 pieces of multiple launch rocket artillery of over 107 millimeters.

It’s a big deal.

Do you understand that since the 1990s, about the time that the Clintons decided not to take action against North Korea’s military program, this is the bastard child of Bill Clinton’s and Hillary Clinton’s decisions?

And right now, without ballistic technology, Pyongyang has enough artillery to turn nearby Seoul, which has 25 million South Koreans, into a sea of fire, killing up to 1 million South Koreans.

It’s an apocalyptic scenario that he has been using against the world, against any military action.

Because if he ever launched even his conventional artillery against South Korea, it would be all over.

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  • Jean

    Great Michael then what should we do let NK hit us first and then start a war like Pearl Harbor. If we don’t do anything Kim will eventually do something no matter what happens someone is going to die, weather it be people in the US or some place else. I think at this point it is unavoidable unless they can find another solution, China is not going to do anything to help us they probably would like it.

  • D C-Newt

    This is an impossible situation that never should have reached these level(s) of concern, Dr. Savage. Using diplomacy does not work, using force will bring retaliation in some form and ignoring this will most definitely make it go away. Using China as a liaison also seems ineffectual, as well. There only seems to be one solution that I will not post and Lord forgive me for even thinking it….God be with you.

  • Stephen A. Cakouros

    Is war inevitable? If so Kim the stupid fat kid must be eliminated. One life in exchange for a million lives.

  • Eh!

    All North Korea does is smile all the time while clapping their hands like someone with a parasite in their brain that created a parasite infection making North Korea obey the parasite

  • Rolert

    Do an EMP Attack on them so they can’t launch or communicate

  • Newsanno

    Grass is a vegetable over there

  • Anonymous

    Kim Jong Un is a classic paranoid schizophrenic, the supreme dictator of regime which is dangerously emboldened by the fanatical orthodoxy Marxist nationalism, including the potential capability to use and project tactical nuclear strategic and military power. He has an estimated one million man army, including thousands of missile and artillery components, and large tank divisions strategically disbursed only miles away from the DMV- Armistice line.

    Kim also enjoys the unparalleled dictatorial control of all aspects of North Korean life, which allows his regime the unlimited capability to not only enforce every aspect of its Marxist hegemony, but to commit heinous acts of murder, torture, and imprisonment in his gulags beyond comprehension, of anyone he considers an “obstacle to progress.”

    The aforementioned facts make his overthrow, or removal from power virtually impossible, and the effects of sanctions against him and his regime negligible, because China will covertly back-door Kim everything he needs to stay in power. China will do this because they would rather risk the consequences of dangerous lunatic with tactical nuclear weapons on their border, than his downfall, and the possibility of a united, democratic Korea allied with the US. Kim is China’s junk yard dog…but what China should consider is that junk yard dogs have tendency to attack their owners.

  • Anonymous

    how do artillery do against fighter jets?

  • 10secBuickGN

    Infiltrate North Korea and fire a non nuclear missile at China. Problem solved.

  • ShockTheVote

    If a kid acts like a punk, threatening the neighborhood