MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: This is a bigger case than the Islamists amongst us?

muellerWelcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily report on all things “Savage.”

In today’s issue: The FBI raid on Paul Manafort’s residence in the ongoing investigation by special prosecutor Robert Mueller of alleged Trump campaign “collusion” with Russia — for which no evidence has been presented — raised questions for Savage.

“So, we follow the soap opera of Manafort now. They raid his house. It’s like a Mafia case. Gangbusters. There it was,” he said.

“Mueller breaks into his house with a search warrant and seizes records of Manafort: Campaign manager! He didn’t murder anybody! This was not an Islamic murderer who just blew up a building or shot people at work.”

Savage continued:

They don’t even break into their house after people are dead. And they broke into Manafort’s house.

Unbelievable to me what a witch hunt (it is). It’s like the Soviet Union now.

And you know what’s troublesome about it? Here’s the biggest part of it, is that Mueller has a sterling record as a Marine combat man — a man who fought at the Marines in combat and won medals. He’s the real good stuff. He’s the right stuff.

What is wrong with him?

So, Mueller’s out to flip someone, if he hasn’t already, and turn him into a cooperating witness. But in what crime?

This is just like the bust of the families in New York. Yeah, you read about this … back in 2011.

“An informant in the case used secretly recorded conversations with Andrew ‘Andy’ ‘Mush’ Russo, who is charged with committing the 1993 murder of underboss Joseph Scopo, during the Colombo family’s bloody internal war. … Howard Santos became a cooperating witness in ’09 after Santos was busted with several of the Gambino associates for the electronics heist” — What did he steal? Like a tape recorder? — “and wore a recording device during meetings with his gangland friends, a court filing said.”

So, they try to use the same tactics on Trump.

They’re treating it like — I’m sorry to tell you, it’s a bigger case than, let us say, the Islamists amongst us waiting to blow up a kindergarten.

This is such a misdirect of federal funds and effort. It’s beyond comprehension how this could be going on in front of our eyes.

My position is quite clear. If there was a crime, disclose it, charge him. If not, close this guy down. Shut it down, already, it’s enough.

How long can he stay in business?

How much money has Mueller spent on this investigation?

It just shows you how incompetent the Trump communications team is.

… I have to say this. The Trump communications team is the worst in the history of the presidency. I have never seen more incompetence in my life.

Why are they not telling you every day how much money Mueller is spending and running a clock on it to turn the tide against him?

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  • http://www.SovietSeattle.com Captain Dave

    I want a refund on my taxes. I never agreed to be paying for these circus clowns.

    • It is I!

      Best post of the week!

    • It is I!

      You didn’t want the insane clown posse? LOL

    • Malcolm Davidson

      I wish everyone would refuse to pay their taxes.

    • Neo Marcist

      The Ringling Brothers Circus closed this year after 146 years. They couldn’t compete with the Democrats in Washington D.C.

  • Hamilton’s Own

    Mueller’s alleged conservative chops don’t impress me, and neither does his record as a Marine. I admire combat vets as much as the next person (and have several in my family) but also know that combat vets can end up being as rotten as the lowest gutter criminal out there. Hitler won the Iron Cross twice after all for bravery in trench warfare.

    • D C-Newt

      My family, as well, has a long line of Veterans. We deal with combat wounded Vets on a daily basis, since 2004; I have learned that just because someone served and for that I am grateful; just because they are a Veteran does not automatically make them a nice and virtuous person…

  • Neo Marcist

    Why didn’t they raid sHillary Clinton’s house before she destroyed her servers and smashed cellphones and destroyed evidence in her blatant obstruction of justice?

    • Paul Pleau

      Excellent points, right on!!! And why the hell is no one bringing up the fact that CNN’s own CEO was recorded incontrovertibly stating that (as the authors) the Russian election involvement “…was a hoax….but great for ratings…”. And yet here we are, still, beating this dead horse to see if it will still run. THERE IS NO PROOF!!! Because there was no involvement or interference from Russia. And now virtually the entire planet believes that the US Government is a pathetic, incompetent, immature and childish joke. Run by a bunch of overpaid and under worked clowns. And Mueller is just another Democrat hack and very close friend of Cuomo. Nothing like a conflict of interest here is there?

  • D C-Newt

    I, as well, would like to see the running total of tax payer dollars being spent on this unfounded and miss- directed Stalinist circus. It is more than worrisome that Manafort could very well be one of us with no recourse. I do not know when the law changed that suspicion of wrong doing was proven after the unknown supposed crime was committed. God be with you.

  • Malcolm Davidson

    This is crazy. I wonder if Mueller has been paid off by someone. Follow the money, as there are plenty of people who lose if Trump stays in power. I just wonder if Mueller is one of those people, then again,maybe there is *** on someone’s shoes who worked on the Trump team, but I doubt it. What I don’t understand is why the Clinton’s and Obama got away with all their shenanigans. Our world is upside down.

  • Bonnie Somer

    mueller s fishng he is now int0 the pres finances which have zer0 to do w/Russia
    since there is no collusion mueller who is breaking all the sp counsel ethics is just moving on he is in search of a crime but THERE IS NOT ONE EXCEPT TO THESE PEOPLE THAT TRUMP BEAT HILLARY.

  • Martin L

    How much money have foreign Islamists funneled into shadow orgs that build training camps on US soil and are currently active in US politics?
    How much money have political candidates received from foreign sources?
    How many politicians have friends or family that got sweet business deals from China, Saudi Arabia, and others as payment for advancing globalist, anti-American trade policy?
    How many lawyers and judges take money from groups that receive funding from foreign sources to advance a pro-illegal immigration agenda that violates federal law?
    At least a dozen other real ‘investigations’ that should be going on right now. Trump can’t win this unless he is willing to go nuclear on the establishment to expose all of them. If the Trump team thinks Mueller can just be ignored they have no chance.

  • Rkk O’Tilley

    the leftist deep state has pulled the plug…there is no pretense anymore…we are at war people

  • oh god

    Muelller is dirty. They are running illegal DU through our ports. See george webb get him on your show.

  • captainirongut

    This is GOOD vrs- EVIL boys and girls. these sick Trump Haters will do anything-to stop him from making America great again. He is trying to stop the corruption as usual. and they -the swamp -can not live with that.

  • Stephen A. Cakouros

    Mueller is operating within the law in order to unethically bully Paul Manafort.

    Mueller knows he will look bad if he does not come away with scalps. My opinion is that he is without honor as are most federal prosecutors. Loretta Lynch is a study in all things disingenuous. .

    • Jean

      You are without honor why are you on here they will be coming for you next stupid this just opened the door. They by passed the Constitution it is not legal.

      • Stephen A. Cakouros

        You say I am “without honor”. But at least I can write a good sentence as my published works and web-site demonstrate.You say I am “stupid.” That is not what they said when I received my graduate degree.

        You need a course in English composition and punctuation. What you posted a third grader could have posted. No; it would have been better.

        You are nothing other than a wise-guy with precious little understanding of the U.S. Constitution. Why not do us all a favor and go away. You are making no contribution to our learning because you have nothing to contribute.

  • Steve Brown

    It all goes back to ; Nimrod’s worshipping of false gods- Bavarian Illuminati- Skull and Bones- Nazi Skull and bones Prescott Bush and his descendants- and soon to come ,; Mark of the Beat, The false prophet and the Antichrist…The Battle of Armagedon and Christ’s destroying the enemies of God and Israel….